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Totally Not Vergil Bladesinger edition.

>UA: Subclasses, Part 5

>5e Trove


>Stable releases

http://pastebin.com/X1TFNxck (embed) (embed)

>Previous thread: >>76936770

TQ: How do you feel about players playing characters inspired by characters from media?

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You're a DM and it's session 0, what are your biggest red flags for PCs

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Depends on the medium.
I'm fine with summoners having their conjurers act like Pokemon Trainers for example, as long as they aren't trying to actively capture enemies, but if someone tried to pretend they were sans or something I'd probably chuck them out of the game.

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>So my character is just John Wick but also Hellboy, and he would be acted by clint eastwood

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>Can I play a bloodhunter

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Well, one of my players made a build to be Alexander Anderson and I recently gave him a homebrewed ability to throw his shortswords at 30/90 ft range.

I think that should tell you how I feel.

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Clear your links, you bimbo.

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reposting from last thread because i would appreciate helpful feedback and (You)s but mostly feedback

got bored and threw together some basic bitch house rules/homebrew for my 5e games, what do you nerds think? any suggestions? comments? scathing remarks?


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If a player character had Heat Metal cast on them, would you let them 'ruin the straps of their armor' to cut it off immediately?

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Listen, the embeds got so bad at one point it was funny. I wanna see how far it goes, but since you pointed it out it'll probably stop again.

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>player races
aaracokra shouldnt be able to fly from level 1

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anyone who asks if they can use homebrew

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sure, as an action but it wouldn't be cheap to replace

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>That third one is leaning dangerously close into faggot territory.

I don't think there is anything gay about a halfling trying to bond with their best mates over a nice meal, helping prepare the meal gives you a reason to have larger portions for yourself

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Depends on the kind of armor
I know the rules for donning/doffing armor are just by Light/Medium/Heavy but I don't get how ring mail or chain mail takes 10 minutes to take off by yourself

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good idea, adding

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Spent the last 4 nights in bed daydreaming about different kinds of Kuo-Toa gods that would be fun to use.

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You should give them a lesser slow fall at level 1, and then the fly speed at level 5.

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You should also ban or restrict the dragon mark classes desu

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That's just fucking great, now all of them are real, you asshole.

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I want to expand skills in 5e to involve multiple tiers of expertise. How would you dole out skill points to accommodate for a skill system along the lines of

Proficiency Levels---Bonus
Jynxed : -10
Untrained : -5
Beginner : 0
Apprentice : ½ Proficiency (rounded down)
Journeyman : Proficiency
Expert : Double Proficiency
Master : Advantage

At the moment I'm thinking of going with
Modifier * (0.25*Proficiency) = Skill points gained
However, you can only spend the skill points on skills impacted by the stat you got the points from
IE: points gained from STR are spent on STR skills, points gained from INT are spent on INT skills etc
and I'm thinking of running some numbers and figuring out how many points it should take to advance a skill to the next "proficiency level", but I feel like this might end up just being too convoluted

For clarification, I think "Untrained" should be the default level of skill, but I wanted to have "Jynxed" as something you might run into during character creation if you happen to get a perfect storm of Class/Bad stat rolls. Like if you're a wizard with 6 STR you might start naturally Jynxed in Athletics because you're a fucking book nerd who sucks even harder than the average untrained joe

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making them purely earth spirit-based fae creatures + making them dark-skinned give them a sort of identity and plenty different from halflings

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that's a good one too
no experience with dragonmark classes, though they look busted at a glance. what specifically is wrong with them?

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>but I feel like this might end up just being too convoluted

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I'd say no as its intended to doff armor would take 1 minute for Medium and 5 Minutes for Heavy, destroying/damaging the armor would probably not be possible in that short few seconds of a frame that your armors cooking.
You could beat up the caster and break their concentration however.

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>vanilla only 5e

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Overly comedic ideas or ones that are just straight up rip offs of specific character from media. There nothing wrong with an inherently humorous aspect to a character or taking inspiration from stuff you like, but when the be all and end all of your character is a single joke or reference I know that the player is probably going to get bored after a session.

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Cool. You should be okay as long as you arent a sailor as almost all of them revolve around shipwrecking people on a Kuo-toa island to be eaten.

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Where are the other genasi like lightning or magma

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Any chain armor could be removed in one action (6 seconds) by someone experienced with doing so, rules be damned. They're essentially metal T-shirts, but do require a certain technique to remove quickly (gathering as much material as you can around your neck, and then bending forward so the armor falls off of you)
Plate armor would probably burn itself off of its straps and fall off after a few rounds

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They exist, but they don't care about them. Dragon Magazine had to add in the para-elemental genasi in 3.5

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you're basically getting free spells for being a mark of storm for instance, so I can play that and be a caster while retaining all of my levels in a martial if I want

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There are only genies of the four prime elements, anon. You know what a genasi is, right?

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>Make a True Neutral character
>Call it a BBEG
Why do DMs do this?

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Do you mean dragonmarked races instead of dragonmarked classes? You're probably confusing the fuck out of that guy.

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DM here, my BBEG is chaotic stupid. True Neutral probably is easier to DM, since trying to embody my BBEG makes them easier to defeat.

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did I say classes, ah my bad I was trying to talk and type at the same time

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just read some more about them and hooooly shit you were not kidding
no don't worry i got what he meant, the eberron races. i typed classes by mistake earlier

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>make a LG character
>Call it a BBEG
Why don't more DMs do this?

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Well yeah, but what in particular do you think pushes it over the edge to being too convoluted?

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I'm in the group of people who believe that spells only do what the spell says it can. Nowhere in heat metal is it stated that the spell deals actual damage to the armor or metal object, it simply makes it glow red-hot and deal damage to the wearer/holder. If they wanted the spell to deal damage to the object it would have said so in the spell's description (objects do have hit points after all), but because it doesn't, I'd just simply rule it doesn't and move on.

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there are like 20+ official races and subclasses at this point

if you can’t express your character concept without delving into extreme freakshit you don’t have a character, you have a meme

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Ehhh Heat Metal is one of the cases where going reasonably beyond the description is fine. I dunno if I'd have it burn through the armor's own straps in under a minute but by that logic you couldn't cast Heat Metal on a pot to boil water in a flagrant waste of spell slots, for example, since water doesn't have hit points to damage.

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What's the difference between being a beginner and untrained in something, and how do you determine that at character creation? Do I get skill points for lowering my other skills?

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What if they ask to play a sorcerer good at hitting something with a sword?

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Are you planning to do food and drink for your party, what about spell components

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Untrained is someone who has never been trained at all in the skill and is totally just winging it based on assumptions

Beginner is someone who has had a little training but really doesn't actually know what they're doing. They're better than someone who has never done it before, but anyone who actually knows how to do it would be unimpressed by their skills. Like a miniature painter who is just starting out and doesn't thin his paints but still picks the right colours and knows some very basic techniques. He'd be better than someone who's never touched a mini or paints in his life, but a hobbyist painter would find his minis amateur at best.

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Name a piece of homebrewed content i.e race class or subclass that you need to express your character

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It's hot enough to kill a healthy grown man instantly upon being cast. There's no way that it wouldn't be hot enough to basically instantly combust organic materials that it's in direct contact with (keep in mind, plate armor is never in contact with its wearer)

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Don't dump STR

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Correct, magic is magic, it bypasses reason on the regular. If the spell said it dealt damage to objects it would. I know a lot of people don't agree with that mindset and hey that's just fine. Its a lot of fun to have magic do things beyond the descriptions, but I try to stick to what's on the page and what was intended when I can.

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Take a feat

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But my race and class don't give me any bonuses to strength!

Anon, my saves are pretty low.. Shouldn't I grab an ASI for my casting stat, or for strength?

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The kind of DM that casts heat metal on a player isn't the kind to ignore donning/doffing rules, so no.

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Treated leather doesn't burn very fast.

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hexblade warlock?

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If you genuinely can't think of why homebrew is important I have no idea what kind of boring ass campaigns you're running but they must be dull as hell.

Though, I don't run official adventures or use forgotten realms, so homebrew is basically mandatory. But the DMG itself goes out of its way to explain that almost everything inside of it is just a suggestion to give you an idea of how to run the game. ONLY using RAW spells, races, classes, etc limits the campaign so hard it hurts.

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But anon, I wanna be a dragon sorcerer..

>> No.76946214

>But my race and class don't give me any bonuses to strength!
You'll live without a 5% bonus

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if you mean just keeping track of rations, then yeah. it's a pretty simple "you'll be traveling for X days so mark off X rations" affair, and you can get some mileage out of food-related conflcts (theft, magical spoiling, etc.). Unless you have a druid/cleric/ranger, but they already fuck over the traveling aspect anyway

components without a cost are covered by component pouches/foci, aren't they? making sure you have one of those is gonna be a thing, but it doesn't seem that hard to keep track of.

