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He likes Goblin Slayer and it's a good, easy template for low levels (amazingly, the kids are also in favor of 'osr' difficulty instead of superhero freakshit. They've been watching Dungeon Craft on youtube).

However this weekend he told me they invited a girl they know to join. She's into anime too and says they shouldn't play Goblin Slayer because it implies all goblins are evil and that's racist. I don't particularly want her anyway since I suspect all the boys will be simping for her approval, though I haven't seen her photo so maybe not. What do?

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>playing an actual game.
I literally don't give two shits about my retarded RPG game next to my kids development. Games are tools that should teach you something. If not then you are waisting your time mentally masturbating like a loser.
I get you probably have Asperger's since you are posting here but games are really not that important.

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>Boomer rant about entertainment
>Calls others Aspies
Since when do schizos feel the need to insult people?

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How is this insulting? Half of 4chan posters are autistic spergs. It's just a fact. If you think children's pretend games are important enough to argue on Korean basket-waving forums about then yeah. AUTISTIC. Also, you may be right about me being somewhat of a boomer but having kids shift your priorities. OPs question was kid related not game related.

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>If you think children's pretend games are important enough to argue on Korean basket-waving forums about then yeah. AUTISTIC.
Et tu Brute-kun

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And here you are, trying to gather info on the "autistic sperg" board. So, either you are a retarded faggot on top of being a boomer waste of oxygen, or a troll. Either way your rants and opinions have more or less the same weight and value as dogshit.

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Archives & Other Resources: https://pastebin.com/vrqYhnpu
AllSync: https://cyoa.allsync.com/s/79mkWc8NAftS8HE
Previous Thread >>77052795

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Agreed a world that seems to revolve around the player without any justification will feel lacking

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who the fuck is Thistlewaite and why are you using Flash to represent this person

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Thistlewaite is finally renowned!

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>Times Ten
>Blood Brother

5 of me working at 10 times efficiency is too strong.


I walk into a bus depot, click the watch, split into 5, then all run around sucking experiences right out of everyone we can before legging it as the timer expires. Within a week I'll be setup for life and anything extra is a bonus.

>Issues corrected
>Sexual characteristics

I'm in my prime, my preferred sex, like my looks, and am already uncomfortably (but proud of it) tall, might as well just make me more prone to fitness, fix my astigmatism, and get that pringle can cock I've always dreamed I'd never get to use because it'd scare people off.

>Home Plus

Revert when I was 5, make better use of my time, make some easy cash on early bitcoin, and steal the rest of the powers from people. That, or I Self Insert/CYOA into a world that has powerful beings/people capable of moving between worlds and try to snipe their powers. Either or.

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That's a good one. Thank you.

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Work in Progress, "Spot da Panzee!" Edition

>WIP Condensed OP Pastebin

>Grimdark Compendium tutorials

>Making some awesome banners

>Recasting with Blue Stuff and LEGO bricks

>4 EASY Chipping Tricks For Beginners

>Saint Duncan's "Six Things I Wish I Knew When I Started Painting"

>Saint Duncan also explains thinning your paints

>Learn to paint with an unlicensed doctor

>How to paint freehand text on scrolls

>WIP Secret Santa 2020 Album

>Previous Threads

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Are you asking how to paint your pic related or some other effect?

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Chameleon metallic paints?

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I got Nebula Copper and the effect is hardly noticeable or straight up absent on small surfaces

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If what you're asking for is like the colored blade I did:
>Paint it black
>I painted from purple to pink using about 5 or 6 colors.
>Wet the top 80% or so of the blade, depending on how far you want the effect to go
>get some purple paint on your brush and "jab" it lightly into the water on the wetted surface. You want the paint to start to lightly defuse from the brush to the water. It should spread out a little bit from that area
>repeat the process with other colors, working your way less down and sticking more around the tip as you go
>to get two colors to intertwine more and blend at the seem, use two different colors while the surface is still wet.
>to get the two colors to appear more distinct, let the surface dry between coats.
>if the edge of the effect seems too "harsh" or jarring but hasn't dried yet, get a little bit of water and paint it along the dry part adjacent to the wet part, allowing some of the paint to flow in a soft gradient.

For your blade, you may just want only a few colors that are more vibrant, like a color shift between green and purple and it may make more sense to start with a light base color to let the colors pop better.

