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DM keeps making elves too "vampiric" in my opinion
>super strength

I guess it does't bother me too much.

How do you differentiate your elves and vampires?

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...is this some kind of abstract bait?
>suck blood
>do not suck blood

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>elves have super strength
I think your GM is just a retard.

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What would you consider black haired girl in my pic? I've been seeing this pic floating around and she could go either way really.

I have no idea what the source is on the pic though so no way to confirm.

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That's a distinct possibility

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I don't have elves or vampires because my setting is about robots with machine guns.

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>pointed ears
>out in the fucking SUN
>pointedly not being a blood sucking undead parasite on the human next to her
Actual racism desu, do you think all dark elves are vampires because they're pale and have black hair? Fucking bigot.

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What about robot vampire elves?

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>dark elves

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Are you referring to the bitch in the pic you posted OP? That's clearly an elf retard. What's the source so I can confirm your stupidity?

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Fucked if I know. Looks like a vampire to me tho...

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That's one pasty ass "dark elf"…… I'm just suspicious is all I'm saying. Maybe that's her thrall.

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the girl looks like she fucks werewolves

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nothing wrong with it. Maybe you have some weird idea that everything must be basic dnd.

Elves originate from fairy stories. Eerily beautiful, cruel, vicious, stealing children, kidnapping people into their realms, feeding on human emotions and draining them of souls

What became of vampires in fiction? They are eerily beautiful, mesmerizing people, feeding on humans

Hell even super strength isn't weird concept for elves. yeah, yeah, I know dnd -2 Constitution. But elf fiction also makes them superior in many ways to humans. They do not age, beautiful, smarter than humans, usually fit in physique. They don't look frail.

So "super-strength", mesmerizing predatory elves are pretty normal concept. Maybe you just didn't dive into folklore and novels as others did.

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deviantart com/mullina/art/NWN2-PC-and-Bevil-475125616

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>Cave-dwellers have dark skin!
albinism is vastly more common in underground environments, and dark elves in norse myth show no indication of having dark skin

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OP here. Yes actually. I was just fishing for sauce on the pic which I got >>76945550

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Only one Deviant art pic of yellow-eyed qt elf though. I'm a little depressed.

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How the hell did he NOT?

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I get the feel like Dark-Elves meaning brown with light hair is a total japanese coomer meme that has just gained ground fairly recently. The first time I can remember seeing was many years ago in Record of Lodos War.

I hate that it makes my dick hard because, factually you're correct.

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They're also CURSED elves.
Ever think the curse is that they have poor skin for the environment they're stuck in?

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Try harder.

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>suck blood
>suck dick

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Goth dark elves for underground caves and light less tundra, chocolate sun elves for beaches and tropics, and fair skinned high elves for temperate forests are the proper elf-skin-color-to-biome aesthetic.

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This actually sounds pretty cool - !notTolkein elves without his worldbuilding and Christian theology are kinda lame

I would imagine if magical superpowered beings lived 1000 years in close proximity to us they would all go insane from boredom and would start torturing people and sewing them back together in weird ways or something after a few centuries

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>super strength
it's terminal.

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I didnt. I just made my elves vampires and my vampires elves. Problem solved.

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