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>OFFICIAL Commander website, where you can learn the rules, see the current banlist, and read the OFFICIAL format philosophy, laid down by the rules committee:

>Statistically see what everyone else puts in their commander decks based on what is posted to the internet.

>Find out what lands you can add to your deck, sorted by category, based on a chosen color identity.

>Deck List Site: You can search for decks that other people have made. Authors often have comments that explain their deck strategy and card choices.


>Thread Question
If you hid to borrow a friend's deck for an impromptu game of EDH, which one would you choose?

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I want to like this card, but the foretell part will never be used. Not enough cards, and you know what happened with mutate

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I wish Chandra's Ignition had another name. One of my favorite cards tied to the fucking Gatewatch

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Depends on the deck and colours of the deck. High Market is good in most of my decks, because I usually like to sac shit and abuse graveyard. From overall useful (depending on meta of course) I'd say that Tower of the Magistrate, Maze of Ith and Scavenger Grounds are all great. There's a ton of useful ones such as Thawing Glaciers, Strip Mine, Vesuva and Thespian Stage and that's only of the colourless ones and there's a ton of useful ones I didn't mention.

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why does ertai look like a reverse trap

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that's unsweetened seltzer water
it's not even acidic enough to damage your teeth

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Airship Thread

Preferably of the magical sort

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Small dump incoming.
Desperately been trying to convince our GM to allow me to build an airship. No luck so far, but I'm wearing him down.

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high-rolling edition

>Biggest sites for free online playing:

>Free tactics trainers online:

>run out of free match analysis on chess.com
>download or ctrl+c the pgn for the match
>make a free account on
>tools - import game - paste/upload pgn - toggle analysis
>click on the "learn from your mistakes" button

>Explore openings:

>Starter books (Pdfs are easy to find online):
Soviet chess primer by Maizelis et al
Play Winning Chess by Yasser Seirawan
Chess Fundamentals by Capablanca
Complete Idiot's Guide to Chess by Patrick Wolff
Logical Chess: Move by Move by Irving Chernev

>Archived threads:

>Where to find master games:

Previous thread:

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What are those goofy arcade sounds and voice messages in robotic voices when youtubers like Eric are streaming their games? Like someone has just made a donation?

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No anon, buy I couldn't find it. Sorry. And there's no way I can find to search on the chess app through your archive. But regardless, the game I posted, you can see the knight forced to Nh6 where it then goes to Nf4 and becomes far more powerful.

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Quoted By: >>77132172

but playing blindfold doesn't improve that lmao
only practice makes you better at certain specific situations (if you already know the theoretical basics of the game)
playing blindfold is pointless if you don't know how to resolve those situations blindless, even pro blindfold blitz/bullet players sometimes forget there is a pawn in x position, and that changes drastically the game.
So no, playing blindfold is a flex more than a chess skills enhancement

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Wasted trips on trying to defend an indefensible position.

>> No.77132278

Does anyone play the Sniper? Like the pure sniper or some shit from that book. Are those sound ideas or a hoax?

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Always Be Consuming.
You see this bonesword?
Thats worth 500 tons of biomass.
That how good a salesman I am.
You got larvae? You got grubs?
Fuck off, I don't give a shit about them.
Always Be Consuming.
Now, I've got a list of coordinates of juicy premium biomass, but your not getting them.
These are the new coordinate lists.
If, and when, you become top devourer, you get the new coordinate lists.

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zero chance of anyone recognizing this.

>> No.77113771

I got it. GGGR is classic.

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Only this anon with his super based patrician cultured taste has seen any movie ever

>> No.77115863

Just watched it a few weeks ago with my Mom.

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Always Be Consuming.
You see this bonesword?
Thats worth 500 tons of biomass.
That how good a salesman I am.
You got larvae? You got grubs?
Fuck off, I don't give a shit about them.
Always Be Consuming.
Now, I've got a list of coordinates of juicy premium biomass, but your not getting them.
These are the new coordinate lists.
If, and when, you become top seller, you get the new seller lists.