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homebrew in terms of stat fudging for monsters or whatever would not fit under what I have challenged you to present.

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Can't be Vergil, doesn't look faggy enough.

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Ugh. This

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>Cleric (Life Order is banned material at my DM's table) 1/ Sorcerer (Draconic)
Rate my heavy armor mage build, /5eg/.

>> No.76946245

Wait for the eventual Sorcerer with a weapon subclass or homebrew a sorcerer subclass with a weapon.

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>"Sure! Its in my list of approved homebrews."

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Why though?

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We're talking about different mechanisms. Leather doesn't burn like paper does, but it still decomposes at about the same temperature that most organic materials do. It doesn't have to "burn" to stop performing its function as a means of strapping the plates onto the wearer.

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Redpill me on Bloodhunter, anons. I have a friend who LOVES it (and critical role), and even though it's less edgy than older official blood mages in 3.5 I still don't like it, especially the subclass that just makes you a warlock, patron and all.

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Rolled 19, 16, 20, 9, 16, 3 = 83 (6d20)

Like my Vuman Monk.

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Any kind of fucking animal humanlike that isn't a tortoise. Ogres. Mythological creatures that aren't exclusively from greek mythology. Variant classes. A sensible replacement for -5/+10 feats that aren't completely broken for the early levels. Classes to make people take bard without them realizing they did.

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Quoted By: >>76946324 >>76946413

Twining shenanigans and he just doesn't like the sub-class.

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Quoted By: >>76946326

if your dm comes to you with a homebrew setting it hardly counts, yeah, in that scenario it would make sense to use the setting they developed

the problem comes when you insist on using some unrelated homebrew race/class for your gay meme character

>> No.76946308

Tasha's has powercreep.

A little rough around the edges, but I'd allow him in my party.

>> No.76946314

Setting appropriate classes and races

>> No.76946316

>Dumb and autistic as hell
You'll go well, Anon.

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I need another week to prep this shit but the session is tomorrow.

>> No.76946324

what is he, some kinda athiest hippy who doesn't like the literal rule of god

>> No.76946326

Well yeah thats totally gay, but thats not a knock against Homebrew its a knock against special snowflake furries that DEMAND to get to play their ninja magical girl neko dragonborn

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Quoted By: >>76946347

>forgotten realms module, near kara-tur
>hey GM can I play a spirit-folk

>> No.76946333

>training alone in the mountains goes horribly right (wrong?)

>> No.76946334

call it off retard

>> No.76946340

prep a diversion for today.
Google a oneshot and adapt it to the current situation so your party gets delayed before they can actually get to what you originally planned to do this week.

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Quoted By: >>76946407

Yeah, you’re a redflag player

>> No.76946346
Quoted By: >>76946355

Can we help in any way?

>> No.76946347
Quoted By: >>76946361

>forgotten realms module, near kara-tur
>in sword coast, the edition
good joke anon

>> No.76946348

Holy shit why is Berserker so fucking bad

I'm going to remake this shitheap of a subclass for my table

>> No.76946352

Stop procrastinating and just do it. What you're saying is actually "I need another week to procrastinate so I can do it all the night before." Take some responsibility for yourself.

>> No.76946354

> no you can't see my character sheet
> you'll find out what class I am soon enough

A guy at my FLGS does this. I've never DMd him but it pissed me off. He always has the perfect item or spell to solve every problem. I like playing with his boyfriend though because that guy always has really interesting characters done well.

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Only god can

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Quoted By: >>76946466

Do it!
And share it here. I want to play it.

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Quoted By: >>76946403

i want to object but you're right and I'm upset. if I had used chult maybe I could have gotten away with it but yeah.

>> No.76946369

Yes. It would ruin the armor, and they'd need to get it fixed though. Don't see the purpose of shutting down a PC's last ditch effort, one where he gives up most of his AC in and an action.

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Quoted By: >>76946392

>DM that casts heat metal on a player
martial classes HATE this one simple trick, click here

>> No.76946383

What happens if you cast heat metal on a warforged? Is he just fucked?

>> No.76946392
Quoted By: >>76946412 >>76946440

Just go chadmode and grapple the caster that's using heat metal on you. If he reheats it, he hurts himself and risks breaking his own concentration. If he doesn't, I won't have disadvantage when I break his face next turn.

>> No.76946394

>Warforged isn't made of metal
Get cucked!

>> No.76946396
Quoted By: >>76946426

Not any more than a non-warforged wearing heavy armor. Even with help, removing heavy armor still takes the entire duration of the spell. I don't remember what having help reduces medium armor removal to, but that's also the full duration without help.

>> No.76946402
Quoted By: >>76946449

Do you know what a warforged is made of?

No, it's not war.

>> No.76946403
Quoted By: >>76946461

trust me, I'm just as upset

>> No.76946406

Hurt others by hurting yourself

>> No.76946407
Quoted By: >>76946428

and you come to /5eg/ despite having run no games in the last 6 months

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Quoted By: >>76946506

>the DM willing to use Heat Metal on PCs isn't using the ready action boogaloo from around a corner to avoid Counterspells and then immediately booking it on a horse or a flying carpet or with dimension door on his next turn or some shit

>> No.76946413

What is he worried is going to get twinned? It doesn't even work with order's level 1 feature since twinned doesn't actually cast the spell twice. It adds a second target, and order's feature explicitly says that it can only work on one of the spell's targets of your choice.

>> No.76946416

My fix
>Frenzy either consumes another use of rage, if you don't you get the exhaustion
>You can use the BA attack on the turn you enter a rage if you enter the frenzy at the same time
>The intimidation feature uses strength not charisma for the DC

>> No.76946425

>New server
>Immediate green flag. No goblins, kobolds or warforged
>Red flag: Three tiers of chagen with experience modifiers. Roll or take a basic array
>"easy mode" 5d6, drop the 2 lowest. One re-roll on a number. Elite array offered. Free feat. Half xp
>"normal" 4d6 drop lowest. Re-roll if under 63 total. No feat, normal array offered. Normal xp
>"hard" 3d6 flat. No re-rolls, no feat. No array option, 1.3 times xp
Unlikely as it is this system could allow me to get absurdly lucky and roll no negatives on a flat series of 3d6 and get 30% more xp on top of being better then an array user or somebody who rolled poorly elsewhere
That does not seem great

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Gonna make an artifact in my campaign thats just a set of armour with tear off nike jogging pants buttons on them so you can doff it with a bonus action

>> No.76946428
Quoted By: >>76946477

literally running one of my weekly sessions tomorrow

>> No.76946436
Quoted By: >>76946469

Questionable. You can't cast it at all on a warforged, as they are not "objects."

Their armor is "incorporated" with them, and it's down to DM fiat whether the armor is still an object, whether it's technically "visible," or what "incorporated" even means in context of what warforged do when they wear armor

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>> No.76946440

>use potion to make yourself resist fire damage
>ignite yourself
>grapple everyone

>> No.76946441

cast-off armor in XGE lets you do that as a regular action

>> No.76946449

Metal, vines, and other woogidy magic

>> No.76946460


>> No.76946461
Quoted By: >>76946622

Where do you wanna see expanded on? I want more of the rest of the north, like Sossal.

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File: 45KiB, 640x571, zerk.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

My setting is modern-themed so I'm probably going to make it a gunzerker class instead because it's specifically for one of my player's PCs-turned-NPC that walked out on the group to support the current antagonist faction. I have a plan to potentially allow him to rejoin (after doing some Knuckles-style dicking around with the group) if his new character bites it and his character is basically Hank from Madness Combat so being able to rip and shoot in equal measures whilst raging sounds right up his alley

The question is do I go full force into the meme and let the class dual-wield two-handed guns in their rage, maybe rifle+battleaxe instead?

>> No.76946469
Quoted By: >>76946488 >>76946494

>You can't cast it at all on a warforged, as they are not "objects."
Does an object stop being an object if its animated?
If you give life to a chair, does it stop being a chair?

>> No.76946476

go back to discord

>> No.76946477
Quoted By: >>76946505

No you aren't, enjoy your reschedule

>> No.76946488
Quoted By: >>76946498

I'm not engaging in this debate. Creatures are not objects. This is immutable.

>> No.76946494

>Does an object stop being an object if its animated?

>> No.76946498
Quoted By: >>76946508 >>76946511

But, do their corpses count as objects?

>> No.76946505

we’ve had to reschedule a lot the last few months but I’m pretty confident about tomorrow

>> No.76946506
Quoted By: >>76946643

>Implying we don't win initiative anyway
>Implying we can't reach a guy that's at most 85 feet away and disable or outright kill him

>> No.76946508

Yes. Doesn't change the statblock you get.

>> No.76946511
Quoted By: >>76946518

Yes, necromancers don't give life to corpses and skeletons they just move them around with magic in a twisted mockery of life.

Necromancers are more like magical puppeteers than anything.