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I would add:
>try getting a retarded for coating the blade, instead of water - it should allow for smoother blending over longer period of time
>practice at least once on a piece of sprue or a spare part

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Toaster Edition

Death Guard Codex Leaks
>Munitorum Field Manual (Points):
>WarhammerTV Tip of the Day:
Https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mpz9FJlRfQ8 [Embed]
>Downloads; Rules Errata and FAQs:
>Tool to Improve Battlescribe Readability:
>3rd Party Pastebin:
>/40kg/ MEGA:
>Put requests here:
>Find stuff here:
>Previous thread:

>Thread Question
What elements of old editions would you resurrect and bring back into the current game?

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I thought this might have been a contributing factor, but I've never played guard so I wasn't sure

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Alright this is gonna sound fucking dumb but
>zoanthropes went up in points
>cover yourself in Hydra fleet gene strain
>wait for your unit of 3+ invuln unit of 6 to die
>spend 2 CP on endless swarm
>bring back 300 points of tanky models back
This sounds fucking annoying and hilarious.
Would it hold up? At least as one trick pony?

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gotta have the 300pts spare in your list if you're playing matched games
it's great fun in narrative though yeah

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Does anyone know any recasters or any place what so ever that sells individual forgeworld bits? I need a single Alpha Legion Headhunter head and a single sniper rifle

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What is a squad of guardsmen's "best" heavy weapon currently? Because of my autism I only like having missile launchers because they actually look portable in a squad

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Milk Edition

Previous Thread: >>77054754

>OFFICIAL Commander website, where you can learn the rules, see the current banlist, and read the OFFICIAL format philosophy, laid down by the rules committee:

>Statistically see what everyone else puts in their commander decks based on what is posted to the internet.

>Find out what lands you can add to your deck, sorted by category, based on a chosen color identity.

>Deck List Site: You can search for decks that other people have made. Authors often have comments that explain their deck strategy and card choices.


>Thread Question
What's your favorite obscure lore fact?

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Yeah you don't know shit, kiddo.

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M8, I think your friend might be cheating

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Hasn't someone set fire to that cunt yet?

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He's a great example. A great example of someone who's only contribution to the game is to make it more expensive for you to aquire cards to play. I have no problem with people who want to collect an artist, misprints, or foreign language etc. But if your motivation in buying cards is to remove as many copies from the market as possible so you can profit on on actual demand, then I have a big problem. It's the same mentality of people who bought up all the water, TP, and hand sanitizer earlier last year. Parasites in human form.

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>the BBEG collects animals as trophies
What are some twists on this concept?

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People are animals too.

>> No.77064913

Wasn't this part of the second movie's plot?

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>villain is an aristocrat with a knack for clothes made out of exotic and unusual animals, such as manticore's fur coats or boots made out of dragon scales
>whenever a new creature is discovered, the villain will spread rumours about how this animal is extremelly dangerous, then they hire adventurers to slay these beasts..for the greater good of course
>they are slowly running out of exotic animals to hunt, so the villain is now looking at other realms with strange animals, such as the Fae realm

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Does Nicole Kidman really have tits that big... oh, it's a shop.

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I have a campaign where the main antagonist collects a bottle of of their slain victims favorite beverage

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Post fantasy landscapes.

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If someone goes through an art thread selecting multiply posts to complain about while not posting their own images, you can usually ignore whatever dumb shit they're upset about.

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File: 285KiB, 1200x754, Robert Caney A Fantastic Underground Temple.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

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Om nom nom edition.

Resources (Rules, lore, and Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay)
WFB: https://pastebin.com/qVGrgwwh
WFRP: https://pastebin.com/inbyBsR6
Novels: https://pastebin.com/6FV6bSNQ

>Warhammer Wikis

>Alternative Models (WiP)

Warhammer Video Games

Previous Thread: >>77023569

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Is fifth not an option?

>> No.77093025

There's a fifth warhammer roleplay ediiton?

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6th edition fag, thinking about starting a chaos army. Should I give great weapons a try and how can I make a good looking Chaos Lord on a Dragon?

I was thinking of getting the dark elf one and the rider from the manticore kit.

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The best looking dragon is the warpfire dragon FW used to make,if you can get it that is

Creating your own chaos dragon is also pretty high tier, custom shit is based

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Seems ok, but needs light conversions

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Quoted By: >>77058477

Is it true what they say about the Sheeple? That they practice witchcraft and make pacts with dark powers?

>> No.77058442

Yes, they needed shepherds.

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Quoted By: >>77059492

Not on their own, no. But if you tell them they should, they probably will.

>> No.77059492

>Hey go start a cult
Ok man, I'm not so sure about this, but I trust you!

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How much Nuln Oil would someone have to drink to kill them? What is the lethal dose?

