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Why does tabletop feel so SJW now?

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Companies trying to appeal to everyone or avoid controversy they think will ruin them.

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Stop playing dnd

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>>77068400 this
>>77068408 but also this

But also because you probably see people complain about it a lot

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>The heir of the count really like to crossdress and has been doing it full time these last years, that's obviously very scandalous but he's still by far the most talented, intelligent and capable of the sons so his father knowing your reputation as quirky special problems solvers secretely hired your party to find a way to either make his eccentricity acceptable or convince him to cease his undignified behavior.

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Why would you need to hire adventurers to solve this problem? Just talk to your son.

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We mentally reprogram the count into no longer caring, thereby solving the problem on his end.

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Being a total paranoid, i immediately assume there's some nefarious plot behind this whole crossdressing bullshit. How did this start? Has the heir always been a crossdresser or it's a relatively new hobby of his? Any shady character around him lately?

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get some new ideas for your spam threads

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Paizo Games General /pgg/


Trick shot edition.

2e gunslinger and inventor playtest (and preemptive fixes from the writers):
Reloading (especially two-weapon reloading) and unstable are both slated for changes, but not during this playtest period.

/pfg/ (pathfinder 1e) link repository: https://pastebin.com/RSt0rF0T
/p2g/ (pathfinder 2e) link repository: https://pastebin.com/1zySxwm3
/sfg/ (starfinder) link repository: https://pastebin.com/5yp9s2U3
/3eg/ (D&D 3.X) link repository: https://pastebin.com/VMRsxB2m

Previous Thread: >>76981159

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In this exact same adventure, there are "Starwatch commandos," identified as "veteran guard officers." They are 11th-level, and while that stretches plausibility, I can vaguely rationalize this as them being an elite SWAT team. But they are less powerful than the prison guards, and also less powerful than the random street thugs in the same adventure.

Even within the space of one book, the adventure cannot set consistent power levels for basic humanoid combatants.

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By the way, Mark Seifter's Discord server is fiercely and passionately defending this.

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>More that in what universe does it make sense that Fighter ends up better at spellcasting than someone who's entire existence revolves around spellcasting?!
You're zeroing in on a very specific aspect of spellcasting that is indeed irritating and somewhat poor design, but is not a major factor in how spellcasters actually play. I don't know if you're retarded or disingenuous.
The success chances of spell attack rolls are far and away not the determining factor in a spellcaster's efficacy, much less worth trading off for the stunted slot progression or save DCs you'd get from multiclass spellcasting.
A fighter with Eldritch Archer is an effective gish, nothing more. I wouldn't call it an effective fighter or an effective spellcaster.

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You are absolutely correct. Edgewatch is what happens when the system wants PCs to become superheroes as they gain levels, but the Adventure Path wants to set a consistent tone and a down-to-earth power level. It was inevitable when they decided to keep the Adventure Path self-contained in a single city, and to have the vast majority of the opponents be non-spellcasting humans.

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Also, notice how 11th- to 15th-level creatures are described as "the members of the Avengers who are obviously more powerful than Captain America but not capable of ending a planet," and now realize that there are prison guards and random street thugs in Absalom as powerful as that.

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Someone knows a company that makes stalker like minis? The only one i found is lead adventures, but at least in europe it's all sold out

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Wantin to play zone alfa?

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Anvil industries

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Space Shark Edition

Death Guard Codex Leaks

>Munitorum Field Manual (Points):

>WarhammerTV Tip of the Day:
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LhXlKz5IrYY [Embed]

>Downloads; Rules Errata and FAQs:

>Tool to Improve Battlescribe Readability:

>3rd Party Pastebin:

>/40kg/ MEGA:
>Put requests here:
>Find stuff here:

>Previous Thread: >>77064039

Thread Question: Whats your favourite Dark Eldar unit?

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Beautiful thank you anon

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Move here:


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Every single time the British government has gotten itself into a position where it just had to hold the course and things would be fine they have instead decided to do something retarded because they think they can get ahead of the Europeans. I am just assuming that they've already cut corners on the vaccination programme that will undermine the whole thing, and that they will only change their minds once the damage is already done.