>> No.76946518
Quoted By: >>76946528 >>76946548

They count as creatures again and are no longer objects.

>> No.76946528
Quoted By: >>76946535 >>76946594

But they aren't alive they're just being moved around.
It'd be like saying a sandwich is no longer an object, its a creature, because you picked it up with mage hand and started moving it around

>> No.76946534
Quoted By: >>76946569

Rolled 3, 1, 4, 6, 5, 6, 6, 6, 3, 4, 2, 4, 4, 4, 2, 1, 4, 3 = 68 (18d6)

Let's find out! A-one, a-two-hoo...

>> No.76946535
Quoted By: >>76946547

Never said they were alive. They are undead creatures, as per their statblock.

>> No.76946547
Quoted By: >>76946586

those are actual undead, not animated dead

>> No.76946548

Like their ungodly existence, they're a joke of a creature and object.

>> No.76946549

>How do you feel about players playing characters inspired by characters from media?

Inspired is fine. Just so long as its not just spamming catchphrases and references

>> No.76946563
Quoted By: >>76946815

>Plate armor would probably burn itself off of its straps and fall off after a few rounds

heal metal magically heals metal, it doesn't damage it

because then you fall into the trap where firebolt should deal damage to a creatures clothes but then if a creature has enough armor, should the armor absorb teh damage from teh spell rather than you tacking it, because the spell hit the armor and not the player/creature

>> No.76946569

Well, looks like I'm a rogue and scaling my sneak attack damage at a higher rate than the encounter scaling

>> No.76946570
Quoted By: >>76946592

do 4d6k3 for each stat opposed to D20s

>> No.76946586

What necromancers are you referring to? Because Animate dead, create undead, danse macabre and finger of death and so on have defined statblocks for their undead summons.

Same for circle of spore druids, and so on.

>> No.76946592
Quoted By: >>76946614

>opposed to D20s

>> No.76946594

Just FYI, you're arguing with two other neckbeards, not the one who made the original claim - It's not debatable. Fundamentally, the rules are written with their own definitions for what objects and creatures are and how they interact with spells and abilities are clearly stated using those definitions. That's it. Mic drop.

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This is my attempt at fixing things from a while ago, haven't DM'd anything lately though so I haven't had a chance for anyone to take it for a spin
The extra additions to Adrenaline were mostly for shits and giggles, the mental image of a Barbarian frothing at the mouth and dragging some dude who tried to slow him down is funny

>> No.76946614
Quoted By: >>76946617

some people roll D20s for each stat which can lead to 1s with 4d6k3 you get the better rolls on average

>> No.76946617

Who does?

>> No.76946622
Quoted By: >>76946642 >>76946653

>more of the north
the northern sword coast / icewind dale region is the most boring FR gets outside of the fucking dalelands and cormyr. even sossal is just cold, not cool. i would take literally anything else.

let's go to the sea of stars and have pirate adventures, deal with the fallout of a lost psychic civilization, and crab people
let's go to maztica and live out our conquistador fantasies but oh wait oops the natives aren't going to turn on each other so this is actually hard
we can go to zakhara and ARABIAN NIIIIIIIGHTS and finally figure out what's up with those fucking ancient giants
let's go to the bloodstone lands and have castlevania adventures and plunder zhengyi's fucking spaceship or whatever the hell castle perilous actually is
we could reactivate the fucking murdergolem factories in the utter east or just deal with the ungodly amount of demons stuck under them
there's that place around sembia that's just ruled by the fucking vampire mafia that disappear every day
another thay-mulhorand-rasheman guerilla war
fucking anything but more sword coast

>> No.76946642

Sossal is the far nothern area above kara-tur and rashemen, way off in the east. Yes it's more north, but that's apparently all they want to do.

>> No.76946643

Obviously he precast Longstrider and he had minions start combat with you so he can also see the initiative and plan around it.

>> No.76946653
Quoted By: >>76946676

I just don't use forgotten realms at all cause its a horrible combination of fucking boring and not fleshed out.
Not only is there really nothing cool to use, the lame shit they do have doesn't actually have the info a DM needs to run it properly anwyay so you end up having to wing everything regardless while using a generic boring setting as your inspiration.

Its best to just drop Forgotten Realms entirely

>> No.76946674

>Integrated Protection. Your body has built-in defensive layers, which can be enhanced with armor.
>You gain a +1 bonus to Armor Class.
>You can don only armor with which you have proficiency. To don armor, you must incorporate it into your body over the course of 1 hour, during which you must remain in contact with the armor. To doff armor, you must spend 1 hour removing it. You can rest while donning or doffing armor in this way.
>While you live, your armor can't be removed from your body against your will.
>Source: Eberron - Rising from the Last War

Depending on the source book/UA you're using a warforged can wear armour

>> No.76946676
Quoted By: >>76946691 >>76946711

>a horrible combination of fucking boring and not fleshed out


>> No.76946691
File: 5MiB, 9864x5626, toril-final.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>76946771

It's really a shame, I've used those unmarked continents in so may awesome games.

>> No.76946711

Thats my point, they only write about the most boring parts and the rest of it is basically ideas guy tier where they just say "Haha wouldn't it be cool if-" and then you have to do all the fuckin work yourself

>> No.76946733
Quoted By: >>76946747

>and then you have to do all the fuckin work yourself

Wait, I have to think and come up with shit? Fuck being a DM then.

>> No.76946737

A ton of this stuff actually has been fleshed out, you just have to use past editions. Don't be the guy who picks up Mystara and plunks the party down in Karameikos only to bitch about how it just seems like medieval England.

>> No.76946742
Quoted By: >>76946784

You guys actually use the canon settings?

>> No.76946747
Quoted By: >>76946784

The whole point of using a pre-written setting instead of making your own is that the work is already done.
Why even use such a boring setting if you're writing 80% of it yourself? Why not just start from scratch with a cooler setting

>> No.76946769
Quoted By: >>76946780 >>76946838

>there's no published adventure for Damara in 5E so I guess we can't play there
>how could we possibly know what's going on there

>> No.76946771
Quoted By: >>76946792 >>76946802

>three Ice Seas
>the sea next to notJapan is the Yellow Sea
jesus christ.

>> No.76946778
File: 29KiB, 373x521, jaAFznxcvJnW.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

Not every class is supposed to be "good"
I think mark rosewater wrote an article about this

>> No.76946780
Quoted By: >>76946813

I don't want published adventures I want thicc ass setting bibles with actual cultural info and shit. I need the nitty gritty to write my own adventures

>> No.76946784

Because I don't think it's a boring setting, and I like some of the details in the cosmology (sigil and planar stuff).

Yep! I have fun too.

>> No.76946792

It was a different time. Raimi was a radical in the 70's.

>> No.76946802

I mean, the Yellow Sea is clearly an nod to the Yellow River of reality.

ice seas are icy though and it's not like anyone cares so whatevs

>> No.76946813


You might as well complain that no one can play a Cleric in 5E because there's no good info on who the fuck Kossuth is in the PHB and DMG
Pick up 2E's Faiths and Avatars for fuck's sake
The Utter East was mostly used in a goddamn RTS that no one remembers and there's details on like 10 different human ethnicities and their currencies and past conflicts and interbreeding and shit for fuck's sake

>> No.76946815
Quoted By: >>76946851

It's not falling into any trap. The firebolt is not targeting an object (in this instance), so heat metal has to be considered wholly separate.

Furthermore, there is, at least, the verbiage required for a DM to make the case that a suit of armor is actually many objects and some of them may be damaged by heat metal existent in the DMG.

>For the purpose of these rules, an object is a discrete, inanimate item like a window, door, sword, book, table, chair, or stone, not a building or a vehicle that is composed of many other objects.

For expedience, the suit of plate armor is usually treated as a single object, and that makes sense. But if a DM wanted to be a little more granular, they wouldn't be just making up rules if they had, say, the breastplate component heat up and eventually damage the undergarments and straps that keep it affixed.

Is that level of realism useful? I don't think so, but it's a more sensible interpretation of how the spell works, if you want to get into the minutiae

>> No.76946831

I just use heliod as my god of choice desu

>> No.76946838
Quoted By: >>76946915


Listen to these anons, I'm literally just grabbing AD&D/1e books out of the trove for forgotten realms lore.

People have already statted out most of the basic old stuff, so there's not much you have to change unless it's got player-oriented mechanics.

>> No.76946851
Quoted By: >>76946903

And we have to keep some of those practical considerations in mind that aren't strictly RAW, because otherwise we wouldn't have things like spreading fires, or water breaching a dam, or what have you. There are literally an infinite number of cases where the rules don't specify what happens (what happens when you knock over a cup of wine?) that we have to borrow an understanding of how reality works in order to interpret what happens in game.

>> No.76946858
Quoted By: >>76946887

But saying that I'm a half-cormyrian half-damaran isn't as sexy as saying i'm a half-french half-transylvanian man with a heavy euro accent.

