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Anyone have some recommendations for some good board/card/tile games that can be played solo?

I'm just on a solo game kick and I want to know what some good ones are. I've got all the oniverse games. Onirim, Sylvion, etc. I adore most of those. I also have a pandemic board sitting around but haven't tried it solo yet since it's been in the closet collecting dust for years. Anyone have much experience with solo board games or games geared as a solitaire experience? Any good ones to keep an eye out for?

Also if you haven't played any solitaire games but might want to try it, look up Onirim. There's a mobile version that's free and can get a couple expansions if you want to cough up two whole dollars. The physical Onirim comes in a box with 7 expansions that you can mix and match at your leisure.

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