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It's cheap, holds up well enough, I'm lazy, and it's also often cold or pouring rain where I live so I prefer not to open the window when doing hobby stuff, lots of excuses but the big one is fear of the fumes. I really should just suck it up and buy plastic glue, but it keeps the anxiety over glue fumes in check not to.

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wow the gods of your setting are vocal about your party and they are very happy. Theyre content with all your accomplishments. I guess they were holding out hope for killing the evil overlord and they may even get to see the heroes save the world. There's even a petition that's garnered dozens of signatures to grant you godhood. Obviously that wont happen but it shows how happy they are.

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Well I was hoping for a spot at my Goddess's side(or more precisely her lap) for all eternity, but I guess that's pretty good too

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>the goddess, being a hundred times larger than you, picks you up and stuffs you into her vagina
>it is eternally dark and you will never find your way out

Is that what you wanted?

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Based and wholesome
Cringe and deviant

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Thats nice, because we at no point did we do anything wrong. Just like Eren

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For a very long time I believed that moobs of the guy in the corner were his freakishly long neck.

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Why did the mad druid turn all the local villagers into frogs?

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oh no, the droods are here

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Because he's a mad druid.

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He didn't. He's a decoy and completely harmless. It was a fae prank, all the "local villagers turned into frogs" are actually fae in diguise.

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Halligan is the real danger.

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Archives & Other Resources: https://pastebin.com/vrqYhnpu
AllSync: https://cyoa.allsync.com/s/79mkWc8NAftS8HE
Previous Thread >>77059452

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>You guys are really gonna flip your shit when you see Lizette if you're so against that outfit.
Lizette is a beauty-obsessed serial killer. Talisa is outdoorsy animal handler. What's "appropriate" for them is going to be radically different.

At least lose the horns. As I said before - you've already got two other characters who naturally have horns. Put the house logo on her jacket, or something like that, if you want a visual reference

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Gotta spend money to (potentially) make money. Fate came from eroge, Spiderman came from comics, cripplegirl simulator from /a/, why not from cyoa? Braindead jewish jewllywood Furlluminati are creatively bankrupt enough and are used to scrapping the bottom of the cum bin.

Of course, proving ownership without tripcodes or reddit accounts is gonna be interesting.

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Fuck off horns are great

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/k/ would lynch you for that lack of trigger discipline.
Eh, it's a lost market anyway unless you go full milspec autismo.

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>Man, Cassandra's getting tons of love and nobody's even bringing up the fact that she looks like Bayonetta joined the Night's Watch!
Hey, it reads right. Strict, smart, and cold weather appropriate.

>image reference
That's not a "real" cowgirl. That's a fashion model posing for a photo shoot in Vogue. Her boots probably have high heels, too.

Talisa, though, is supposed to be the real deal, right? That means more clothing to offer padding and protection, in colors that won't show dirt/feces/blood as well.

And really, we're not talking about that big of a change. You're already dressing her in dark colors, with boots, gloves, and a fairly heavy duty jacket protecting her arms. All of which is good for her concept.

So really, we're only looking at changing the one exposed leg.. If you like the current vibe, the only real difference would be adding the armor/padding from her right leg to her left one, too.

Maybe look at making the jacket longer, too.. . A knee length duster would really help the cowboy image, as its so iconic to their look.

(And seriously, consider losing the horns on the hat.)

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Archives & Other Resources: https://pastebin.com/vrqYhnpu
AllSync: https://cyoa.allsync.com/s/79mkWc8NAftS8HE
Previous Thread >>77059452

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What happened to the dead Primarchs? Ferrus, Sanguinius, Curze and arguably Alpharius, they've been gone but were already described as miniature warp storms contained in human form when alive. Are they force ghosts, demon princes, or just straight up gone?

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Horrus is super dead. His soul was obliterated by Big E. Abby kills the clones.

>> No.77069670

What happened to Sang's soul in that short story?

>> No.77072323

They died

>> No.77073132

there's also the Vengeful Spirit soul statue thing for Sang too. God, Sang's return would be kino, if done well

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Deader than Elvis, unless you happen to read Black Library fanfiction.

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Post your character's story.
Yes, I'm just a lazy fagot and I want to steal your inspiration.

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He's angry about demons.

>> No.77085733

He didn't. That's Liquid Snake.

