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Any thoughts on what this could be?

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>He thinks girls don't play tabletops.

Back to /v/ with you, you're the only board with the lack of legbeards.

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>>He thinks girls don't play tabletops.
I think people who play AoS rather have bleeding gap instead of actual vagina.

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Women don't play warhammer and never will

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This is true and you should say it louder

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that's...that's a bat head.

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Orc cops, what’s next? Dark elf psychiatrists?

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Top quality thread, OP.
The old one barely went to archive, you're still up already

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>So he just made the bad guys hot white people.
But there’s an elf good guy in the movie you retard

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What old one?

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>Urban fantasy made in Europe
>It's just that, urban fantasy, set in some 800+ yo city
>Urban fantasy made in States

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Better than weeb fantasy

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Hey everyone, I was hoping you could help me out. I am starting up a new 5E D&D campaign with a new group of people soon, and I want to try something radically different for my build. I have literally never NOT been a rogue before, so I want to mix it up with something that plays completely differently this time. My DM is using Roll20 so he wants me to stay within what is possible with official modules.

My idea for a concept is a parapalegic magic user that moves around by being carried by some kind of golem or large summon - who also does most of the fighting on her behalf while she either sits back or rides the summon and casts support buffs. Think Full Metal Alchemist or Ferra & Torr from Mortal Kombat (pic related).

What would be the best race and class combo to achieve something like this? Necromancer? Bard? Druid? Cleric? Again, I dont have much knowledge of builds outside of Rogues so I'm unsure what to look for. Thank you in advance your help.

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Artificer: Battle Smith

I'm not sure about riding or anything but.

Steel Defender basically means you can have a Golem that does some of your fighting for you.

For what you want specifically ask your DM for any work arounds to what you want.

As for race and class combo it depends on what you want, If you want to be a caster then use a race that would work well with casting same for a martial character you're not gonna find a something too crazy.

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Starting level is going to vastly alter your options. What level are you starting at?

If you're a small race, you'll have more mount options. More options are better.

I'd definitely also consider pretending to be paraplegic, rather than actually paraplegic. Unless you're getting mechanically compensated for nonfunctioning legs, it'll probably save your ass at some point and lend to a whole new level of potential scumbaggery... befitting of your usual rogue typecast.

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Im not super familiar with magic builds but im pretty sure summons are hard to get because they tend to break the action economy. A halfling riding a dog is classic though, so maybe look into mounts. It also frees you up to use a giant eagle later on.

A level in druid or cleric might be a good idea for support spells, if you cant carry anything you're probably dumping strength anyway and cleric especially comes with some nice buffs at level 1. Death cleric and life cleric both have a great healing thing, light cleric gets you some pocket sand for emergencies and a few can give you heavy armour. A level or two of druid gets you AOE debuffs, and potentially wildshape. Nothing like turning into an animal with more than 1 limb in an emergency, especially if your dog dies. Whatever you do dont pick a circle of land druid, and make sure to check out one of the online wikis so you get the good spells and subclasses from xanathar's and tasha's like toll of the dead

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Hey Anons, have you ever used a software or website specifically made to help you tidy your notes, like Campfire or Worldanvil? What did you think of it?

I've been thinking of DMing a campaign for friends, but I realise I'm really bad at keeping my notes and ideas clear and arranged. If you also have any tips in that regard, feel free to share. I've mostly been using GDocs and Word so far, but I have like 5 different unarranged docs. Basically, it's a mess. A fixable mess, sure, but still annoying.

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No, the 2.2 ed is literally all you will ever need. There is a fuckload of material for both 1 and 2e, 2.2 meanwhile cleans things up mechanically.
Twilight 2013 was a clusterfuck, a genuinely bad game existing solely to cash on nostalgia and the company delivering the remake (which nobody asked for) has a reputation for delivering drivel that's all about "cool art" and terrible rulesets.
So it's kind of like with new Tomb Raider games - they might be made, but I don't care. I already have the product that satisfies me fully and no modern company will ever be able to create this quantity and quality of materials for T2k

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Is the worldbuilding expansion pack thing for Campfire worth the price?

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Did you seriously need to ask that question?

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Software tools just give you more ways to screw up and waste time. Speaking from experience.

Part of staying organized is keeping your notes simple. I've switched to using .txt files. I like nice looking docs, so plaintext keeps me from playing around with layout too much. If it gets too jumbled with headers and subheaders, it means I'm getting too wrapped up in minute detail. I sometimes use *** in headers so I can ctrl+f around the document.

