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Yes there are people that don't play games, but the term is usually thrown around as an insult when it isn't really relevant

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it's very weird that it seems to be used to refer to a type of people who in my experience are very prevalent in gaming groups

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>it's not exactly hard to get a game
Speak for yourself

I've only ever gamed with my mates and now I live three hours away from them. I've never had to look for a gaming group before.
Where does one look?

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>Where does one look?
I've gone from no games to two weekly games (and one in hiatus) thanks to /tg.
I just asked anons if they wanted to play and we got together. Surprisingly no one has flaked, or acted like a sperg.
I've had two games from roll20, but the GM ended up ditching the group both times and it fell apart.

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4chan lfg
I got mine from the koibu discord and they're the best players I ever had

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So all online then?

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you gotta realize that what's left on contemporary 4chan is absolute dregs of the hobby

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Well, I'm not in one, but I'd rather be.

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Yes and no

There are people on this board without games, but they don't lie about that fact, they usually just complain that they wish they had a game and talk about games they used to have if they had any.

The people calling other people "nogames" are delusional autists with fragile worldviews and even more fragile egos that respond to any situation that threatens their worldview with an accusation that the other person must be lying about their experiences and must not have a game.

So there are people without games, but 'nogames', people that lie about having a game, are largely a myth. Which isn't to say literally no one has ever made shit up, but I'd estimate that 90%+ of anyone accusing someone else of being nogames is a false positive.

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I was nogames for a long time. I'm only really interested in playing with friends but my friends aren't super interested and are flaky at the best of times. I have a game now but it's with randos from r/lfg so I don't enjoy it that much.

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tabletop sim, if you're desperate

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God, the SFMs of her are so good.

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There was a thread about this earlier today that a janny deleted. http://archive.4plebs.org/tg/thread/76940830/#76940830

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Playing at stores and not being a completely social disable maladjusted loser is a decent way to get into home games. I know a few people that were 'recruited' from that.

The only other games I've been in were just with suitably autistic groups of friends I met elsewhere.

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It isn't that they can't find games, they are just too entitled to look for one...

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A lot of nogames are retards that get kicked out of every game group they try to join for being retards and/or not hiding their /pol/ powerlevel.
t. LGS worker who had to citizen's arrest a /pol/tard before

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We're living in a global pandemic, anon.

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well, some of us do

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Nogames refers to people who have never been a part of a tabletop rpg but feel like their input is valuable or insightful

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True, I'm just assuming I'm replying to a US anon since that's the majority of users, hell the leafs are going into at least partially going into lockdown at midnight.

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Stop being an antisocial faggot

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It's partially because the majority of old/tg/ is gone and replaced with /v/ crossboarders meaning there is a contingent of underaged social rejects who only come on here to shitpost. It's also just a way for people to dismiss an argument without addressing it. The latter is the more common use of the term due to the former

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>Where does one look?
Use the catalog and find the system you want to play and see if someone is running a game or if it has a discord.
Join the gamefinder discord, they're kinda dicks at times tho.
Post on roll20 or look at listings for games.
Get your friends to make the move to playing online.
See if people in any online communities or discord channels you're already a part of want to play an RPG.

My only recommendation is that if you're pulling from /tg/ to screen the players or the group to see if they're the right brand of autism for you.

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I only use this on /v/ because 9 out of 10 /v/ shitposters are cross borders from /tv/, /sp/, /co/ even /ck/ that don't play games.
They have seen 40k memes then think they can discuss and criticise everything.
/v/idys discussion atm on this site is plagued by these idiots giving giant lengthy reviews and hot takes of things they have never played. Not even read up on.

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You gonna elaborate on that or just leave us hanging?

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back to /v/ nogames faggots

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back to >>>/trash/ mass replying faggot

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word on the grapevine is that mass replying can be reported under spamming/flooding

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The grapevine says that you are a faggot

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>got invited to a group
>they were all commies
>first guy was a mute that communicated in heavy breathing and was probably a rapist
>second guy had adhd and couldn't stop physically assaulting the mute
>third guy was an autist virgin (they were all virgins)
>fourth guy was the quintessential neckbeard and an open marxist.
>they spent the breaks in between games sharing cuckold porn
>when i said i would go get some thai food they unprompted started lecturing me on racism
>never came back again

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funny, i heard the same thing about (Yyou)

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>no u

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Kek at the second to last line.

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>Be me
>Buy into every edition of D&D since 3.5
>Never once actually ran a game
I'm a living personification of the, "nogame" guy.