>> No.76946887

>implying the dour and self-sufficient Damarans could possibly lay with fancy Cormyrians without breaking them
>implying the refined and elegant Cormyrians would ever deign to bed the unwashed savages of the Bloodstone Lands
half vampires are at least believable

>> No.76946903
Quoted By: >>76946949

My table had a brief autismfit when we first started playing when we realized how many spells say you can only fire it at a creature.
One player was playing a Warlock at the time and started joking about using his Eldritch Blast as a mimic detector in every room since clearly he can only fire it at creatures not objects.
The DM loosened up on the rules lawyering over time after that started

>> No.76946915
Quoted By: >>76946938

Ironically, 4E had a huge write-up on most of Forgotten Realms and the changes that the Spellfire Whatever wrought. They've since tried to forget most of that happened in a way that's not really well-explained, but it does all exist in one book that's fairly concise, and some of it was interesting. A whole nation run by Gestapo Warlocks mining the corpse of a god that fell out of space? Sure.

>> No.76946938
Quoted By: >>76946976

Yeah, it went from the Great Wheel cosmology to World Axis cosmology right? I constantly drown myself in the forgotten realms wiki while I GM my FR game, and they have all the cosmology lore all blended together so it gets confusing.

>> No.76946949

I agree. I think it's important to understand the rules as they are written, so that everyone can also understand their failing and that there are times to deviate from them.

>> No.76946968

I'm creating a Wood Elf Scout Rogue with a history of being a hunter/tradesman living in a small village. I figure that thieves' tools could be used to make hunting traps, but I'm a bit tapped for ideas besides snares and bear traps. What other kind of traps might a hunter or frontiersman use?

>> No.76946976
Quoted By: >>76946997

The extraplanar cosmological stuff is honestly the dumbest thing 4E did, made clear by how quickly FR went back on that in 5E and pretended it never happened.

All the historical cosmological stuff, like the primordial war, was GREAT. But blowing up the way the Inner and Outer Planes work to create one boring Astral Sea and one Elemental Chaos was unnecessary. When I play 5E FR, I prefer to run the 4E planar history but with the Great Wheel as it was of 3X.

>> No.76946997
Quoted By: >>76947037

I should follow your lead, because I also like some of the minor stuff in World Axis cosmology, but also hate the elemental stuff. Cleaning up how many fucking upper/lower planes there were was smart.

Bane being an actual cool god in 4e was awesome, so keeping that lore is good in my book.

>> No.76947011
File: 507KiB, 238x238, 1609136096708.gif [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

Bomb traps

>> No.76947037
Quoted By: >>76947068

I think there's some confusion here. I disliked the clean-up of the number of planes. What I enjoyed was the Dawn War and the ancient history added to the setting.

I do not want an Elemental Chaos. I want four elemental planes, their quasi-elemental planes, their demi-elemental planes, and so on.

>> No.76947039
File: 43KiB, 637x521, squirrelnoosetrap.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

Squirrel noose traps are pretty cool. Not too useful in combat, but handy for a quick treat that can't be beat.

>> No.76947041

Tripwires, punji spikes, etc

>> No.76947068
Quoted By: >>76947107

You didn't like some of the unnecessary upper planes, like ones that JUST had god planes, being folded together?

I also fucking hate the elemental chaos, I love genasi and the planar shenanigans on the normal elemental planes. If your GM says no Sigil, the City of Brass still serves the same purpose.

||I'm hoping my players get stuck in the frostfell sometime soon.||

>> No.76947107
Quoted By: >>76947127

I enjoy alignment as a cosmic force as intended in FR, so the existence of upper and lower planes dedicated to those suits me just fine. And the intermediate planes, like Bytopia or Arcadia, serve the same purpose as the quasi- or para-elemental planes of the Inner Planes.

They all touch and are only as big or small as you want them to be (as far as traversal goes), so I never really saw the point in chucking them all on their own little islands and mixing everything up. Planes are wacky. Let them stay wacky.

>> No.76947108
Quoted By: >>76947154

Why not just be the trap?

>> No.76947127
Quoted By: >>76947158

You wanna get wacky? Do you know how the astral realm works, ONLY WHILE YOU'RE IN KARA-TUR? Turns into an entirely different upper/lower plane cosmology. Spirit World instead of the astral sea, Emperor's spiritual heavens, and then the underworld, and then shit like the mad monkey's dimension/island.

>> No.76947154

>tfw you will never have a lithe, androgynous wood elf scout buddy that lets you fuck them in the ass after long scouting shifts
why even live?

>> No.76947158
Quoted By: >>76947173

Zakhara does some similar shit but only for SOME of the planes, because the Elemental Lords (Kossuth/Istishia/Grumbar/Akadi) still exist there.

Then there's the other fucking planet which is in fact the same planet but separated by time and with a different set of deities. Yet Drow are still there. Despite having been created after the split. By deities not present on the other one. Fucking Drow.

>> No.76947163
File: 95KiB, 680x418, 013 - yP0r017.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

>be dm
>party is 9th level
>cool multi-wave siege encounter planned
>players are grinding through the attackers but it's slow work and they're piling up
>bring in the big boss monster to seal the deal and have a cool moment
>bard: dominate person
>fail save
>fail reroll
>wizard fireballs the rest of the chaff
>encounter devolves into my boss failing every wisdom throw in the world before dying ignanimously
im banning full casters next time

>> No.76947173
Quoted By: >>76947212

Oh my god, yeah the fucking Realmspace planets I forgot about them. What's up with the deity situations over there? Should I just say they worship thor/all the other gods that exist but don't normally get worship?

>> No.76947184
Quoted By: >>76947241

>boss wasn't racially immune to charms, or immune because of a magic item/template/boon

Your fault/his fault in setting. Run with it. Adapt, overcome, have the same BBEG power source do it over but fix the mistakes.

>> No.76947189
Quoted By: >>76947241 >>76947248

Legendary Resistances my dude
Give your big bosses at least one if you don't want them getting clowned on
You could even be dramatic and let Dominate Person work for a turn or two before they break out with their legendary resistance

>> No.76947192
Quoted By: >>76947214

Deadfall traps are probably one of the most ubiquitous traps in history. They can be scaled down to kill small rodents and up to even kill bears and other large animals. They're pretty much completely ineffective against humans though, because even if you've never seen one, they are really conspicuous and hard to camouflage. Humans have also been using pitfall traps for a long time, and they are much easier to use against other humans. They've even been used in recent wars.

Both of these are pretty labor intensive, and I dunno how much your typical elf values practicality vs elegance. So they might be a little uncharacteristic.

>> No.76947193
Quoted By: >>76947241 >>76947248


>boss doesn't have legendary resistance

>> No.76947212
Quoted By: >>76947232

Not even talking about those, but the Abeir and Toril divide. It's some Ultima Online shard shit going on there.

The other planets, like Oerth and shit, all have their own deities and cosmologies that are only present for them. But you can move from one to the other along a space river (which only flows in one direction, though it is circular).

Actual Real Earth is also reachable through magic and has all of its deities, which is where the Mulhorandi people and their Egyptian pantheon came from: straight-up Stargated on over, with Ao saying, "yeah okay i guess you can bring thoth and ra and shit if you guys want".

Orcs and Dwarves are also from different planets, not native to Abeir-Toril.

>> No.76947214
Quoted By: >>76947237

>Both of these are pretty labor intensive
You can make a good pitfall trap in about 30 seconds with Mold Earth

>> No.76947232
Quoted By: >>76947273

I remember reading about the Mulan/Mulhorandi shift over. Ao summoned some random ass outer god named P'Tah, who made some artifact to guide them through the stars.

I think that planar-sailing artifact is buried in chult, and was a minor ship upgrade in another module.

>> No.76947237

It's a rogue we're talking about, but that is true.

>> No.76947241

LR feels so cheap to use though, ugh. And I roll in the open too, so no fudging there. I was hoping two Indomitable rerolls would get me through it.
Maybe throwing Magic Resistance on those big bosses would work. Come to think of it, the only campaign I ever ran that didn't devolve into "casters win" was Descent Into Avernus, aka "everything past level 5 has magic resistance, suck it up"

>> No.76947248
Quoted By: >>76947367

Legendary Resistance is bad.
Conditional Clearing is good.
It's like LR, but comes at a cost and doesn't instantaneously negate the casters' spells, leaving them in this dumb limbo of "wasting turns until they get to do something".
Negative conditions and spells affect a baddie that fails their save until that baddie's next turn (you ARE using multiple initiatives for your big bads, aren't you?) at which point they can use a reaction to get rid of the condition by burning some other resource, like taking damage commensurate with the severity of the condition or the spell level used to inflict it, or losing a bonus they had.

Your boss lasts longer and the casters get to feel like their shit did something every turn they succeeded, not just 4-6 turns later.