Lots of writers manage large novels and documents the same way.

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Alright, why isn't it worth it, and can you pirate it anywhere?

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I need help, I am set to run a new campaign very soon, but I have lost ALL confidence as a DM. My last game petered out and died from compounding issues for me, my players were having a fine enough time. Since then I have made a brand new setting, written up pages and pages on it, have plots, npcs, stats, everything I would need, but I can't bring myself to start it. Has anyone else had this issue, and how did you get past it.

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>I don't know where to start and don't want to run a module.

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I don't even have a hex map plotted out, can you really start with just a starting town, a nearby dungeon, and a rumor table?

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yes absolutely.

If you need inspiration random tables are great. I highly recommend Kevin Crawford's books for random tables.

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When people ask me this, I point them at the 2016 Hitman game. If you layer it densely enough, you don't have to leave a single town for ages.

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And how are relationships between the Imperial taking over countries population and the local population ?

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>I remember there was a good fanfic that manages to resolve this plot with o one dying and getting egg on Schneizel's face
Do you remember the name of the fic, please?

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Let me look

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Good news: I remember the *Name* of the fic

Bad News: I don't remember the chapter it was in. And I'm nt too keen on trawling through the story to find it.

Also I take back the *good fic* part as it may not be everyone's cup of teas due to the occasional Slash and Self Insert nature of it


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Rome had a good solution, when they could be assed to do it.

>1. Induct the defeated military as auxiliaries to the legion. Post them on a different front then their homes.
>2. Induct nobility into the legion proper as officers. Don't give them command of their own people.
>3. Resettle a large part of the population into the empire, broken up into small groups. Don't let them stay under their own leadership.
>4. Resettle a bunch of empire citizens into the conquered land, to replace those you pulled out.

Admittedly also helped by enslaving a large chunk of the population during conquest helps with point 3. This is definitely heading towards genocide, but it will avoid revolts and quickly make the conquered province productive.

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Thanks, are there any other Code Geass fics that you'd recommend? Also, what's you favorite Lelouch pairing? What about Suzaku?

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What do people think of this? I don't play Netrunner on a remotely competitive level so a bunch of changes seem unnecessary. They also make cards feel a lot more intimidating when I don't have the cards or decks that demonstrate why these changes would be seen as necessary. The fact that getting these copies would invalidate my versions also hurts. I very much appreciate how "better" cards were seen that way due to the tournament meta. The vast majority of cards were sidegrades at most, just some sidegrades were more useful in different metas and better for current power cards. The fact that these would be straight upgrades from what I already have leaves a bad taste in how I enjoyed the game.

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I got another one for a friend of mine. I'm going to make some decks using just my core to play him

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Is there an ETA on the new core?

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Q1 this year is the latest estimate.


Congrats on getting any of the cores to begin with!

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Do we know anything about the cards? Will Hasbro go after them if they release Parasite but with the different symbols?

>> No.77098160


It's not exactly a commercial product, and they do use their own symbols, so presumably there won't be an issue.

Especially considering they already had a full cycle released at this point.

And for the incoming cards themselves, salvaged memories gives a clue on what is to come.

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How can WotC revitalize and update Greyhawk so it isn't the most boring and generic fantasy world ever? Generic western Europe fantasy just doesn't cut it anymore even compared to other D&D settings, much less more creative ones.

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I don't get why anyone could still trust WotC to do anything good after the last few years. Almost half the Gods of Kaldheim are mutts ffs

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The thing which distinguishes GH from FR imo judging from the splat books and modules I've read from 1e to 3e is that Faerun is far more flushed out than GH. When you compare the amount of novels, source books, setting books, monster manuals, magic compendiums, modules, volo's guides written for FR it is incomparable. You have taverns with descriptions of the regular patrons and owners, city books galore with maps detailing every building, garden and fortification, cool calendar system, good lore, NPCs are fully flushed out and given motives, adventure hooks are dropped everywhere and there is a huge emphasis on keeping it all unique. But when you compare GH all you get is the name of the kingdom/area, small description about it, name of the rulers and towns and cities, economy and that's about it. Certain books such as From the Ashes and the Marklands written for GH when compared to the fantasy box supplement posted in the OP add much more to GH but

all they really do is go into further details about the history and politics. No interesting NPCs for the party to talk to, bland magic items and adventures ranging from pure garbage to serviceable but requiring some stitch work. However, there are plenty of things GH does better than FR, such as much more realistic and cooler map which puts faerun to fucking shame, unique languages, well established human ethnicities making it easier for PCs to slip into their character, generic stuff which fantasy games lack nowadays things like a forest kingdom ruled by an elven fey queen, a gnome society, an evil Sauron like foe, extensive pantheon of gods with weird and quirky priesthoods, goblin and orc kingdoms which are in state of perpetual war, sea kingdoms, nordic jarldoms, mongols, turban wearing scimitar wielding corsairs, amazonian jungles, pygmies, dark elves, theocracies, power groups galore (although FR shines better in this area) and kingdoms and knights! which FR only has one stinkin place which does that!!