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Yours wasn't a question, retard

>> No.77058629

I'm pretty sure it's nontoxic, so probably a fairly large amount at least equal to the amount of water or Gatorade for it to be immediately (within the next several hours) type lethal.

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Quoted By: >>77060065

Just shoot yourself, man. It's a lot easier.

>> No.77060065

Also much cheaper than buying a lethal dosage of paint pots,

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You want to kill many people or are you being genre neutral?

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Part one: >>77050667

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anyone got some monkey/ape themed demon?

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File: 456KiB, 1920x1902, dWyF9Oe.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

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Infinity is a 28mm scale Sci-Fi Skirmish game by Corvus Belli where we make a Yu Jing thread, as requested

>Last Seminar:
https://youtu.be/ShfromaeWso [Embed]

>All the rules are for free. Buying books is only relevant for fluff:

>General FAQs:

>Rundown (game and factions):

>Semi-unofficial catalogue of fluff, dossiers, and unit models:

>Unit Dossiers Archive

>Plebian's video on how to play by intent:
https://youtu.be/Nu1tLHGGDp4 [Embed]

>Rules Wiki

>Infinity N4 Rules
>CodeOne Rules (Infinity-lite for beginners)

>Official Army Builders:

>Terrain (new and improved!):

>Hacking Helper

>released RPG books (+ a couple rulebook scans)

>Comlog, missions app

>New ITS Season 12 missions and rules:

Previous thread:


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Quoted By: >>77098431

I think there is an Haqq paintset with all the colors they used

>> No.77098431

Yeah there is, thanks

>> No.77099056

It's easy to read and manipulate ariadna camos. Usually they are just there to buy time and the ariadna player will not aro with them at all.

>> No.77099184

It is a common criticism.
If you play dice games expect to get screwed by dice once in a while. Also happens in warhammer.

>> No.77099192


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Quoted By: >>77075348

I'll start. The inevitables are a horrible concept, even in 5e which renged in their autism, because they are the literal embodiment of "lawful stupid" they gave free reign for the literal ruler of devils to possibly destroy the world through contracts. In other, (non-5e) older lore, it gets stupider, as trying to extend your lifespan can earn you a 10ft tall metal statue of doom. If it was only for liches and other degenerates, that would be fine, but apparently, it's also within their laws to smite down a ent who's done nothing but protect the forest or whatever.

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That's mechanically identical to rolling a d10+modifier, but with extra unnecessary steps.

>> No.77074390

Different power sources for no reason is the point, it's to enhance the illusion that classes feel more different than they really are.

>> No.77074418

Sounds like he wants to play a 3d6 system with a bell curve but isn't aware that non-d20 systems exist

>> No.77075348

I'd actually like to thank OP for not using a frog or wojak.

>> No.77075419

I completely ignore the artificial demons/devils nomenclature of D&D. They’re all the same to me

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Quoted By: >>77098649 >>77098905

Describe your setting/campaign in one image

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>> No.77098673

darksun :*)

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File: 59KiB, 400x520, 774C8713-DC22-44DD-B62D-09E0A1A1FAA4.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

My niggas

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File: 1MiB, 1276x1440, you always know a working joe.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]


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Quoted By: >>77063793 >>77064188

Total newfag here. I’ve always wanted to get into Warhammer 40k but didn’t know where to start, and didn’t know if it’d be good. After watching Paul WS Anderson’s magnum opus Event Horizon and saw everyone up and down compare it to 40k, I realized I need to be more serious. What’s the best jumping point in your opinion for newbies to get into 40k and learn the rudimentary basics of the 40k lore like the Warp and such.

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Quoted By: >>77064653

It was pretty neat. I went in with the connection to 40k already in my mind so I'm biased, but I could see the similarities/why someone would go "oh hey these are similar". I liked the fleshy walls and the one guy's post-vivisection, the effects were pretty neat. Weir looked pretty convincing as a chaos cultist towards the end with all the cuts and marks. isn't there a lost extended version with even more disturbing imagery or am I mistaking it for something else?

It and Eye of Terror are giving me more of an appreciation for the less human side of chaos in 40k. Almost makes me want to make little space ship floor panels for terrain.

>> No.77063793
Quoted By: >>77063807

just DONT

it will not be worth it

>> No.77063807

Why’s that?

>> No.77064188

It is a massiively broad universe so it is more about what faction or era you want to explore first. If you just want a run down on how stuff works you are better off just looking up lexicanum articles.

