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Due to elves being unnaturally light, dwarves have taken up wrestling. The new generation of heroes (elf slayers) can effortlessly throw around puny elves.

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What the fuck is that?

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It's pretty epic, right? OP's post was pretty epic so it reminded me of this.

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Sadly it's not even a good archetype. If you want a real 5e wrestler and your DM allows it play a Str-Based Martial Artist from Ultramodern5 with the Grand Master archetype in Eagle or Tiger style or the Ring Fighter archetype. If you want to be the no-sell guy instead swap Grand Master for Banner Head. If you want just be a brawler go Brawler. Hardcore specialist that gets fired up from pain? Take Machine of War.

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Looks more like some niche Deviantart fetish than actual fanart. Where the hell did you find this?

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Has anyone ITT played Rumbleslam? Is it any good?

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That's going into the book of grudges, knife-ear

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