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>and adventures ranging from pure garbage to serviceable but requiring some stitch work.

This was a huge fucking deal with Greyhawk. After Gygax left Lorraine and her cronies decided to keep the setting around but essentially make it a meme. They published a spate of literal fucking joke modules set in it during the late 80s and early 90s which are utter irredeemable garbage, and pretended like the setting was still alive. As a result, Greyhawk looked awful to gamers just getting into the hobby in comparison with FR and Dragonlance which they were pushing heavily.

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It doesn't need to be revitalized it's fine as is. You've got to appreciate and understand there are somethings not intended for you find something more appropriate for you greyhawk isn't it.

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Isn’t the point of greyhawk to be generic brand fantasy?

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I'm trying to put together a light-hearted 1 off dnd style game for my friends this weekend /tg/

It will effectively be a parody of willy wonka and the chocolate factory.
Where golden tickets are won in a tavern drinking contest and entry is gained to a special dwarven mountain forge, where the finest in baubles, weapons and armour is made (oompa loompa's subbed for poorly treated slave races like goblins and kobolds and Wonka subbed for an eccentric forgemaster)

Care to help me design the various stages of such a game, ideally with ways for the NPC's and the players to get removed or handicapped along the way?

I'll obviously be including a double agent dwarf who offers riches for the recipe for this especially well crafted armour.

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Yeah, going through some random modules, there are quite a few about fucking. Like, a lot quite a few.

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You should use gnomes instead

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As slaves? Or as the wonka replacement?

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That might do.
I guess you need to break it down into the stages of weapon/armor production.

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Gnomes as the oompa loompa slaves feels appropriate

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>not secretly evil


>World Eaters
>Night Lords
>Death guard

Dark Angel's next. It's in the name

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Loyalty is its own reward.

>> No.77095042

Everyone's evil. The DA are loyal to the evil Imperium.

>> No.77095216

>he doesnt know the fallen angels are just the most loyal dark angels that unironicly sacrificed thenselves, their names and their honor for the imperium of man

dont you find if funny how everytime another chapter captures cypher, the dark angels show up and then "somehow" he escapes?

>> No.77095536

They were always called the Dark Angels even when they were loyal, which they totally still are and always have been, which renders your point moot. Haven't you read the Horus Heresy books? The Dark Angels are absolutely loyal, possibly even the MOST loyal. They definitely were not traitors who arrived to the battle after Horus had already been defeated and bluffed their way back into the Imperium's good graces. Sure they had their traitorous elements, but who didn't? The Dark Angels just uniquely freaked out about theirs', that's all. They're totally loyal to the Emperor and nobody else, especially not to their Primarch who is still totally locked in his bedroom and not commanding them in secret. They're definitely NOT still operating at Legion strength and just painting their armor different colors and pretending to be separate chapters at all. They totally are not hunting down and killing any planet that could be harboring any single person who could possibly refute this narrative, no sir.
All of that is ridiculous, they're the most loyal and honorable space knights ever conceived and there isn't a deceitful or trickerous bone in their bodies. Honestly you should be shot for even suggesting otherwise, and perhaps you will be.
Who knows what dangers lie in the Dark? Angels do, I can tell you that much.

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The best alignment is lawful neutral and the worst alignment is chaotic neutral. Prove me wrong

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I think it'd be 3 "Neutral" endings if you count the freedom ending, since the freedom ending is unfucking the world and turning it back to how it was before, while still giving people the possibility of fucking it up again.
As for the non Lucifer demon ending where you don't become a true demon, I wouldn't call that fence sitting more than being a massive retard, who couldn't even sit on a fence.
Actually now that I think on it and what you've typed, maybe the regular demon ending can show how rejecting every option available to you is a bad outcome. It can apply.

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I'm more of Lawful Neutral kind of guy

>> No.77092285

Freedom is the real neutral ending.