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>he bought 4e

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Yup, I did.
>3 PHB
>2 MM
>1 DMG

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I'm so sorry.

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Where do you think you are? Do you realize how autistically inept some of the fuckers on this site are?

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There's plenty of people who just come here from /v/ /a/ or /lgbt/ to shitpost about their obsessions.

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>it's not exactly hard to get a game
It is if you're not willing to GM, since there are a lot more than 4-5 times as many people wanting to play as there are people willing to GM.

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It's used for when people who so clearly haven't played any tabletop games anytime recently, and maybe never have, but come around here either to get some positive feedback on some character or lore concepts for their failed fantasy writing career or otherwise to swap fantasy cheesecake pics while discussing worldbuilding that'd really fit better on /d/ or /trash/ with likeminded one-hand-typing 4channers. You're not likely to be called a nogame if you're looking for a game, though. People who slink back or feel offended at the mere use of the word "nogames" are always nogames themselves.

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I can be a problem if you are avoiding specific game (DnD 5E) that happen to be utterly dominant in your country.

>> No.76947809

This, I just gathered a group from some online friends that I gm'd for. We had fun despite any of us knowing the rules really

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I'll take things that never happened for 500, Alex

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Is this.. a power bottom?

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It's used for people who disagree with me when I can't come up with an answer. Invariably.
Same as how when someone disagrees with me on /tv/, it's because they don't watch anything. Or when they disagree with me on /v/ it's because they never play any vidya. Or when they disagree with me on /co/ they've never actually read a comic. This shit is a feature of every boards these days, and it's beyond bent.

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nogame is the new "that guy", is not that the guy isn't playing any games au contraire that kind of shit is seen everywhere, but is used as an insult and kinda self delusion in the hopes he isn't playing any game and therefore you don't have a chance of finding someone like him.

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Always remember an adage of the /tg/ of old
"No game is better than bad game"
Though there are also a sizable number of people who just... haven't ever played any /tg/ games past monopoly and put no effort into trying. They even have a thread that's almost entirely then It's WHFBG

>> No.76950328

It doesn't have to be. Just gotta get in 1 game, and don't be an ass or retard, contribute, and you'll likely get invited to more.

>> No.76950544

Okay, but DO you play games?

>> No.76950618

It's just a way to label someone you're argueing with so you don't need to actually back up your points

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That's what he's trying to do sweatie

>> No.76951121

How do you *look* for games via tabletop simulator?

>> No.76951201

I don't play games, I come to /tg/ for worldbuilding and fantasy tropes based discussion.

>> No.76951266

It depends on where you live. I personally hate playing online, but I can't get a group together because everyone in my city is an alcoholic. They'd rather spend their evenings getting shitfaced at the many bars in town.

>> No.76951606

It's just an insult for retards who want to discredit someone arguing with them or can't conceive that others have different experiences to them, so they say the person must just not play the game and their opinion can be discarded

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>us is the majority
Curious. I wonder if that's the case or not.

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I think you mean /Pol/, /Pol/ and /Pol/

The Vidya, anime and LGBT communities have always had massive crossovers with us. Half the threads on old tg were elf cuteboy shit that would be called coombait now and homebrew fallout RPGs.

Politics however has never been welcome.

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>Lists the only things /tg/ produces of any marginal value.

Nice bait

>> No.76952192
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Or when they disagree with me on /x/ they're a Psyop shill for the CIA.

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>it's not exactly hard to get a game
Online games? Easy, especially if you want to play a popular system. A crapshoot as far as quality goes.
Physical games? Might be impossible, depending on where you live and what system you want to play. Also a crapshoot.

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Yeah, sure, a pandemic that the powers that be will never allow to end because of the power it is giving them.

>> No.76952742

As long as you live in a decently sized town(50k+) you shouldn't have issues finding people to play with. Just be vocal on the local social media of choice.

>> No.76952782

Except that one's true

>> No.76952834

Finding and/or keeping a regular gane becomes much harder when you have an astonishingly shitty personality like many of the people who seem to post on this board. Behaving like an asshole and/or holding others to a needlessly rigid and intolerant standard means compatibility with almost nobody except other assholes.

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Quoted By: >>76954527

That's the problem. This is an interest board for professional products, brainlet. Creativeniggers go home. Nobody cares about your shitty 'art' here.

>> No.76952860

Its a meme insult that's a step further than
>stop liking what I don't like
>I don't think its possible for someone to do what I don't like
Basically you have to be a very sheltered manbaby to even get to the first mental defect, let alone the new version.