The Eisenhorn & Ravenor novels will give you a look at the Inquisition. These explore more normal life within the Imperium than other books tend to but focuses on heretics, psykers and Chaos.

The Horus Heresy will show you what the Imperium aimed to be during the Great Crusade if not for Chaos and presents a bit of a different world. The initial three & Flight of the Eisenstein are kind of the place to start. The First Heretic, Legion, A Thousand Sons and Know No Fear were particularly good from what I remember. Then it seemed like they started to just make endless filler novels. Expect a lot of marine and Chaos wank.

If you aren't looking to read, the Space Marine pc game and Dawn of War series are pretty great.

>> No.77064653

About 30 mins of footage was cut from the theatrical release because it was considered too gruesome. Most of it apparently involved the deranged murder orgy that involved the first crew. The spare rolls of film were apparently stored in a disused salt mine(!) and deteriorated to the point where they couldn't be salvaged once the film had built up a cult following.

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>Legacy Drive

>Updated Drive

>Jumpchain IRC Chat

http://pastebin.com/Gqj3iKyn (embed)

>How to Jumpchain

>Last Thread

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>> No.77063886

I’ve only ever seen gameplay advocated by shitposters or powerwankers.

>> No.77063887

Frag can still be used for attacking as a normal weapon. Or at least it can in Unlimited Codes.

>> No.77063907

Duel Terminal in the Genex origin

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Am i retarded for just realising fate extella is the huns attacking rome and japan the two places they failed to conquer?

>> No.77063940

What jumps have you taken to give the world a happy ending?

Extra question how difficult do you think t would be to save Jet Alone in Eva?

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Quoted By: >>77057530 >>77057576

No wonder Hasbro has such a stranglehold over the market, I’m surprised some of these people can even read the rulebook.

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File: 1MiB, 1242x2019, 944B9CC1-E3FC-43A0-B37A-F9714B586903.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

If you aren’t player tier 1 classes and optimizing every facet of your character then you’re pretty much just shit at roleplaying, sorry.

>> No.77057530

I bet the boar types better than the faggot who wrote that post.

>> No.77057576
Quoted By: >>77057640

I wish Reddit would leave and stay leave.
And Discord, Twitter, Tumblr too.

>> No.77057640
File: 684KiB, 693x771, big boi 3.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

Agreed, dregs. Dregs that infest what could be a great place(teegee)

>> No.77057643

This is what happens when you don't teach your kids critical thinking

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Quoted By: >>77061331 >>77063786

How do you plan one shots? What is your process. Do you use an outline? I never know how to get my thoughts down and clear for when I plan oneshots and it always ends up in a mess and I can't stand it.

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>> No.77061331

I write down 3 - 5 events / encounters, and then just yes-and the players actions so they'll get themselves there. The beginning is set in stone, and the climax is also already prepared. What's in between is flexible.
Usually it's got the following:
1) set the theme, introduce the team
2) call to action
3-5) the puzzle (a chase, cluefinding, a riddle, a dungeon, the fun parts)
6) the boss battle

>> No.77063786

just write down your thoughts as they come up, use something like a noteblock-app for your phone. you can sort out shit later

also remember to think of no more than 2 possible PC paths when planning: either they do as you want them to, or fuck everything completely forever. think about why they would do what

>> No.77063827

These are excelent pieces of advise. Wise contributions, Anons.

>> No.77063924
Quoted By: >>77066265

>"Hey guys want to play D&D tonight?"
>"But DM said he couldn't make it!"
>"No worries I'll run a one shot, just bring a third level character and clear any homebrew with me first."

That's how you plan them. Writing them is easy enough as well, although it might be a little more railroad-y than what your players are used to in their normal campaign.

>> No.77066265

How do you write a one shot then?

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Quoted By: >>77057210

How would they fare in a rogue trader's envoy?

>> No.77057210


>> No.77057424
Quoted By: >>77058375

Helix and Florence are bound by the laws of robotics. The First would be very inconvenient to any Rogue Trader, so they would be removed pretty quickly.

>> No.77058375

It's not that strict. There's a page I can't find where Florence thinks to herself about how she can strange someone else for taking up oxygen that hospital patients need.

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feels edition
haven't been here in ages, did these stop?
I'm really fuarking sad guys. I'm writing a book that I plan to self publish, and have been begging my unemployed brother who majored in graphic design (who loves fantasy more than most normies) to draw a cover, some chapter art, some illustrations, etc.
nothing crazy, and of course I offered to pay him whatever for is services, but he won't stop playing fucking minecraft.
how's your worldbuilding going, /tg/?