>> No.76947255
Quoted By: >>76947328

god why are so many dms such insufferable faggots

>> No.76947261

LR exists as a mechanic for a reason. Force the casters to at least burn a couple extra slots to make sure their "I win" button hits

>> No.76947264


Legendary Resistance isn't cheap, it's important so your boss doesn't get negated by save or sucks.

also yes, Magic Resistance is ubiquitous for a reason.

>> No.76947273
Quoted By: >>76947298

Yeah. The Mulhorandi people were yoinked over and enslaved. Lacking their gods, they couldn't fight back. Ao thought that was fucked and rang up P'tah, who gathered the rest of the pantheon and had them sail over, then they came down and could once again grant spells to the Mulhorandi who waged their guerilla war for freedom.

>> No.76947275
Quoted By: >>76947364 >>76947387

>I roll in the open too,
That's no one's fault but your own.

>> No.76947279

LR is necessary, because mythic actions also use them.

>> No.76947298

Yeah, that's one of the few cases where I look at Ao (who I consider an asshole because he doesn't give his clerics power) and think that he might be fit for the job he has.

It still makes me laugh that the guiding artifact is a SAILING SHIP ONLY upgrade item now though. Fuck you, planescape.

>> No.76947325

honestly 9th level is where the game really starts to get rough for DMs I think
casters are now throwing out DC17 save or sucks, and have enough choice of spells to target a weak save
martials have a +9 to hit , so AC either needs to get inflated or it just doesn't feel like it does anything

>> No.76947328
Quoted By: >>76947351 >>76947406

>DM tries really hard to set up cool stuff
>players clown on it like it was nothing
>players are probably waiting for a big cool thing to happen or the session will feel stupid
>thought that big cool thing you had planned would last longer so now you're short on content for the session and have to start improv-ing

You say this like its you vs the DM and the DM is salty he lost, but really the DM is salty because he spent a lot of time planning out something that he thought was gonna be really cool and exciting and instead it all fell flat on its face because of shitty RNG.
The DM isn't trying to beat the players, he's trying to entertain them, so when you spend a lot of time on a BIG moment for a session and it fails thats when the DM really loses.

>> No.76947351
Quoted By: >>76947385


your players probably thought they whooped that big guy's ass and then didn't give a shit quit being a fucking baby

>> No.76947364
Quoted By: >>76947387

>tfw too autistic to roll behind a screen

>> No.76947367
Quoted By: >>76947395 >>76947453

>leaving them in this dumb limbo of "wasting turns until they get to do something".
Or you know, risk a spell versus doing something with guaranteed results. If the guy passed the save then you would think the casters are just wasting their time. Kind of the point of most big spells, they're not "I win buttons", they're always a gamble versus guaranteed action.
>(you ARE using multiple initiatives for your big bads, aren't you?)
Boy can you imagine if there was some sort of legendary action that could be taken on other turns?
Bet you give minions 1 hit points because nothing without plot relevancy deserves a name or stats.

>> No.76947385
Quoted By: >>76947398

>your players probably thought they whooped that big guy's ass and then didn't give a shit quit being a fucking baby
Why the fuck would they think that when as far as they saw he was a total jobber. The only person who knew it was going to be a big boss was the DM, the players just dunked on some shitter that never did anything cool. As far as they know the encounter wasn't special at all.

>> No.76947387
Quoted By: >>76947459

I roll in the open sometimes, but I also roll behind the screen for shit where the players shouldn't know the result

>> No.76947393
File: 84KiB, 1000x1272, 8B661726-FEAE-48A2-B5F2-DE6C4409C491.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>76947410

A kobold from a savage tribe that is obsessed with the hunt and with hunting bigger and badder creatures his soul can become bigger and stronger . How would Rogue Phantom would fit?

>> No.76947395

>flip a coin to win or do nothing
wow great design

>> No.76947398
Quoted By: >>76947461


yeah they dunked on some shitter and it felt totally fucking awesome

they're definitely gonna give each other congratulatory ass pats and handjobs in the locker room shower afterwards so instead of feeling so disappointed and paranoid just take the lessons you learned from this failure and apply it next time

>> No.76947406
Quoted By: >>76947461

no you are clearly asshurt that you didn't tpk your players, you're a cunt
if your reaction to your players succeeding and HAVING FUN is
>waaaahhh they're too strong!
then maybe co-op games with other human beings aren't for you, faggot

>> No.76947410
Quoted By: >>76947466

Does the kobold enjoy coins, and using souls as coins?
'cause he should, because devils love that shit.

>> No.76947414

No no no, you don't understand
The alternative is a guaranteed something (which may be very little), so by another option existing which is different from that, it's automatically cool and good actually.

>> No.76947419
Quoted By: >>76947442

>using random chance to determine outcome
who does that?

>> No.76947442
Quoted By: >>76947456 >>76947476

Not wizards
[Laughs in portents and wall of force]

>> No.76947453
Quoted By: >>76947710

Legendary actions dropping in at the end of any turn as it suits the DM is just arbitrary nonsense. Restrict yourself to one of multiple initiatives and open the game to the realm of planning and forethought.

>> No.76947456
Quoted By: >>76947471

explicitly runs on random chance

>> No.76947459
Quoted By: >>76947469

Like an int save?

>> No.76947461

>yeah they dunked on some shitter and it felt totally fucking awesome
Then why do players always get so bored and whiny during dungeon crawls where they have to dunk on shitters?
I don't think they'll feel all that awesome at all if the enemy doesn't seem like it actually could have fought back.

I once set up a whole ass dungeon that was supposed to lead to an epic showdown with a Mindflayer, but the players wombo combo'd him to death in 3 turns before he could literally do anything. I opened with a small ability so I didn't demo anyone too early into the fight and that ended up being the last thing the mind flayer got to do. The final boss of the entire dungeon took less time than almost every other minor combat on the way to him. The fucking rock crabs the players fought earlier where they had to flip them over to lower the AC first was more of an epic struggle than the fight with the big bad evil guy.

They just kinda killed him, took his loot and looked at me like "okay what happens next, is that it?"
There was no celebration for finally pulling it off and stopping the mind flayer, they just grabbed the magic trinket and left. When they talk about that campaign they never talk about the epic showdown I spent hours setting up, they talk about a contest of strength with a bullywug or the stupid rock crab shit.

>no you are clearly asshurt that you didn't tpk your players
You have never DM'd a game in your life.

>> No.76947466
Quoted By: >>76947474

He do not, it is a savage setting no coins but other type of wealth

>> No.76947469

And stealth checks, how the fuck is the player supposed to know he did a really good or bad job trying to hide, he's literally always trying to do a good job, the roll just determines how the world reacts to it. When players roll stealth I never show or tell them the result of the roll, I just say "okay you feel like you're sufficiently hidden"

>> No.76947471
Quoted By: >>76947495

Fine, Convergent Future then. I did not want to resort to Matt Mercer's content for a joke, but you've forced my hand

>> No.76947474

Then he should be an Ancestral Guardians Barb, or a Ranger Monster Slayer or something.

>> No.76947476

Exactly. Other classes use random chance to determine incremental progress. But then you've got spells that use random chance to shit into your hand and smear it over the board.
>it's okay though because the DM can write himself a few one-use No Shit Coupons
whew the session can continue for another two turns i guess

>> No.76947480 [DELETED]
File: 774KiB, 1024x793, file.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]


>> No.76947485
File: 88KiB, 568x548, 1553561574931.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

If our caster and the enemy caster both use blink do they do battle in the ethereal plane?

>> No.76947488

got any interesting build ideas /5eg/?

I'm bored, my brain is fried and I'm looking for something to keep my mind working or at least amused

>> No.76947490

The world's reaction is partially covered by the contested Perception checks. A character who truly beefs their Stealth check should probably be able to tell, though. I'm cool with hiding them, but if someone gets like a 1-3 I'll probably give them a heads up that they know they've crunched some twigs or clipped their shoulder when turning a corner.

>> No.76947495

Sorry, I allow some homebrew and UA at my table and I'm pretty flexible, but nothing by mercer at my table, not even spells.

Also still requires a roll to have a random chance component, sorry.

You're right on wall of force though, especially if you have the cube of force, or whatever the magic item is.

>> No.76947497
File: 304KiB, 720x715, bateman_character_icon.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

>When players roll stealth I never show or tell them the result of the roll
yeah but like, if you're sneaking around, you know if you make noise or do something to draw attention

>> No.76947499

Just roll a wizard, everything in 5e boils down spells

>> No.76947500

No. They make out in the ethereal plane.

>> No.76947505

They would only return to the Ethereal Plane at the end of their turns so they could only do something if they readied an action, I guess?

>> No.76947507

I keep thinking about a Fighter (Battlemaster), with either a kensei or a four elements monk. Not great, but would be really fun to roleplay. I'd use it to replicate old Tome of Battle stuff.