I don't count Musubi's ending as actually neutral because it's just him being a whiny bitch.

Though, I fucking love SMT's endings so damn much. I enjoy how every single one of them is someone asking for something they don't actually want, and not even realizing it until the end, while the only person who actually wants something reasonable can't even muster the resolve to push through with it.

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Even as a law fag you're insufferable
submit the application forms in triplicate to allow the board to consider your request to be grant rights to self terminate

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Something a bit different.

1d15 for why we betrayed the Imperium!

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Rolled 3 (1d5)

Papa bless

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Quoted By: >>77089907

>All eligible inheritors vote on who all titles and Knights are given to, who may distribute them as necessary (hopefully they're not in diapers!). Politicking is fierce!

Plague Limited Democracy!

As for who is eligible..


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Quoted By: >>77090018

Rolled 1 (1d6)

I mean they are all a proper family, no need to petty squabbling

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>Set of inheritors is children; only go to grandchildren if no children are alive. Full line of succession (when age based) is eldest child > second eldest child > ... > eldest child's eldest child > eldest child's second eldest child > ... > eldest sibling > second eldest sibling > ... > eldest sibling's eldest child and so on, where children > siblings > aunts and uncles > great-aunts and great-uncles, always going "laterally" across a generation before going "down", despite going "down" initially from the deceased.

A fair enough set up. Provided there isn't some kind of Carolignian squabbling over who gets best bot.

Now then, do we stand on ceremony? Are we rigid or, well, Chaotic when it comes to how we conduct our business?


>> No.77090247

Rolled 9 (1d10)

the whoe family thing goes well for the Nurgle theme I guess


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Quoted By: >>77096387

Paladin Slaughtered a Tribe of Goblins And Gods Turned Him Into a Bugbear As Punishment Edition

>UA: Subclasses, Part 5

>5e Trove


>Stable releases


>Previous thread: >>77078837

How to roleplay a Redemption Paladin?

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not defending it, but quicken metamagic lets you add a cantrip, whereas action surge lets you cast two full leveled spells

>> No.77096259

Dwarf of Warding.

>> No.77096264

>>theyve got a fantastic plan to use fly and haste to drop crates of alchemist fire, theyve wanted high sea's adventures since session 2 and this will be the first time using their boat that theyve spent the entire campaign finding crew for and improving upon

Doesn't sound like they're sleeping to me. Sounds like they're hype as fuck. But now there's a new hype thing they never even considered on the horizon, that is also cool and good. This isn't a problem. You're doing a good job as a DM, stop complaining about it.

>> No.77096352

Is making my players roll DEX save and dropping 2-3 lowest rolls regardless of numbers into a hidden spider lair (10 ft fall included) a bad idea? I feel like it would make for a fun encounter where players who didn't fall have to cooperate with ones who stayed up top, but at the same time it's too close to "rocks fall" kind of thing.

>> No.77096387


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Glorantha general I guess.

1.) Is Six Seasons in Sartar good adventure to run for somebody who never ran a Runequest game?

2.) Besides the Guide to Glorantha what is other must read material?

3.) Why are there no core rules for heroquests and illumination, the first seem like pretty big part of the whole setting tánd the latter like huge part of the default PC location?

4.) Are shamans OP? They sure seem to me.

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Quoted By: >>77098955

It's not like he's suggesting to give them cannons and handguns.

More like Fire Lances and explosive pots filled with shrapnel.

Certainly advanced when compared to the rest of Glorantha but highly primitive when compared to the Mostali.

>> No.77098955

How do you stop rest of Glorantha from learning this valuable secret? E|ither these are extrmely rare and tigzhtly controlled an donly for elite warriors (who being elite are better of conventional weaponry) or they are used en masse meaning it is a matter of decades untill the secrets leak.

>> No.77099178

Kralorea needs no black powder while they have Kung-Fu, a means of literally doing the right action to achieve enlightenment, and kick arse depending on how the person is feeling.

>> No.77099374

If you don't wanna read more books try the games King of Dragon Pass and Six Ages instead.

>> No.77099375

Kracholera sucks.

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Quoted By: >>77089091 >>77093174

When I'm putting together a campaign I kind of like to keep a folder of random images that I feel would fit in the world I use as a bit of a "moodboard" for inspiration.
Does anybody else do this?

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>> No.77088848

Not particularly, but that's only because the roleplaying system I use will have pictures to do that for me or it's based on some media that I absolutely love.