>> No.77085786

Character got cursed by a witch after spurning he, so now they smell like trash and are obsessed with trash constantly.

>> No.77085827

Youngest son of a minor noble whose family's fortunes were on the decline. Took a horse and left the family home to travel. Spent a couple years hunting, traveling, doing odd jobs, and eventually got commissioned to map an unexplored region of unclaimed territory far to the south and clear out bandits hiding in the area. Was pretty good at it, survived where all his companions died, and now he's one of the people in charge of an entire growing kingdom and directly commands a force of 500 rangers and huntsmen in the defense of the realm

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>dragonborn son of dragonborn treasure hunter
>dad isn't around, idolize absent father
>dad gifted a nobility, comes home and quits treasure hunting
>romantic ideal of father shattered, he's a regular dude, develop daddy issues
>decide to become ubermensch and have kids with best example of pure, blue dragonborn bloodline
>monk physical training, learn academics from university professor mom
>chase after blue druid dragonborn broad, hoping to convince her to have his babies because he is peak physical condition and they have superior genetics
>secretly have epilepsy and develop huge complex about it

That's about it

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>entire game grinds to a halt from in-game shopping
How do you fix this?

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Right, and what I was saying is, my idea is, work it out with the rest of the table. If they don't sort it out, then come back.
Wouldn't it make sense that those who are there might have a clear way to make things better?

>> No.77071368

I actually know the answer to this one! I fixed this after I saw my friend struggling to remember the voices of a blacksmith and some other shopkeep:
>there's some downtime between important events/scenes
>I ask the players if there is anything they would like to do
>Half wanna go shopping, half wanna go talk to some guy about a thing
>I give the shoppers a pre-made list of ubiquitous items/armors/weapons with costs and tell them to spend their money wisely while I assume the role of the guy the rest of the party wants to talk to

I wrote on their sheets that if they wanted to make an inquiry for special items not listed on the sheets I provided, they'd have to make a check to convince the shopkeep to go out of their way to find, purchase, and reserve the item til next time they can visit.

Now I literally never have to RP as a shopkeeper ever again.
Unless I want to, for some weird and buttfuck retarded reason

>> No.77072964

our dm let us go on a fishing trip and for the rest of the campaign we tried to buy things with rotten fish

>> No.77072985

Or you get ideas beforehand so you don't need to waste another session with shopping only to come here and then ask for ideas.

>> No.77074857

Assuming OP is DM, just give your players a list of things they can by for each price and let them shop in between sessions. If you have to do it in the session, don't make them roleplay it so they can meet your quirky shopkeeper OC, jest let them tell you what they want, say "ok you have it now" and that's that.

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Quoted By: >>77066833

>The imperial monster hunters have ran into unexpected complications on their mission to put the region's salamanders to the flame

>> No.77066833

>They have discovered highly attractive female salamanders and are proceeding to mate with them

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Rest day edition

>Biggest sites for free online playing:

>Free tactics trainers online:

>run out of free match analysis on chess.com
>download or ctrl+c the pgn for the match
>make a free account on
>tools - import game - paste/upload pgn - toggle analysis
>click on the "learn from your mistakes" button

>Explore openings:

>Starter books (Pdfs are easy to find online):
Soviet chess primer by Maizelis et al
Play Winning Chess by Yasser Seirawan
Chess Fundamentals by Capablanca
Complete Idiot's Guide to Chess by Patrick Wolff
Logical Chess: Move by Move by Irving Chernev

>Archived threads:

>Where to find master games:

Previous thread:

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will there ever be a 30+0 tournament? or is it just not very popular here

>> No.77087162

now I can lose after having thought of my moves, nice

>> No.77087183

Everything is possible. Also, anyone can make a tournament. Its just a little awkward if youre not the team leader.

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Where my nepobros a??

>> No.77087257

NEW >>77087244

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>the dragon cave is actually a library
>the resident dragon allows entry only if you contribute your knowledge to the collection a la Avatar's Owl dude

What could your character even offer?

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Quoted By: >>77069412

Thats how it works in fate series.

>> No.77069412

I'll have to check out the Fate Series then.

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Quoted By: >>77071660

alright, but first a riddle:
>Big, beautiful dragonesses are for ____!

>> No.77071660

Big, beautiful dragonesses are for reading!

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How is your current game going?