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Quoted By: >>77131712 >>77133538

>GM advertises game
>it's 5e so you can stop reading if you hate it
>setting is about a bunch of raiders living in shitty cold climate who decide to raid a foreign land
>most people are blackhearts, killers, and what government hierarchy there is corrupt
>main worship is a god of raid and plunder
>story is that there are rumors of another invasion being planned while the foreign kingdom, sick of the raids, are organizing a defense as well
>if you haven't figured it out by now it's NotViking and NonBritannia
>cool, sign-up with my character, make a Conquest Paladin who fucking loves war and believes the strong live, the weak perish
>play a few sessions and the GM gives generic crap encounters
>other PCs are kind of new? maybe? they made some ineffective characters
>they also made character that have nothing to do with Vikings or Norse but whatever
>my Paladin basically just destroys these encounters because Great Weapon Master
>like 6th session rolls around, we're gearing up and invading
>attack a town
>we easily wipe out the guards and militia
>army is raiding
>party, being mostly the A-typical heroes, refuse to participate and they're upset
>not my character, fuck that
>I tell GM I look for the most expensive and noble looking houses to loot
>GM seems kinda put off by this
>describes how houses are being burned, people being butchered, women being taken
>don't care
>tell her I don't kill anyone unless they resist and I just want plunder to take back home: expensive pottery, paintings, silverware, gold, etc etc
>she just tells me I manage to get 200 gold
>nigga really this is what I got for killing those shitty generic goblins (I don't say this)
>end session
>day later tells me she has to drop me from game because I'm making her and others feel uncomfortable
>because I looted?
>yeah, this game is suppose to be about heroes
>but you made NotVikings
>you're suppose to fight against that
>isn't that a railroad?
>"not arguing this with you"

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Quoted By: >>77131813 >>77131873

>picking things for your weapon
>increasing your primary stat
>picking a race that gives you useful things for your fighting method
I've seen all of these basic things that were taken for granted in older editions shamed as "powergaming" in 5e, even here.

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No. If you communicated your character to the GM but the GM didn't communicate her expectations to you then it's her fault. Even if you were bad at reading the room, she could have just asked you to change. Didn't have to jump straight to kicking.

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Quoted By: >>77131873

this is what happens when you fail at gatekeeping and retarded fags with no fucking sense invade your hobby

>> No.77131873

Have you tried PF2? It has math. Normies are scared of math.

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Her fault for running 5e and expecting players not to be ruthless mercenaries who stab their own mothers for a gold piece because that is what the system encourages

You being a munckin paladin though and likely having a paper thin character just so you can press the smite button over and over again makes you likely a shitty roleplayer, but again 5e encourages munckins

You sound like you both suck, but she's at fault for running 5e

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Quoted By: >>77113547

after playing a Library of ruina update, I Remembered seeing some threads In December about a few /tg/ anons here Making a Project Moon/ Fixer TTRPG Is that thing still being made or is it dead?
and if it is dead how do we undead it?

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Quoted By: >>77113902

First of all, bump. And second of all, I hope that's still being made. It was interesting to read about.

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I checked the vst Library thread and apparently it's mostly developted on discord but development has slowed down alot after the Christmas Break ended.
Hope there's still hope for it

>> No.77113941

At least it's still alive. That's more than can be said for a lot of projects started here nowadays.

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Galicia is an Empire with no match in scale or power, but one with Rivals in droves.

Ruled by the three pope-kings in triple council, deed and word guaranteed by prince-bishophric and paladin Knight-cleric. From each coast of Galicia Majora and Minora, from the sweeping cliffs of Romanga, to the two-rivers made third of Tripolis, the Empire is absolute in rule, ordained by the three gods of community.

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The officers of the Army hold position in parallel with their civil order; The ruling princes mustering forces of the Ducal lords, they holding barons and their militias below. Standing forces not yet formalized as a separate entity, many of the citizen brigades formed of those able bodied men and women of the citizenry. Each under the tutelage of the God Bellator and his priests is formed of a skill in the hand, the blade or (now in modern times) the rifle. These people trained in the arts of the martial god make the rank and file of troops. Of those, the priest-mayors and the master swordsmen compose the knights and paladins of the Holy Orders

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Quoted By: >>77113647

How powerful is their magic?

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The nation is industrialized, past the era of colonial manufactory and now into organized construction and engineering. Rimfire shells, nitroglycerine synthesis, and bellows-drawn steel

There are tales though, of the Esoteric Order. Men dedicated to dark arts arcane and aged. Ancient ways of knowing, passed down from the first days of the God-Kings, used to discern the future and augur the true path to life

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How would you deal with dragon investors?

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One dragon banker was apparently a boss our party faced before I joined. He was honorary member of a dwarven hold and started a war between elves and dwarves by instigating economic crisis or something. Hard to tell, I never asked for the full story.