>> No.77088880

Artstation, Pinterest, Here, occasionally other random boards and places.

>> No.77089091

I haven't done that before, but it looks like a fun way to get the mood right.

>> No.77093174
Quoted By: >>77093245

It's actually a standard practice for worldbuilding or visual development in the entertainment industry - games, films, TV or otherwise.
Really good way to set the visual mood or tone of the setting if you don't have access to custom art.

>> No.77093245

Addendum - There's a free program called PureRef that's specifically designed for moodboarding and reference gathering. It's pretty popular even with artists, since it's just really nice to have all your visual reference in one place.

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Old one hit image cap: >>77069959

Battle Braids Edition

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Quoted By: >>77099395


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Quoted By: >>77099406


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Quoted By: >>77099415


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What are some tips to improve on combat encounters? I'm running my campaign right now and my players are loving it because of how good the characters and interactions are, but they've all agreed that my combat is something that needs working on. It's session 5 and they've basically never gone below half HP.

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It would be helpful if you could try to specify some of the issues you and your group has.

>> No.77092975
Quoted By: >>77093500


you need narrative, Slashing through ghouls is great and all but for it to be compelling you need stakes other than kill or be killed.

>> No.77093018

>It's session 5 and they've basically never gone below half HP.
You're pulling your punches. Here's a tip: if your players are walking into enemy territory, like a fortress or a lair, they should be at a severe disadvantage, and you shouldn't be afraid of killing a player if the group doesn't take the danger seriously.

>> No.77093042

One thing that I loved as a player was facing large numbers of enemies. Killing 15 goblins feels more fun and badass than killing 3 ogres. Combat generally feels more impactful as enemies rapidly die and combat tends to rely more on tactical thinking as you have to contain multiple enemies and thin their numbers.

Furthermore have enemies think, they might be ignorant of the party's abilities but if they see a wizard incinerate 3 dudes at once while the fighter is tied up fighting a single enemy, they should know to gank the wizard. Have them confirm kills if your players try healing downed allies, and have them use ambushes and cooperate, if there are three archers and six swordsmen maybe keep a couple swordsmen back specifically to protect the archers from the fighter bum rushing them.

>> No.77093500

Conan stories are pretty badass and a shitton are "kill or be killed". Surviving is a pretty compelling motivation

File: 179KiB, 1200x675, lords-of-waterdeep-board-game-layout.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
77088207 No.77088207 [Reply] [Original]


You help me generate a campaign based on your post number

1. First act setting
2. Main antagonist
3. Promised reward
4. 2nd act setting
5. Primary enemies or enemy type
6. Friendly NPC/s
7. Obstacles they will encounter
8. A twist
9. Final act setting

Dubs: A cursed item they may encounter
Trips: Literally whatever you want

>> No.77088690


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For such an iconic classical monster, the Frankenstein-type undead doesn't get nearly as much attention as other stuff on its level, like vampires, werewolves, and mummies. I think that's a real shame, because it really is an interesting concept, especially as written in the novel.

>As intelligent as a human if not smarter
>Incredible physical prowess and toughness, can move at 70 km casually and tank bullets
>Not necessarily evil, but was effectively a neglected and abandoned child that developed a fucked-up complex about it. He has the same psychological wants and needs as a human does, but is trapped in a terrifying body.
>May or may not be able to reproduce (Dr. Frankenstein could just have been paranoid for no reason, but it still was mentioned in the book)

It's interesting because unlike most "monsters", this one doesn't have any need to feed on or terrorize humans except through just existing. It's perfectly possible that humans and Frankenstein monsters could get along. How do you use them in your setting? Personally I have several approaches I like

79 posts omitted.
>> No.77098409

Mr. X from Resident Evil is another example of how I imagine a Frankenstein type monster might be depicted, in a more "cool" way. Though, Mr. X usually moves really slowly, rather than freakishly fast.

>> No.77098469

People have been watching the Overly Sarcastic Productions summary that interprets his appearance as favorably as possible. The creator is known for giving her own spin on things.

>> No.77098564
File: 67KiB, 610x612, Alchemical-illustration-of-a-Homunculus-in-a-vial.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

>Where does Frankenstein lie on the zombie scale? Kinda a like zombification by science and electricity?
You know I kinda realized, I dont think the process of actually MAKING the monster is described in the book. While he did use corpses to figure out how life worked, it isnt said he pieced together the monster from corpses. It could also be that the monster really is an altogether artificial lifeform crafted from grown parts, kinda like Paracelsus' writings on the homunculus. So, really, he wouldn't be a zombie at all.
Do note that the blind man didnt smell any semblance of decay or anything else particularly off about the monster.