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I don't know about the rest of the board, but /40kg/ has been about 30-50% depending on if its burger hours or not nogames for years now, and it's very easy to tell.

>> No.76953218

>tranny obsessed with pol
You have to get over this unhealthy obsession with the scary edgy internet trolls, you ass sniffer

>> No.76954527

Corporate shill gtfo. This hobby is about creativity and you are incapable of participating in it.

>> No.76956935

No, a power bottom actually contributes. That's just a lazy slut.

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Quoted By: >>76957099

>it's not exactly hard to get a game
Fuck off, man. Not everyone wants to play with complete randos over Roll20 or have a stable group, let alone people they even want to play with in nearby time zones.

It took me years to cultivate contacts and semi-stable groups. Now I've got a good network of people, but I still get to play far less than I'd want to.

And yes
are a real thing. I'd estimate that people with actual games, especially related to a topic, are almost always in the minority.

>> No.76957036

I hope you step on a d4, you smug cunt.

>> No.76957099

if you're going to be arbitrarily picky then obviously it's not going to be easy.

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It’s tabletop gaming’s “have sex”. A phrase you say when you have nothing to say, but want to hurt the other person. Something they can’t really prove.

How do you prove you have sex to someone online? How do you prove you play tabletop games? You can’t and if you try you look like a fool who was genuinely hurt by the insult.

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Quoted By: >>76959650

I've been dying for a 3.5e game for years. Not a single one that has survived more than a month or was filled with homebrew shittery.

Help an anon out. I just want to be an old man Archivist.

>> No.76957297

It's just something retards throw around as an insult because they have no argument, you see it a lot in 5e
>somebody designs a homebrew that would be perfectly in line with the difficulty of their current campaign
>person B who most likely plays an easier campaign tries to tell person A his homebrew is too strong (which is of course incorrect for person A's game but true for person B's game)
>both proceed to accuse each other of not playing the game because the thought of people running sessions differently than their own is simply too foreign for the average /tg/ retard

>> No.76957414
Quoted By: >>76957978

are you joking? there are tons of threads made by people here who don’t play games. they usually fit into one of these camps
>I don’t play *this specific game* and never have but i want to shitpost about it
>Lorefaggots who don’t own models or play or anything
>/v/irgin refugees (most obvious around whfb and TES)
>endless theorycrafters and netlisters
>Never been in “The Hobby” but will post endless /pol/bait threads trying to radicalize people against sjw’s/or concern troll about how racist the hobby is
If you don’t believe that last one, recall last year when tourists tried to get this board to rally around Mike fucking Mearls as a bastion of anti-sjw sentiment being canceled by the woke mob. Every once in a while you see someone post something that tells you immediately that they don’t play the game or TTRPG they’re trying to post (or usually shitpost) about.

>> No.76957424
Quoted By: >>76959554 >>76959579

I desperately want to play games. GM'd only once and it wasn't good, I'd much rather be a player. I'm a 31 year old Norwegian man with a wife and kids and almost no free time to play (let's say, 2 1/2 - 3 hours every other week). This means that when I actually CAN play, I'm fully prepared, I spend time between sessions planning things out with the GM, I obsessively read any player's manual for any game on my phone while I shit and I spend at least two hours every day thinking about the campaign. I draft up documents and speeches for my character beforehand. I have a lot of flaws as a player, but enthusiasm is not one of them. System doesn't matter, but preferably more complex than PbtA and the like. Most fond of standard fantasy and sci-fi settings, but I enjoy most things regardless.

Does this sound off-putting to you GMs? Would you have me in your game? Would love to find a game through /tg/, been having shit luck everywhere else.

>> No.76957978

>Every once in a while
Yes. As in, less than ten percent of the time, as covered in my original post.

>> No.76958629

I fucking wish. Have you seen other sites? Every time you complain about /tg/, just remind yourself that rpg.net exists.

>> No.76958837

That's the joke, anon. That's the joke.

>> No.76958898
Quoted By: >>76959118

>despite making up only 3% of the population, Australians commit over 50% of shitposts

>> No.76959081

I'm too lazy and socially inept to find a game or actually learn the rules, I just come here for thinly veiled fapbait threads about orcs and off topic shit like mythology and cryptids.

>> No.76959118

thats balkans mutts

>> No.76959142

It's hard to believe some people can get into games while carrying certain opinions and mindsets. Unfortunately they very much can and are typically referred to as That Guys.

>> No.76959467
Quoted By: >>76959723 >>76960835

Nogames is real, just like on /v/. It is easy to shitpost about a topic and start a flame war. This is why I will sometimes demand proof of games, especially when it comes to DM advice, because it is easy for a no-nothing to spout off about shit they know nothing about.