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Starting to not be much fun. DM isn't really trying anymore, seems burned, very obvious his sessions are being prepped less and less. Really want to end it but we're only about 50% done with the campaign and me leaving would irrevocably destroy the campaign because I'm mainly the lynchpin between the chaotic party and kind of the only one that acts serious.
>Monday game
Going great, still going on really well. Party has reached high levels which I kind of dislike with all the broken abilities now popping up, but players and DM are still great in RP department. Likely to go on for another year longer.
>lewd hentai pbp game
Going fantastic. Both DM and I are posting frequently. Despite the silly nature of the setting actual good story and characters.

>> No.77098804

I just slid down a ladder, launched myself outward into a room, drew my swords and cut through a ghost before landing safely after a 10ft drop. 5 attacks during that jump. 4 hit. 50 damage. Felt good.

So we're basically fighting nature spirits that have been corrupted. If we fix them we save a temple I think. I dunno, I'm a fighter and do anime tier shit to see what I can get away with.

>> No.77098878

Well family guy isn't the only western cartoon. I'm sure there's plenty of cartoon characters that might actually be cool to take inspiration from, and same with anime characters. It's just how fucking far you take it

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I'm creating a campaign, an optional boss of which is going to be the demon sorcerer ted cruz and his army of undead skelegates
the caveat is he wont ever attack directly, he will just run away and continuously summon skeletons so it has potential to either be really easy or get way out of hand if they don't stop it quickly

anyway I want to create an item in the case he's defeated. In his dying breath he'll hand over the delegates to whomever delivers the killing blow. It will be a magical item that can freely summon a skeleton
I'm just not sure how to balance it. It would be too OP if they truly have access to the infinite army of skelegates, but I want it to be powerful enough that it's worth holding on to so it can be used as a bargaining chip later on when they are given the tough choice to hand over the delegates or something terrible will happen

>> No.77099149

I'm on my fourth character, a LE barbarian who's envious and hateful to the paladin who stole "his" sinister key.

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A "class fantasy" is typically the most idealized image of a class or archetype. Excelling at the things they're good at and painting a picture of how it's intended to be played and projected, it is essentially the "THIS COULD BE YOU" image of the class.

That understood, what is the dumbest class fantasy you've seen or heard of?

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I'm sorry to hear that you're too stupid to understand D&D.

>> No.77081651

Always the fucking sideshaves with these people, or that kind of weirdly kept hair. Why this?

>> No.77081696
Quoted By: >>77081766

Pathfinder Witches should be combined with D&D warlocks to make a decent class.
Witch Hexes & Eldritch Blast, spells are limited you'll divide more time between hexing and blasting. You're not a true caster, you borrow power from someone(thing) else and it shows through abilities rather than spells. Witch hexes are WAY more RP friendly and inspiring than a lot of other shit I've seen in D20 games. Eldritch blast and its addons aren't terrible if their use is curbed.

Metamagic being a sorcerer only feature is G.A.Y. as fuck. Sorcerers bloodlines should limit their spell list to specific schools, give them more spell slots, and bloodline specific features. Shit like Red Dragon Disciple from 3.5 should be baked into the draconic bloodline. You should progressively get a pseudo-template of the race you descend from. There's your big fucking bonus to playing a sorcerer.

>> No.77081766

If warlocks/witches get hexes and ELDRITCH BLAST! as their core features then the most powerful should cost them temporary ability damage/penalties. You give up a bit of your lifeforce to Hadar, -1 CON (insert duration). Hadar rocks the mind of your opponent imposing Confusion or some such shit. You don't spam abilities because it costs you personally. Some abilities might allow or require you to sacrifice in other ways or through other means (people). Convince someone to do evil shit, Asmodeus permits you to summon a devil appropriate to your level for a bit. That kind of jazz.

>> No.77083789

It's been awhile since I've seen so much cope in one post.

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Quoted By: >>77070282

Classic smial. Single story, 140 square meters floor space, three bedrooms, one bathroom, extensive kitchen and pantry. 600 square meters of kitchen garden on the plot. Rustic picturesque charm.

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>> No.77066471

Unfortunately, most of the halflings have left the neighborhood and Orcs are moving in, renown for their loud tribal music, love of fighting and wanton lust over the women of other races. Though it does mean property prices are now cheap.