>> No.77098630
Quoted By: >>77098639

I read the book decades ago and can no longer remember - did he really say he made him out of dead body parts? Electricity I'm sure was a movie addition that caught on later, the book to my knowledge makes no mention of that, and in fact I think Frankenstein was so terrified he completely forgot the animation process.

>> No.77098639

>Electricity I'm sure was a movie addition that caught on later,
I think I distinctly remember the lightning; it was the dead body parts thing that caught on because of the Karloff movie.

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77088083 No.77088083 [Reply] [Original]
Quoted By: >>77099283

>have huge collection of minis I like to use
>Have all the dnd 3.5 books
>Like 5e for being relatively balanced
>Don't like 3.5 for being casterwank and charging builds
>Hate pathfinder for having so much overpowered shit
>Like pathfinder because it's better polished than 3.5
>Like all three systems better than OSR systems because they let me use my miniatures
>Like OSR because it's light and lets me add my own wilderness survival rules and hardcoded random encounters
>Like OSR because slow healing enables troupe style play and westmarches
>Like OSR for gold based advancement and ease of monster creation
>Like OSR because it's lethal. Hate OSR because it's too lethal
>Hate 5e for monsters being too low level and owlbears not much danger after level 3
>Hate 5e for not being lethal enough
>Don't like 4e for having the same healing structure as 5e
>Want to make a hex crawl where PCs become kings and queens and the next game takes place in the lands they file a generation later
>PCs in every game but OSR and maybe 5e become demigod tier by level 15 so they can wipe the entire world if they want
What system should I pick?

29 posts omitted.
>> No.77097689

How much would you want to sell those books to me for? Depending on where you live I might be able to drive over and pick them up.

>> No.77097859

In OSR my rule is that a character shouldn't have a mini until level 3 minimum, level 4 is better.

>> No.77099230

That's just the copypasta >>77088417 was talking about.

I think. Unless there's another one.

>> No.77099283
Quoted By: >>77099301

Anon, OSR isn't 'a' thing. Take OD&D and modify to suit your particular tastes.

>> No.77099301

Also hold off on codifying literally everything as a rule. There shouldn't be a rule to make 'a trip attack'. It's a call you have to make based on context and intention
>tripping someone down the stairs
>tripping a giant so your friend can slash their throat
>tripping someone so you can coup-de-grace them
>turning a giant beetle upside down
All these can't be satisfactorily handled by a system simple enough to be worth having.

When in doubt, state a chance and roll.

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77087958 No.77087958 [Reply] [Original]


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>> No.77098421


>cool im going bugbear bardbarian (zealot/lore of course) 5/15, takin gwm then gourmand then big leaper from the new walkers and jumpers ua

>> No.77098452

Build fags would stop being build fags if DMs weren't shit and/or buildfags could find the appropriate game for what they want to get out of their experience.

>> No.77098498

It absolutely is. Pains me to see people saying "well 5e is actually a fine introduction to RPGs."
It's fucking not. It's just 3.5e-lite, except without even teaching some of the good points of 3.5e.

>> No.77098527
File: 2MiB, 640x360, 1383567028776.gif [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

fags who uses "builds" and min-max will be met with encounter tailored to counter their shit until they fall in line

Go back to play video game

>> No.77099196
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Aside from calling it a toon, it hurts to be called out like this.
Granted I was the only one the dm wanted to play with by the end

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Quoted By: >>77089965 >>77089987

I want to run a game where the economy is magic leave spoilers

>> No.77089965

niggers tongue my anus

>> No.77089987

Read 'The Black Monday Murders'

Its literally an entire (mediocre) graphic novel series about just that.

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77087854 No.77087854 [Reply] [Original]

In Chaotic, what was the point of Infesting creatures? I genuinely can't remember. Also, general chaotic thread for the probably 4 people who ever played that game.

>> No.77089501

the tv show was cool as hell

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77087449 No.77087449 [Reply] [Original]
Quoted By: >>77087648 >>77087944

>low magic 5e setting

>> No.77087648
Quoted By: >>77087721

Who are you quoting?

>> No.77087658
Quoted By: >>77087721

>low quality shit thread

>> No.77087721


>> No.77087944

>low magic

>> No.77089410

Actually running a low magic game with 5e made me realize that I hate 5e

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