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>first ever tabletop game
>DM tells us to make characters native to a sleepy little hamlet
>go for a druid, bastard son of an elf who fucked off and a humble washerwoman
>dopey, good-hearted kid with a few authority issues
>few sessions go by
>DM introduces my character's father into the narrative
>has written him to be the nicest, most upstanding guy in the known universe
>"Um actually sweaty, I was saving the world so you're a bad person who wanted a destroyed world if you think I shouldn't have abandoned you :^)"
>becomes the DMPC and joins the group on all of their adventures

So, is my DM making fun of my backstory and wants me to knock it off or what?

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He's probably not trying to actively make fun of you, and is just bad at folding PC backstories into the plot, or has his own daddy issues that he's fumbling into the game.

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Nobody else's backstories have ever come up.

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Have you tried talking to him

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If he is making fun of me and I ask him, that's a pretty big L.

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How old are you? 19?

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Retire the character. He doesn't know what to do with his life now, because his entire childhood was full of resentment to his estranged dad. He now needs a few decades to contemplate his existence.

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Never bothered in last few ears with character backtstory. Actually prefer it this way. Not because I'm lazy but because what you envisioned will probably not survive first few sessions. Your interaction with the world and players will change how you envisioned your characters. Especially in party dynamics. Maybe you will become party's diplomat or brain, or maybe you will be a guy with crazy ideas. You don't know what it will be until you start playing with the group. So it is weird having a concept of silent guy that ends up being party's face.

>Create character with bare bones info
>profession/ job description before he joined the party
>joined the party 6 months ago before campaign starts

actually having fun when my actions flesh out the character and usually they are end up differently from what I thought they would be.

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Oh noes, how will your fragile ego ever survive?

Seriously, bite the bullet and just talk to the dude. If a take an "L" who the fuck cares? It's not like it's going to impact your life in any meaningful way outside of those 30 seconds.

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Based and improvpilled.

Though I usually have a couple of pointers to give to GM and work from there, and I feel like it's the ideal way to do the backstory.

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Most people don't go out of their way to ruin a tabletop game for others, especially DMs. Talk to him and see if you can figure something out. Good luck!

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>You can't force me into your life daddy
>I want to life my own adventure, you quit or I quit this group
>I just want to be far away from you

You can literally solve the issue with few words and a bit of roleplay.

Then, if daddy has 9000 level more than you and he keeps you as his cum dumpster tomboy, you should have a talk with your dm indeed.

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Unironically fantastic work you do, smug man.
I appreciate the positivity.

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I seriously hate this avatarfagging, somehow not banned yet

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They probably didn't write extensive ones

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sneethe more

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Why do young adults have such fragile ego's bros? How do you deal with such people in your group ""humiliating"" them?

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>How do you deal with such people in your group without ""humiliating"" them.
My bad

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Then be angry, faggot.

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>nooooooo you cant undermine my psyops efforts to turn /tg/ into bitter incel terrorists

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>stolen vernacular

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>I should be happy because you only abandoned me to do good?
>Yea, you can fuck right off you manipulative prick
>Maybe you shouldn't have a child if you weren't ready to settle down and care for it
>As much good as you may have accomplished, you have failed at parenting and you are a horrible father, in fact, half the guys you killed probably pulled the same shit as you did

Now if your DM is worth his salt, he can turn this around and have your father slowly realise his mistakes and try to atone and bond with you.

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We actually cancelled the campaign a long ass time ago because another player bitched out, roughly a year later and I still think/wonder about this weird plot hook.
Thinking about it, it's probably >>76944730, he's a dad and a really good one, so it's probably hard for him to imagine somebody just fucking off and abandoning their kid without a really good reason.

Made the thread because I'm the DM now and it's interesting to think about unintended consequences

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Why are you so retarded?

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No matter how "good" of a person your pc's father is your char can still be mad at him for abandoning your char.

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Never diagnosed, but mild autism spectrum would not be very surprising.
Probably stuck with an IQ of about 80, not the most fun but I try to make do.

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You, I love you.

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Please fuck off.

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>Why do young adults have such fragile ego's bros?
Just about everyone does. 99% of the world's problems come about because someone has their ego hung up on something stupid. Even greed ultimately comes down to ego once you pass a certain point.

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we need to genocide children
OP you are literally the biggest faggot. neck yourself

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>crybaby boomer doesn't want to share his sandlot
I have bad news for you, bud.

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I think he's setting your dad up to die my man

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