>> No.77066520
Quoted By: >>77070282

I'll be honest, it's a pretty rough neighborhood.

You've got the hobbit hole at the end of the road, and your immediate neighbor is Hattie Chubb, a single mother in her thirties who cares for four sons between the ages of three and ten. She's completely unable to control them, and you can hear at least one of her children wailing during every hour of the night and day.
Further up the road is the home of the good-for-nothing Rudd Mugbalm, who inherited it from his father a couple of years ago. The garden's overgrown, the paint's flaked off of the door and you can't even step near the place without your nose being assaulted by the smell of cheap pipe weed.
Tanner Goldblower owns the place at the mouth of the road and he decorates it in a gaudy, ostentatious fashion that no hobbit should be able to afford. People say that he's involved in some shady business with Bree-folk.

Do you still want to move in?

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>> No.77070282
File: 326KiB, 540x783, forbidden lands halflings.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

I know what I'm in for with not-hobbits, I'll stay away

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It looks very comfy, but I think I'll be bumping my head more often than not.
Thanks anyways.

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Quoted By: >>77066238 >>77066441

>non-human race can polymorph into human form

I've always thought that this kind of power makes a non-human race feel like just humans with shapeshifting powers.

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>> No.77066238


>> No.77066260

She's not, she is a dragon trying to get knocked up by superior human cock.

>> No.77066325

Yes, it's porn. OP doesn't play and doesn't want to talk about traditional games. It's basically a /v/ thread.

>> No.77066401

Thankfully she has a vagina, my reverse image search was not in vain.

>> No.77066441

Yes. It's basically the "why do all women from every race look the same" but instead of being for erotic reasons it's for lazy author reasons.

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Quoted By: >>77065732

Say you were to play a game of Tabletop with Selena Gomez. Let's say it's 5e DnD since it's the most popular game at the moment. What class and race would she play?

>> No.77065732

Class: trash slut
Race: trash slut

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boobs Edition

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how has your last game gone?

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A realmgate opens

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>there's no need for a retcon there already are factions that act near the borders of certain realms
So what?

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I want to get into AoS, and have tried multiple times, but as of yet it keeps failing to grip me, I just can’t find a faction that grips me. I’m starting to think that it may just be that the studio schemes are... atrocious? Is this legitimate?
Also, lore? Any good crash courses out there?

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Reminds me of Roger

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Say /tg/ would you consider yourself on the right or wrong slider of the rpg information divide?
Share with us what you know and we’ll judge

Why would you say it is much harder for those who have joined the hobby since 2014 to cross the information divide and become right sliders?

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What the fuck are you on about you autismo

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Are you talking about little burgers?

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>tfw no Science Adventure tabletop
I wonder how hard it would be to homebrew Gigalomaniacs for WoD?

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Talk normally you weeaboo retard

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White Castle

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A friend told me to come here for advice.
I'm new to painting and the tabletop and have been looking for a faction that's friendly to both. I've heard that the custodes might be the best pick but have heard mixed things.

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This, another option is Nurgle Daemons since it's mostly dirty colors and they are supposed to look a bit messy so you don't neeed to be that neat.

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Base them black then drybrush with a metallic color, add some diluted blue/red in the lenses which thanks to the drybrushing will have caught a bit of the metallic and that's it, you got your Iron Hands/Silver Skulls ready to roll out.

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Respectfully I would disagree. Orks painted like crap by a newbie still end up looking like crap. There's a fair bit of genuine skill involved getting a realistic 'orky rough-shod' look.

Especially when it comes to conversions. You cant just slap ork paint and decals on some toy car and call it looted (see the: 'It now belongs to da orkz' meme). Orks make a great 2nd or 3rd army.

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Space marines are literally DESIGNED to be easy to paint. Large flat surfaces with minimal detail, all in about 3 colors total for the average model, the hardest part of painting a space marine is the decal.

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Marines and Nids are easy for different reasons. Marines have very simple basic colorschemes, maybe a red shoulder here or some studs there. Nids have more little bits to cover, but they're hardest to fuck up, I think. You could have a 'gaunt look like shit and still credibly be something the hive spat out.

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What's your opinion on Confrontation?
Ever played?
Still playing?

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