>> No.76947519
Quoted By: >>76947541 >>76947547

Yeah but you're trying not to to the best of your ability.
If you let your players roll stealth out in the open, and they get a 2, they'll just say "Oh I'm stealthed bad so lets do something else"
I like to let them try to hide, and then they won't know how well hidden they are till they either get caught or they don't. But I find rolling behind the screen for stealth prevents lame metagaming

>> No.76947525

>his rogue isn't so high on his own farts that he's deaf to the sound of his own bumbling through tin can traps until he's all the way in the middle of the bugbear camp
heh, maybe try some ROLEplay next time, kiddo

>> No.76947526
File: 1MiB, 1428x1843, dumdum.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>76947775

Yes, I am a professional retard. Why do you ask?

>> No.76947528

each round is 6 seconds of combat and blink is exactly that, a blink
what it would actually look like is the wizards teleporting in for about 2 seconds to blast each other before vanishing again while everyone else fights normally

>> No.76947532

>wizard and warlock fly into a newly created accelerated time demiplane, while rest of party is stuck on the ground
>fight finishes without us, with the DM and two other players separating and roleplaying it out with the rest of us
i hate this game

>> No.76947539


you should be able to know how you're doing on a stealth roll. Like if you roll low and step on a creaky floor board or something

>> No.76947541

Stealth rolls outside of combat should only be done at a point where an enemy might notice you so you're really just rolling for how sneaky you are at that particular instance and what happened. Obviously the player is trying their best but sometimes the guard just randomly turns around at the wrong time, oh well.

The hide action in combat is different, and your player finds out if they fucked up if the cultist who moves next totally just saw them hide behind that barrel moves their Spiritual Weapon over to bonk their ass

>> No.76947547
Quoted By: >>76947615

This is why you don't call for checks until there's an element of consequence involved, or you're bluffing about one.

If PCs are sneaking down a hall and there's a chance the enemies in an adjoining room could hear them, the result of the Stealth check occurs at the point of greatest danger, when they could conceivably be detected. You don't have them roll Stealth, get a 2, and let them say, "Oh, well I guess we beefed this Stealth roll, good thing we only got five feet down the hall. We can stop and go around." No, their goal was to get down the hall and that 2 means they made noise right outside the fucking door. Oopsie.

>> No.76947555

Right, but you may only notice when it is too late. Such as stepping on a branch right as you're passing the tents, because you weren't an expert all the way through.

>> No.76947567
Quoted By: >>76947582

>he wasn't playing a sufficiently casty caster
wizards of the coast not martials who can boast etc

>> No.76947580
File: 417KiB, 1024x768, CG01000.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>76947650

Rate my Fighter Battlemaster, Rance

I tried my best, tell me where I failed. I am currently using him in a campaign.


>> No.76947582
File: 21KiB, 1079x635, 1559221698578.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>76947614

>called wizards of the coast
>literally all they fucking do is jerk off wizards and print material for the sword coast

>> No.76947585
Quoted By: >>76947630

They could have upcasted those spells and included you too.. were the opponents just that weak that a warlock's damage output was enough to wrap it up?

>> No.76947608

you people lack the capacity for imagination

>> No.76947614

Hey, it's not false advertising

>> No.76947615

But if they succeed, they now know for sure that there are enemies behind that door.

>> No.76947625

You lack the capacity to satisfy a woman.

>> No.76947630

What >>76947585 said, assuming you weren't dealing with time-shifted demiplanes at like level fucking 5 the casters should've been able to take at least one of you with them, each.

>> No.76947635
Quoted By: >>76947705 >>76947725

What makes you say that?

>> No.76947650
Quoted By: >>76947694

Your hyper weapon is weak.

>> No.76947675
File: 4MiB, 600x255, C0576351-17A0-4DD1-9CE0-718F2DFAFAC5.gif [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

There any good Homebrews on playing a Dragon, like how Pathfinder had ‘In The Company of Dragons’? We’re switching to 5E and my player wants to remake his character.

>> No.76947679

no, there isn't.

>> No.76947691

>tfw no dead grandpa yard sale loaded with TSR splats

>> No.76947694
Quoted By: >>76947719

Playing him is a bit hard. I'm a brute and a jerk but I'm stuck running around with MEN and some uggo women (Dwarf woman and a half-dragon woman). Not only that, but we're stuck in Amn. "Lance" got taken out by some Wyverns (how he was introduced to the story) so he's taking out the nearby ones and taking his anger out on them. He also punched a kobold's skull in because it ran up to him when he was kicking a wyvern.

I think it was good enough. The players love him.

>> No.76947699

>Switching from pathfinder to 5e
I'm running and playing 5e, and I'm still confused why you would do this and expect ANY direct equivalence.
Are both you and your player stupid?

>> No.76947701

TQ: If you want to play Vergil, play DMC. If you are so uncreative that you can't come up with your own idea for a character, find yourself a different DM.

>> No.76947702


>> No.76947705

all your characters are dead boring. You try to defend it by saying "playing freakshit doesn't make your character interesting" but then every character is gruff, macho, racist human or dwarf fighter or barbarian. It's all the same, it's all cripplingly boring and god help anyone who tries to do anything different.

>> No.76947710

>do nothing
yeah, sometimes people succeed on saving throws anon, it happens.
You could also just use planning for when to sue the legendary actions

>> No.76947715

Spends 90% of time on phone.

>> No.76947719
Quoted By: >>76947772

The site you linked is kinda shit, what background is he?

>> No.76947725

oh, not to mention you ban anything that doesn't fit that specific playstyle, accusing it of being "faggy" or "minimaxing bullshit". You even force rolled stats because god forbid someone wants to have a choice

>> No.76947726
Quoted By: >>76947838

but you do the exact same thing we do because you're just like us

>> No.76947733

What was your character?

>> No.76947736

I hope this feels really good to get off of your chest. You deserve better, anon.

>> No.76947745
File: 106KiB, 750x676, genasi sorcerer.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

If you want to plat a Genasi, play 4E. 5e Genasi are 'there were Genasi in earlier editions so have some scrap DLC'.

>> No.76947746

Someone made a 5E version of Council of Wyrms, give those rules a look. Otherwise no.

>> No.76947749
Quoted By: >>76947773 >>76947783

No, 5e homebrew is catastrophically bad generally, and particularly awful when it comes to homebrew races or classes.
I would recommend that your player play a "dragon" that shapeshifted into a humanoid race and got locked in form by Tiamat or something. Have them pick Draconic Sorcerer, and flavor the class feature upgrades as regaining parts of their inbuilt draconic power.
At level 17 they can take True Polymorph and permanently transform back into a proper dragon, which you can flavor as breaking the curse.

>> No.76947751
Quoted By: >>76947803

Yo dude, I play flamboyant kitsune full casters who explicitly suck dick. You okay?

>> No.76947754

You sound like a fag who tried to convince his group that his dragonborn paladin really DID roll 18s for str con and cha

>> No.76947764

>You even force rolled stats because god forbid someone wants to have a choice
I make my players roll 3D6 straight through because worrying too much about your stats makes you a fucking faggot at the table. Just roll a fucking guy and quit worrying about "winning"

>> No.76947772
Quoted By: >>76947784

I put him as a Soldier background, only because the DM wouldn't allow a custom background. I've basically copy pasted his backstory a bit and gave it to the dm but with the altercation that he hasn't owned a slave yet. (Because even though he's CN, the rest of the party would probably object).

The first prerogative of mine is to find a hireling, or better yet, a slave, that I can have carry all my shit. A plus if it's a cute girl.

>> No.76947773

>No, 5e homebrew is catastrophically bad generally, and particularly awful when it comes to homebrew races or classes.
t.Paid Shill

>> No.76947775

>Kept the exhaustion penalty for frenzying the same
Of all the things you could have changed, why leave this in as it was?
at least you provided a reason to possibly frenzy more than once, but they are nowhere near good enough to offset the penalties exhaustion incurs
>speed increases to 10 feet
Fair enough, if weird since you are exhausted
>Add 1d4 to AC
neat idea of dropping back down to "normal speed" (for a dwarf) in return for more AC, but odds are people are gonna be looking to clean up exhaustion unless it is nothing but combat during the session because disadvantage on checks is a bitch
>Extra damage dice
I doubt you will get much use out of that with the permanent disadvantage on attack rolls from 3 exhaustion, but at least you have reckless I guess, though I doubt essentially trading advantage on yourself for slightly more damage dice is a good idea in the long run
Mindless rage looks neat, and I can easily see see anyone getting a use out of revelry of blood
>free aggressiv and make an attack for a free crit
Intimidating presence is still its ribbon self, and retaliation is still retaliation
It's a step in the right direction but you left in the thing that punishes you for using your subclass pre 6

>> No.76947782

>all your characters are dead boring.

I'm ok with that, I enjoy playing my character which I think is more important.

