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>Game is about the characters chasing a mcguffin that makes its owner omnipotent
>They get it and win
Should I keep the game going to watch them fuck around making whatever changes they want, or just end it there?

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If you actually run that game and get to that point you will know what to do next.

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Start a new campaign years in the future where all of the old characters are considered demigods (or outright gods). Old gods are dead or forgotten. It's just the old party. The new characters are acolytes of whatever character they played previously.

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This is actually pretty good, except maybe make it less romanticized than that

Give them a session or two do whatever the fuck they want, indulge their greediest, most selfish whims of collapsing entire dwarven mines to steal a couple jewels or whatever

Then do the timeskip and make them deal with the rubble, with the "chaos gods" that have made life hell for X people

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Protip: If you can get them to kill their old PCs without them realizing it, you get a special DM medal in the mail and also your friends are probably sociopaths.

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Make it a green lantern ring. The ring is willing to let the pc’s do stuff with it, but it really needs to get somewhere where it can recharge enough to send a signal to OA and get reassigned. So...omnipotence with a time limit and a morality clause.

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Just have it only work for one person.

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shit dude I almost forgot that movie that fucking hurt fuck you

But good idea overall

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Hell yeah.
The worst thing about those kind of stories is that it end before the characters can do anything really interesting with it or it contrives a reason you loose the almighty mcguffin.

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