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What's the best kind of weapon to be made out of ice?

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Aircraft carrier.

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This is not the kind of ecofascist warmachine engineering that I expected from asking this question but I definitely appreciate the answer

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Based and pykrete pilled.

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> spend weeks with 5e’s DMG, Players Handbook, Xanathar’s Guide, and the Monster Manual just trying to work out how to friggin balance encounters, treasure hordes, and generally outline an adventure while looking through monster stats to find some inspiration.
> trying to put together a story that is workable within DnD.
> for the luls, pull out my Genesys books
> have multiple custom PC races, classes, NPCs, feats, items, vehicles, and the foundations of a world laid out in a few days.

I know 5e is popular and supposedly accessible for new players, but be straight with me:

How hard is it actually to convince players to try a new system?

Because it would be so much easier and more fun for me to GM with the Genesys system than 5e at this point.

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>monster manual
>Dm guide
>do the calc for the challenge rating the party can face
>find some monsters with easy challenge ratings to check against
>use their stats for whatever you like
>add/remove rules to taste
Its that easy

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Somehow you two simultaneously missed the actual central question of OP’s post and managed answer to it at the same time, your both some kind of idiot savants, just saying.

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>Of course, then I realized I was basically running a rules-lite game, and just moved over to those or narrative systems.
Yea see my problem is that I’m trying to go the other way and it’s frustrating as hell, so how on board were your players with the system jump?

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they play 5e
you already know they don't know how to read

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5e is attractive because new players are typically normal people who like buying stuff. A lot of them don’t like the idea of playing an older/alternate game in which the most they can buy is the core rulebook(assuming it’s still in print and you aren’t just using PDFs or printing the books yourself). Players like buying dice, minis, splat books, spell cards, spell book holders for spell cards, D&D/3rd party brand notebooks, magic item cards, inspiration tokens, D&D brand plushies, D&D brand clothing, character artist commissions, digital books, game software, dice towers, rpg travel bags, dice bags, terrain, etc. At the same time I don’t know how hard it is to convert players to other systems because I started my group of friends with D&D 5e and now we play a bunch of other games to the exclusion of 5e and they are always having a good time. If I were you I wouldn’t support the internal connotation that players are “D&D Drones” by default. Sell them on the system/game, and don’t give them a choice. Be considerate though, design a campaign that you’re pretty sure your players will enjoy that you would also like to run then tell them “Hey I’ve been preparing [genre] campaign using [chosen system]. Lets talk about the notable features of this campaign and possible backgrounds for your characters.”

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Read the novella just recently. not really a perfect work of literature, but the setting is so very moody and delicious, I love it. anyone run anything in it?

Its kinda like dawrf like humans living in the last redoubt of humankind, after all the stars have burnt out and dark eldritch creatures rom the lands, only a deep crater in the earth having enough warmth for anything to survive. Humans have gene spliced themselves and some have slight esp, but their are dark psychic abominations out there that try to lewer them out of the ast holdings of mankind, and even this Last Redoubt will eventually collapse with only their limited energy. 4 massive statue like monsters lumber towards the redoubt, moving only meters in the span of centuries, but they march ever closer to deliever man kinds final fate. Every now and then an adventure goes out, but they barely ever come back, and in too large of numbers the greater dark creatures destroy them outright, their eternal souls forever tortured. only sole or small parties may leave, and not much is known in the impenetrable, oblivion.

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>Watchers looked back at me
YFW you realize it had been slowly turning for the past year, and has just come to a stop, looking directly at you as you raise the telescope.

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>Watchers looked back at me
YFW you realize it had been slowly turning for the past year, and has just come to a stop, looking directly at you as you raise the telescope.

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Apocthulhu came out last year and has the Night Land as a campaign setting towards the back of the book. It's pretty in-depth and comes with some good maps and breaks down everything. I believe the book also mentioned that an adventure might be published for it.

Here's a good interview about it:

There's also some good fan-made Call of Cthulhu resources for the Night Land on this blog:

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came to this thread just because i knew you would be here, mad as always

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Does anyone have access to a copy of the first section of the 5e PHB as an audiobook? I'm trying to introduce some people to DnD, but some of them have issues with reading large amounts of text, like dyslexia, so I've been looking for an audio recording of those 5-10 first pages that explain the basics for new players to listen to. I know the American Library of Congress made an audio book of the PHB, but I lack the disabilities to access it myself. Any help would be appreciated! Oinkbane for pic tax

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pdf> text to audio

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I've been wanting to try one of their games out and wanted to if it was worth it as a lite rpg

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