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>player critically succeeds on a charisma check
>be too autistic to know how the NPC responds

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>NPC just nervously responds “Y-you too!”

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Have them be quiet and say "It seems they don't know how to respond"

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I do, but you can only pull that one so many times

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"You know what? You seem based."

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What would be the low fantasy equivalent of calling someone based and redpilled?

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Shitting yourself and then expecting everyone to think you're a clever duck.

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"You seem to based on a solid moral foundation and absolutely red-blooded."

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"You seem to be based on a solid moral foundation and absolutely red-blooded."

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>critically succeeds on a charisma check
What system anon?

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>"You're a man of wisdom and valor, though you are certainly unorthodox"

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the actual answer
the funny answers

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> critically succeeds
this is bait

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This is why you write up a list of immediate wands, long-term motivations, and ticks/quirks for NPCs that you expect the PCs during your prep. Improvising NPCs is something even neurotypicals are bad at a lot of the time.

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>skill check
lmao no

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Its a way of saying "they achieve the highest number possible in whatever system you're playing". It might not be a crit, but the players still expect to have done pretty well. Replace "critical success" with "degrees of success", you fucking autismos.

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Spaghetti stream out of his pockets and everybody applauds.

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>Critical success on a skill check leads to problems
Have you tried playing D&D by the actual rules?

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>have you tried playing D&D
No, I don't play boring systems with no degrees of success. I just made it normie friendly.

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>instantly assumes it's DnD
how often do you play, anon?

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Three times a week. I shouldn't have jumped to the conclusion, though. That was my bad. I'm just so used to 99% of problems mentioned here being due to people either using D&D for something it's not intended for, or playing it incorrectly by ignoring rules and guidelines from the books.

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>I only know D&D

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