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I guess they're too niche to have been censored yet for racism, though I'm sure plenty of complaints have been filed.

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>Ge cates the opinion of othew pwoel

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It's literally a game where you make up the story. Just find people to make up the story with and then play it harder. Also critical role "bringing more people in the the hobby" means that there might be more people who agree with you and would want to try those harder more deadly games. Tasha's is... interesting. I agree with the point he makes about it how it turns every class into a spell caster and how this kind smooths the lines between the classes. This is one of my least favorite aspects about any game. Smoothening classes into very similar roles bothers me because personally I like to think that heterogeneity is the spice of life. However you can again find people to play the game without those classes and also play with like minded individuals. If you're real problem is that players have the option to do something that you don't like and that players can share that and talk about that and your real fear is the perception of the hobby that you enjoy rather than the actual hobby itself, please fall over.

also WoC and any other companies job is to make money and expand it's user base, so it can really only get worse and worse until they stop making money but at that point they may have enough money to just do something else with the money that could make them even more money.

like tv, movies, merchandise, and buying their competition. Just like pokemon, disney, harry potter, and every other popular thing in existence.

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