I generally accuse people of nogames in DM advice threads, simply because people can give extremely terrible advice without ever having been on that side of the table. Shit like, "just improvise everything lol" is something that a person who has never dm'ed before (or who has done so terribly) would say.

>> No.76959483

It's easy to get a game. It's harder to get the game you really want.

>> No.76959497
Quoted By: >>76959563

The powers that be are money. And money likes being spent instead of people sitting at home.

>> No.76959554

What do you want to play and what have you played before? You might want to mention that.

>> No.76959563
Quoted By: >>76961129

All that's happened is the flow of money's shifted. Supermarkets are doing insane trade, online shopping's stronger than ever, home entertainment services are up, etc. Hell, even GW have made absolutely ludicrous sums for the last year.

>> No.76959579

>3 hours a week
That wouldn't cut it for me. I run my sessions bi-weekly and I always run them for 5 hours 11am-4pm. Maybe it might work if you could somehow block out that chunk of time due to it being bi-weekly, but it's hard to find a session that only lasts for 3 hours.

I also like it when players talk to me between sessions. Makes it easier to plan out encounters when players tell me what they want to see in the game.

>> No.76959650
Quoted By: >>76962094

>filled with homebrew shittery.
I used to dm for 3.pf games and the only way those systems were playable was with homebrew. What counts as homebrew shittery to you?

>> No.76959692
Quoted By: >>76959769

It's easy if you play using a VTT. Just take a screenshot of your game. I've done it before.

It IS a valid insult because there are people who have never played who have completely unreasonable expectations about the hobby.

>> No.76959723

Go back to /v/ and keep your board destroying shit there.

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>It's easy if you play using a VTT. Just take a screenshot of your game. I've done it before.
>Refugee zoomer playing digital tabletop shows op and think he has any grounds to be demanding other people prove that they play games of make believe

>> No.76959926

I'm a boomer and I've recently started dming on roll20. It's amazing what you can do with it if you are willing to put in the effort to learn the tools and addons (like VTT enhancement suite).

Still, I only demand proof if someone is making a really egregious claim, like "I've dmed games with 12 people no problem," or "a good dm never runs quantum ogres and always improvises everything."

This is shit that no one who has ever dmed would believe and I think demanding ANY sort of proof that you dm games is warranted.

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Quoted By: >>76960014 >>76961542

I'm no-games because
I want VTT for the better experience but the good ones aren't free/on sale.
I'd only play with SO, I don't enjoy socialising/scheduling with anyone else. Duo games are harder to run and convince them to play (especially without a good VTT).

>> No.76960014


>> No.76960069

Online games are the best games.

>> No.76960196

then he should put some bite behind his bark

>> No.76960835

Congrats on being exactly the type of person I was talking about in my post.

>> No.76960850

the eternal leaf strikes again

>> No.76961129

Only essentials are moving. People have less money to spend since many markets are closed. Supermarkets aren't selling more anon, they're selling the same fucking things, people don't buy "more groceries" just because they're at home.

>> No.76961498
Quoted By: >>76961542

I was a 40k/whfb player and lurked rpg threads for a while before growing the balls to find some people to play with but that was nearly 10 years ago and now it is so easy to find online games that anons have no excuse. i also dropped 40k not long after because it's trash.

>> No.76961512

get your friends to play on roll20 or some other VTT

>> No.76961542

>now it is so easy to find online games that anons have no excuse
Not if you want a contemporary setup and dislike groups >>76959997

>> No.76961641

God Violet is so deliciously flat and slender, I just wanna split her in half like a fucking log.

>> No.76961703

It is, shockingly enough, a thing.
First of all, you have flakes that cannot commit. They get invited to games, but quickly flake off or even ghost.
Then you have assholes that get booted out. Much rarer than made up stories on the net would have you believe, but they exist. They still find games if they are motivated enough, eventually surrounding themselves with assholes, or nonconfrontational people that tolerate them.
Speaking of effort, there's the no-effort people. They want to be in a game, but they don't want to run, don't want to read books, don't want to do math - all they want is to complain on twitter or discord that game is hard.
Finally you have buyfags - they buy every 5e book religiously (and maybe some other game like Numenera or Lancer) but never get a group together.

>> No.76961734
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Quoted By: >>76961765

Just add
at the start

>> No.76961765

You will never be a gamer.

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>> No.76962094

Complete overhaul of the system to make it "notD&D"

No magic homebrew

Allowing of homebrew races/class additions

To name a few.

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