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I don't

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Archives & Other Resources: https://pastebin.com/vrqYhnpu
AllSync: https://cyoaarchive.com/main
Previous Thread >>77105462

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Quoted By: >>77125216

There's already a new thread.

>> No.77125216
Quoted By: >>77125225

That's what I said. Can I safely close this tab?

>> No.77125225
Quoted By: >>77125255


>> No.77125255

Perkele. I'll do it anyway! Goodbye anon!

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Minmaxing implies that you have huge weaknesses

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Other Resources: https://pastebin.com/vrqYhnpu
AllSync: https://cyoaarchive.com/main
Previous Thread >>77105462

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Resources: https://pastebin.com/vrqYhnpu
AllSync: https://cyoaarchive.com/main
Previous Thread >>77105462

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>First set details to be announced mid March
>While the first Modern Horizons was inspired by Time Spiral, MH2 is inspired by Planar Chaos and Future Sight. There are many colorshifted cards in the set, including a Black Phyrexian-themed Sylvan Library colorshift, and a Blue Moat. As for the Future Sight side of the set, there are 40 new cards in the set each with one-off mechanics that may or may not become fully fleshed out in the future, including one with a mechanic that works like madness but for mill instead of discard.
>As for the Fetch Land reprints, well, let's just say the Pathway Secret Lair with the Zendikar/Kaldheim swap was a preview for what's to come in MH2. Instead of Basic Lands, each MH2 pack will come with a Rare Dual Land with alternate art depicting them on a different plane from the originals. They are a subset of 8 different modern-legal land cycles (80 cards), with 76 of the cards being reprints, and the 4 new cards being the 4 remaining allied horizon lands.
>The land cycles are:
>Fetchlands (Allied on Zendikar, Enemy on Tarkir)
>Fastlands (Allied on Kaladesh, Enemy on New Phyrexia),
>Shocklands (on Dominaria)
>Manlands (on Alara)
>Filterlands (on Eldraine)
>Checklands (Allied on Innistrad, Enemy on Ixalan)
>Temples (on Kamigawa)
>Horizon Lands (on Ravnica)
>Since every pack contains 2 Rares or better (the rare or mythic from the main set + the rare dual land), WoTC will use that as an excuse to charge $11.99 per pack of this set

>> No.77112942

>no source
Not even worth a (you).

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Quoted By: >>77112800 >>77113120

So, how many here actually play games? Collecting miniatures and running board games is also fine, but the core question is: How is your game going?

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>> No.77112454

Gotta incease the sample size.

>> No.77112775

good to hear, anons.

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D&D barely counts as a game, hopefully i can publish my homebrew system soon

>> No.77112867

>playing tabletop games
lol, I'm not a nerd

>> No.77113120

I'm running two games and they're both going well. One is a multi-year campaign while the other one started just recently. One of the PbP games I was in died recently from lack of participation though, only lasted about 4 months, I think.

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Quoted By: >>77116270 >>77118254

I want to make something similar to this tent-backpack for a character, can you give a name to it? Or any other examples in fiction or real life?

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>> No.77116270

That's just a tent Kronk carries on his back, but this kind of transport tends to be called a palaquin.

>> No.77117176

>who run bartertown?

>> No.77118254


A palanquin or sedan chair is the closest in concept, I believe.

>> No.77120774

>came here to post "palaquin"
>already posted twice
Carry on.

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Quoted By: >>77113232

Is pic related a good GM? Why or why not?

>> No.77113099

He's fine, but 38.66% of his games are things he's run already, word for word.

>> No.77113232

As a GM he's perfectly fine.
As a game-maker, he's fucking horrible.
As a company manager, it's truly a miracle they've survived so long

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Let's go solo.
>Who was the Chapter's Progenitor? (d100)

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>> No.77112378
Quoted By: >>77112388

>Under Strength: The Chapter is recovering from a defeat or accident that occurred several decades ago, or has recently suffered heavy, but not irrecoverable losses. It is probably at a minimum of half strength, and should return to nominal strength within a decade.
We are not at our best but it's not that bad.
>Goals/Motivations? (d100)

>> No.77112388
Quoted By: >>77112398

Rolled 15 (1d100)


>> No.77112398
Quoted By: >>77112413

>Recruiting: The renegades are intent on recruiting to bolster their ranks.
We need new blood.
>Who are the Chapter's allies/enemies?(d100) (Roll twice, once for allies, once for enemies.)

>> No.77112413
Quoted By: >>77112456

Rolled 64, 37 = 101 (2d100)


>> No.77112456

>Space Marine Chapter/leader
We are allied with another space marine chapter, a common enemy maybe?
>Necron Tomb World
Our sworn enemies are the necrons, these damned space skeletons.

