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Give me ONE (1) reason why haven't the healers of your setting banded together and made hospitals to extort the shit out of anyone who needs their sevices

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They're generally good people who care about the wellbeing of others, rather than seeing someones poor health as an opportunity to further exploit them.

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Economic forces encourage newcomers to the industry to undercut the competition, especially if the old guard has been hostile towards them. Even outside of that, a profession that exists to help people at their worst tends to attract generally benevolent people who are less brutally profit motivated.

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The righteous god who granted them their healing powers would certainly revoke them for their arrogance and insolence. They're pretty much heretics with that attitude.

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Because they're healers and want to help people who are suffering from the sickness and pain of the world.

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My setting is Eberron and this is literally House Jorasco

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Cuz it would kill the vibe

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Think of how much time a magical healer in an adventuring party spends healing each day. How many of them even hit half an hour ?

To run a hospital, you need doctors who can keep doing their medicine for the entire work day.

The best way for a healer to earn money is to attach themselves to some person, or small group, that's willing to pay a retainer to have the quick magical healing available whenever they need it.

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Because they'd get gobbled up by the larger magical sects that already have a stranglehold on the magical healing market, sects they're probably already members of.

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because in my setting capitalism wasn't invented yet

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Cause their God says not to and if they do they lose their powers.

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hold on there, don't say that in front of the investors, or the public. It could cost us quite a bit of money

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cause it's my game so fuck off

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>Give me ONE (1) reason why haven't the healers of your setting banded together and made hospitals to extort the shit out of anyone who needs their services

Gods demand they do it for free.
Private Alchemists, Necromancers, and even the odd Warlock can provide discreet, paid, healthcare at a cost, but they can never compete with the extensive public healthcare provided by the Gods and their Churches. Which is why they often provide """special""" services: cosmetic surgery, body modification, sex stuff, abortions (most Churches are pro-life), non-canonized resurrections, and all the normal services if you happen to be ostracized.
Their illegitimacy as the settings equivalent "unlicensed backdoor doctors" obviously prevents strong unions from forming. Not that they're even bad at what they do, just, y'know.

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America doesn't exist in my setting

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Not everyone is a cunt

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because the doctors have joined a rebel army after the queen spread a plague.

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Because they have already banded together and made churches to extort the shit out of anyone who needs their services.

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ITT: people who've never heard of the Hospitallers, who originally cared for pilgrims and travelers free of charge

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Because their patron saint is Tommy Douglas, not Richard Milhouse Nixon.

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My setting has clerics and paladins, rather then healers. They move along the lines of their patrons not professions. Thus they would never be able to reach anything more then a price fixing agreement.

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It's fantasy, my world doesn't have to be as shitty as the real one.

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I was about to say the same thing.

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Don't forget, the very nature of specialization means that you are forced to rely on others to get things you need. If you screw over those people nothing's stoping them from doing to same to you. The only option is to be willing to play ball or become less specialized, but if you do that then you risk losing your position at the top.

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Because they're healers, not fighters. People will start beating the shit out of them.

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Because the empire has universal healthcare.

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I like my fantasy to be fictional.

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Because the cultures in the area I focus on aren't individualistic. The families are the main unit of organization, even crossing international boundaries. Healers are taken care of and given high standing within their families, and this translates to a high social standing in greater society. They generally aren't allowed to be alone when outside, but this is taken more as a sign of prestige.

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Because they all worship different gods and use different methods.

But the largest faction of healers all worship the same devil-queen so they did exactly that.

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Lack of trust between the different religious sects and magic traditions.

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