>> No.76947783

>No, 5e homebrew is catastrophically bad generally, and particularly awful when it comes to homebrew races or classes.
This is untrue. There are loads of good ones.

>> No.76947784
Quoted By: >>76947830

I would have gone with Folk Hero, since Rance was an abandoned child, raised by the town mayor and ran around calling himself Rance Super King.

Soldier totally works though, makes it less obvious too.

>> No.76947789


I imagined you'd only post strawman arguments and bait.

>> No.76947800

>Gunslinging (or crossbow-wielding if your DM is a lameo) pact of the blade warlock
>Hill Dwarf Monk with a finesse Warhammer
>Artillerist Artificer who wields his Arcane Firearm staff focus as a quarterstaff and casts booming blade out of it as a literal boomstick

>> No.76947803
File: 56KiB, 854x480, 20210114_014518.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>76947820


>> No.76947820

He's a dude, but he can shapechange if you ask nicely.

>> No.76947830

Yeah. Three of my party members know the material (the other is the DM and his girlfriend, and desu the girlfriend really doesn't like the character). I asked the DM what rating our game would get if it were a movie and I got an "R" so here's hoping I can get me that hireling.

>> No.76947838

I only came to 4chan for the porn, leaks and piracy, and stuck around because the "people" behind the screens here are horrible enough that I can shower them in abuse guilt-free.

I'm a being with a soul, and that soul gives me creativity, curiosity, empathy, conscience. You fundamentally are not. You're just a revolting caricature of human degeneracy

>> No.76947845

Shut up and let my kitsune suck your dick.

>> No.76947851


>> No.76947854

You are actually worse then everyone else here.
You stand in shit and declare yourself above it all, while everyone else stands in shit and knows where they are.

>> No.76947862


bro, I'm just here for the memes, you're here to get off. Nerd.

>> No.76947867

>but you do the exact same thing we do because you're just like us
>"I'm a being with a soul, and that soul gives me creativity, curiosity, empathy, conscience. You fundamentally are not. You're just a revolting caricature of human degeneracy"

Man you aren't just one of us, you're the actual mascot

>> No.76947891
File: 1MiB, 1245x900, minnow_anderson-1.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>76947954


Can I suggest some additional spells to help him along?

>Hedging Weapons
Summons spectral weapons that block attacks for you (+1 AC per weapon) that you can throw. They do Force damage.

>Weapons Storm
Ghostly copies of the weapon you're holding strike your target after landing a successful attack

>Storm of Blades
Summons a hail of swords and fires them at your target. (Also consumes the sword you're holding. Might want to edit this somewhat to make it not shit.)

>> No.76947897

I don't know any Dragon race homebrews, you might want to look on the Unearthed Arcana reddit, you might find something there that might be balanced enough to where its usable. I just don't know any because playing a Dragon is kinda a big deal.
I remember someone made a Dragon Race thing here (or just posted one they found), I don't know where it is though and I can't attest to its balance either. Also when it comes to homebrew, you most stuff is usually okay you'd probably need to be ready to adjust things as the game develops to put things on level with others as you play. I switched my game from PF to 5e a few years back and had a decent chunk of homebrew as well, it worked just fine overall.

>> No.76947904
File: 282KiB, 1115x451, file.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>76947960 >>76948032

This is how far my players have made it on their journey, and I improv'd every single bit of it.

>> No.76947930
File: 539KiB, 1558x1438, gopnikforged.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

If that were true you wouldn't be bothered by the people who enjoy their white bread and water characters because you're too busy making your own

I think you're just a leech who's desperate to be entertained by the creativity of others.

>> No.76947942

Imagine feeling the need to justify your presence here. Absolutely pathetic, 0/10, just kill yourself.

>> No.76947954
Quoted By: >>76947989

>Might want to edit this somewhat to make it not shit
You should have done that before you posted any of these.

>> No.76947960
File: 46KiB, 224x234, fox.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

>DM supposedly running a module
>Read the spoilers for the module up until about where we are
>All the best parts of our campaign were 100% homebrew so far

Not even mad, I'm genuinely impressed

>> No.76947984
File: 12KiB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

>Reading the book before the game ends
What a weenie.

>> No.76947989

>on demand AC
>attacking 9 times in one turn as anything other than a a Fighter or a Monk

>> No.76947990
Quoted By: >>76948040

That's usually how it goes desu
The best part of Dragon Heist when our DM ran it was when we went on a detour to find a unicorn so we ended up getting a teleport out to the forest, and ended up aiding the local druid in clearing out a cursed ass ziggurat some necromancer asshole set up further out in the woods.
After that the Druid introduced us to a unicorn and everyone except our token """morally grey""" warlock got a boon to summon the unicorn once.

>> No.76947992

don't do this

>> No.76947999

You will never be a real woman

>> No.76948001
File: 205KiB, 426x341, file.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

>player character asks an NPC on a date

what do I do?

>> No.76948009

Roll charisma, fade to black, move on

>> No.76948020
Quoted By: >>76948151

Does the NPC want to date the PC? If so, accept the offer and have that date happen during down time/fade to black. If not say no thanks and move on.

>> No.76948032
Quoted By: >>76948052 >>76948066

>not following the river south to bypass the mountains
Ok Hannibal

>> No.76948033
File: 21KiB, 326x293, the audacity.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

Save the curtain peeking for after the campaign

>> No.76948040
Quoted By: >>76948075

What alignment is your warlock? LE? NE?

>> No.76948043

Did the manner in which the PC asked make your heart race? If not, politely decline.

>> No.76948052

They're following a well-walked, relatively safe trade route called the Golden Way that links up with the Spice Road or else there's so many other cool routes they could go.

>> No.76948053

>PC ask NPC for a date

That's the trickier situation I think.

>> No.76948066
Quoted By: >>76948295

There's hot springs in the mountain.

>> No.76948075

He was Lawful Powerhungry
Like "Stab yourself in the neck in a cursed ass temple because the inscription says you'll get something" powerhungry

>> No.76948081
File: 376KiB, 675x527, loading cat.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

I have memory problems. It's medical. It's healing, but very, very slowly. It makes me kinda bad at the strategy parts of the game because i forget all the options i have available.

So, I want to make character(s, if possible, do a little futureproofing, i've been in a lot of games recently, that's what's led me to wanting to really solve this issue for the sake of DMs and groups) that has as little for me to remember as possible, and most importantly keep it that way. no starting simple but gaining a ton of features by level 10.

Personality and background stuff, honestly i'm not a good enough player to make something too complex there anyways. they're usually well liked, but i'm no writer.

I know I need to avoid any magic items that aren't just passive bonuses or something very very easy to remember. But unless my dm just starts chucking them at me like last time, between +Xs and stat boosts i'm sure i can find plenty to waste my gold on.

so it really comes down to class and race. the nuts and bolts of the build. My first thoughts would be something like base human or Vuman with an inconsequential feat, and then one of the really simple (sub)classes like champion or thief, but i realize that those subclasses are basically like just not having one at all, i.e. crippling yourself in terms of party usefulness. Basically the same reason i still need to spend the gold on magic items, even if they're passives, instead of just giving it away or something.

So what's my actual best option(s) here?
How few buttons can i have and still be properly contributing? And by contributing, that would include more than just "does enough damage," that part's honestly pretty idiotproofed in 5e, not to mention combat isn't the only thing in the game.

>> No.76948091
Quoted By: >>76948234

Champion Fighter!

>> No.76948095
Quoted By: >>76948106

IMO you should tell on him to his patron. Daddy/Mommy will probably get angry.

>> No.76948097
Quoted By: >>76948234

Thief is plenty useful, so long as you're not an idiot.

>> No.76948106
Quoted By: >>76948182

Adventure is long over by now, we all died to the gold dragon at the end because fuck off if we weren't leaving without at least some of that treasure after all the shit we had to go through to get into the vault.

>> No.76948119
Quoted By: >>76948125 >>76948172

>Stab someone in the neck because the wall writing says you will get something nice"
sounds pretty evil to me, anon

>> No.76948125

I didn't disagree

>> No.76948151

Small side thing: I've had lots of NPCs and PCs do that whole dating thing. I always suggest not taking any game time for it and just fade to black. The best thing imo to do with dates though or any one on one discussion between a NPC/PC or PC/PC is have that stuff be off session. You can use this to your advantage as a DM and introduce side quests and little subplots with that NPC or in the case PC/PC those two PCs can learn more about one another that they didn't have a lot of time to talk about in the middle of the session or they can bring up side plots/side quests that might have not existed prior to them speaking to one another. Basically its a good time to have a heart to heart that might not be so possible in the middle of your 2-3 hour main session where you don't want to focus on two people and instead want to focus on the group.