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Can we all just agree to call it the Cuckshed?

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Quoted By: >>77115741


>> No.77115741

despite bangs being incredibly out of style, they're still needed because male pattern baldness doesn't give a single fuck about how it effects crossdressers

>> No.77118641


>> No.77118900

it's just an other drowned king mate. that's the name when your own pieces stop the king from getting to safety.

>> No.77119431

I refuse to believe this ain’t bait.
It’s called a back rank checkmate

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Quoted By: >>77112652

this is your ocational reminder to not fear the dark lord

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Based thread.

>> No.77112652

>t. avoids certain neighborhoods to avoid getting jumped by gangs of urban balrogs

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>here's your bestiary, bro

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>> No.77114969

Remember, there are people which wanna fuck that.

>> No.77115104


>> No.77118197

cozy maplestory core

>> No.77118367

You know what? It's not far from what I usually use (magic and tech mixture) I can work with it.

>> No.77118375

cool designs but at the end of the day artstyle doesn't really impact RPGs in a meaningful way.
that isn't to say you can't take design and mechanic concepts from stylized drawings, though.

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fuck fuck FUCK
I've been GMing for years but it's always been heavily narrative shit with zero prep and lots of randomizer tables to ask "what happens now" and all that shit
Now we're going to use an actual RPG system (been using ultralight shit like Wushu and Goblin Quest in the past) and my players are actually preparing CHARACTER SHEETS and I need to prepare an ADVENTURE, FUCK


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>> No.77114544

Thanks mate

>> No.77115579
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Quoted By: >>77118603 >>77119262

>this bootyblasted over being wrong
You know you could have just not posted again, right? That's an option.

>> No.77118603

shut the hell up about this shit already

>> No.77119222

This is how you run GURPS, btw. Enemies are a general skill mixed with special effects and vague notes on behavior.

>> No.77119262

That can be faked (and is) in about ten seconds.

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how would you handle a setting where all (or most) monsters share a nature and/or origin?
can be anything: ghosts, mutants, aliens, demons... it's up to you.

some prompt questions:
1. what are they?
2. where do they come from?
3. what are they capable of?
4. how do they affect the setting?

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>> No.77115931

>how would you handle a setting where all (or most) monsters share a nature and/or origin?

Depends on what kind of setting.
In our OWN 'setting': Monsters are supposed to have originated from a combination of when Lucifer defected from God's Court of Heaven and took with him something like 1/3rd of the Angels that would then become Demons/Devils in their own right. The other source was when the Watchers, a group of Angels assigned to watch over and protect Humanity, unanimously decided to abandon their post and live amongst Humanity- breeding with them to produce horrible Giants, Ogres, Trolls, Demigods, teaching them sorcery, and using their own power to create new forms of life.

>> No.77115987

Gotta catch them aaaallll!!

>> No.77118184

>God of Monsters to spite the other gods.
And they haven’t pummeled him for it why?

>> No.77120893

>dat ass

>> No.77124458
File: 431KiB, 640x360, nothing there.gif [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

This Observation makes me wish to get the both of us "goodbye"d

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Quoted By: >>77116495

Legacy Drive

>Updated Drive

>Jumpchain IRC Chat


>How to Jumpchain

>Last Thread

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>> No.77116144
Quoted By: >>77116156

What the fuck are you on anon.

>> No.77116156

(You) are coomer too, anon.

>> No.77116495
Quoted By: >>77116528 >>77116538

Why do you hate Wildbow so much?

>> No.77116528
File: 2MiB, 1062x1317, o60gncowik911.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

He turned the waifu evil.

>> No.77116538

I dont, I enjoy his writing.

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Quoted By: >>77115726 >>77117936

>"Hey DM, is it okay if I run a Lawful Neutral homebrew Ur-Priest/Fiend Warlock multiclass build? Standard Human, I guess, I don't need a Feat and race isn't that important to how I'm planning to play the character."

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>> No.77115726

So tell me about your setting and the premise for the campaign, i want to hear about it before i get my character concept.

>> No.77116076
Quoted By: >>77116103 >>77117880

Nogame coonsuumer.

>> No.77116103

I haven't purchased any roleplay-related product in nearly a decade.

>> No.77117880

>he thinks you have to pay to read official books
Go back to the stone age where you belong.

>> No.77117936

Any player that make an human character these days honnestly

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