>> No.76948160
File: 1MiB, 1x1, 1599188166925.pdf [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>76948173 >>76948655

thief is absolutely fine for a subclass, i'd recommend it actually
scout is another simple rogue subclass that's still decent
you might benefit for a more explicit character sheet so things around spread around everywhere, one made only for the class you're playing
don't play champion fighter, you have literally no options outside of combat

>> No.76948172
Quoted By: >>76948226 >>76948242

but he stabbed himself.

well, that's kind of the general flavor wotc went for when designing warlocks.

>> No.76948173

things aren't spread around*

>> No.76948182
Quoted By: >>76948214

Yeah, the fact that you go through all the trouble and then get told "
>fuck off you can't have any of the gold you just spent the entirety of the campaign chasing leads around for, and if you do somehow get the gold away from a fucking gold dragon the the town declares you criminals and hunt you down and if you do turn it in you get an insultingly shallow cut of it as a "reward" for someone who probably dealt with the Xanathars/Manshoon/Casslantors or some combination of in the case of my campaign

>> No.76948214

According to the DM we did actually get close to beating the dragon, mostly the Druid repeatedly polymorphing my Cleric into a giant ape sponge up hits
If the Rogue didn't get fucking roasted on the other side of the fucking room on like turn 3 maybe we could've shit out enough damage to finish it off but unfortunately king kong has really shit +hit bonuses

>> No.76948224

>Joke/pun name
>Asks for homebrew
>Is a copy of a existing character from fiction

>> No.76948226
Quoted By: >>76948231

My mistake, I glossed over the "yourself"
I have seen far too many warlocks who would rather stab someone else to get the power than not

>> No.76948231

True, I guess in this case self-harm is less evil than sacrificing others.

Vergil approach vs Dante approach.

>> No.76948234

did you get reading comprehension awards in elementary school? such staggering understanding you display.

if that "being not an idiot" involves grabbing a bunch of mundane and magic items for your haversack batman toolbelt that you pull out using Fast Hands and UMD, then I might as well have a full spell list, you've missed the objective entirely.
If there's something other than that though, I'm all ears.

ha, we have one of those too. she's an eloquence bard at the moment, but looking to multi to warlock just as soon as she can figure out how to net Auril as a patron.

>> No.76948242

I hate how classes have those implications.
>Paladin must be good
>warlock must be evil
>druid must be neutral
Its gay

>> No.76948243
Quoted By: >>76948482

did you forget how to be polite?

>> No.76948255

>celestial warlock must be evil
>wildfire druid must be neutral
>conquest paladin must be good
the game already fixed your problem, shut up

>> No.76948260

Warlock doesn't have to be evil
You could be a warlock of some higher good force as a separate thing from a cleric.

>> No.76948271

A paladin is just a champion of a God similar to a cleric, they can easily be death knights
Warlocks have celestial
Druids can easily tend to lawful or chaotic

>> No.76948283
File: 2MiB, 3840x2160, 1607221707932.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]


>> No.76948285

I made a Queen of Air and Darkness warlock who was a tomelock zhentarim agent, used Archfey and it worked pretty well. Hex spell to say they're frozen, and then ice-spear eldritch blasts.

>> No.76948295
File: 3MiB, 400x225, 226.gif [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]


>> No.76948307

It just trips up new players is all. Personally I only look at the mechanics and flavor it myself. If I like a warlock's flavor but a cleric's mechanics would be more appropriate for my character, you bet that cleric's spirit guardians will be an aura of eldrich horrors and my spiritual weapon a tentacle a la fathomless.

If you don't remember your class features, it's better to just have passive crit chance. But anyway, play an archer fighter. Subclass doesn't matter at all. You can go battlemaster and only use precision attack or Eldrich Knight and only use shield and still be quite good. Or just samurai, if you remember to use their bonus action advantage, rest of their features until their capstone are passive anyway.

Or a Zealot barbarian. Just remember to rage at the start of each fight, and all you gotta remember is that you can reckless attack for advantage or not, and that you do an extra d6+half your level on your first hit. Note it down if you need to.

>> No.76948316
Quoted By: >>76948323

I don't think that's what they're talking about, but I agree with you. It's so fucking limiting being a player. There are so many character concepts that can only work as NPCs, because as a DM you get to and have to regularly bend the rules in half.

>> No.76948323

Such as? Consider that you can just reflavor things instead of making new homebrew.

>> No.76948324
Quoted By: >>76948655

Barbarian is pretty straightfoward, go totem barb and grab bear at 3, walk into combat and laugh at everything short of psychic damage
Samurai fighter is simple too, just keep track of how many fighting spirits you have and whether you want to take another swing or keep your advantage at 15+
Or ask your DM if you can use brute
Don't be surprised if you ask for a simple subclass and people tell you the simplest subclass. Champion isn't crippling yourself in usefulness, it's just suboptimal, You still kill shit the same you would expect a fighter to kill shit

>> No.76948348
Quoted By: >>76948415

But reflavoring Spirit Folk as Genasi sucks.

It's what I would have a player do, so as a GM I'm following the rule too. So river and sea spirit folk are water genasi, mountain and bamboo are earth genasi.

>> No.76948381
Quoted By: >>76948468

Well, for one thing, as a DM you get to play as the monsters. What DM would like a player play a full-powered Ancient Red Dragon or a measly flumph or a super-massive complex of immobile sentient bread mold as a PC at their table?

>> No.76948393
Quoted By: >>76948415

>Consider that you can just reflavor things instead of making new homebrew.
Thats homebrew bruh

>> No.76948415

Why does it suck? What traits are you looking for?
River spirit folk can be any race that has a swim speed, such as water genasi or triton, and it would fit quite well. I have no idea what mountain or baboo folk are supposed to be unique at.

Homebrew is when you actually change the mechanics. Reflavoring doesn't affect any of the rules in the game- I can have EB look like firebolts but as long as it doesn't do fire damage or set things on fire I'm not homebrewing anything. Tasha's even had chicken magic missiles.

>> No.76948425
Quoted By: >>76948491

As a DM, what rolls do you do openly and which hidden ?

>> No.76948442
Quoted By: >>76948460

mmmmm, the thing is, define dragon.

i'm sure i could whip you up something fairly decent, but if you want something roughly PC race strength, you're obviously going to have to cut some corners because full-ass dragons are like cr20, and i need to know which ones are acceptable losses.

If you just want like, the Taninim straight out of that pathfinder thing, you could do a pseudo or faerie dragon with Sidekick class levels.
Or, to translate directly from the pathfinder stats so he doesn't lose or change much of anything:
Small, Cha +2, Con +1, Elf Fey Ancestry (renamed like the warforged version was), 13+dex natural armor (can't wear armor), 1d4+str bite unarmed attack (can't wield two-handed or heavy, disadvantage with all held weapons), Simic Hybrid manta glide, Stonecunning about dragons, proficient in perception, darkvision 60.

It's a weird one, kinda like if you gave an elf the Dragon Hide feat as its subrace while crossing it with kobold, but i don't think it would be broken, though i do find it odd that most of its balancing downsides only really apply to trying to make it a martial, an arcane caster one would be almost entirely unhindered.

you get TWO spells, gust and gust of wind. it's no more busted than tiefling or drow.

>spells of the mark
are additional spells known options you can grab if you are already a spellcaster. and frankly, a really easy rule to ignore, just like the GGR backgrounds giving you extra spell options too.

how about that revised monk of the four winds?
or literally anything for darksun, i have no idea how they'll ever port that to 5e.

>> No.76948448
Quoted By: >>76948479

>What traits are you looking for?
Huh? That's not how reflavoring works, I gotta take something wholesale. Otherwise we're homebrewing and that's for fags.

>> No.76948456
File: 851KiB, 200x200, Niggerman_stretch.gif [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>76948479 >>76948610

>Homebrew is when you actually change the mechanics. Reflavoring doesn't affect any of the rules in the game- I can have EB look like firebolts but as long as it doesn't do fire damage or set things on fire I'm not homebrewing anything. Tasha's even had chicken magic missiles.

>playing pretend on top of his game of pretend because he's too afraid to just change the rules to suit his game

>> No.76948457
Quoted By: >>76948730

Ranger is the worst class ever

>> No.76948460
Quoted By: >>76948730

>how about that revised monk of the four winds?
What about what?

>> No.76948465

>he doesn't realize he's in hell too.

well, don't worry kiddo, you'll figure it out eventually. after all, you're here forever.

>> No.76948468

Sorry, I was thinking of something else when I posted >>76948381.
I think what I meant to say is that there are certain game mechanics core to a character concept that for obvious reasons are off limits to PCs, just like how there are roles in a campaign's plot that don't really work as PCs.

>> No.76948479
Quoted By: >>76948494 >>76948506

I don't know what currently existing race/class/feat to recommend for your concept unless I know what you're looking for.. A wood elf could be an acceptable substitute if all you needed was darkvision and some light nature flavored features so.

>waaah waah DM please let me have x i promes its not broken waaah waah

>> No.76948482

talk shit get hit. you don't want a rude response, don't give a rude answer.

>> No.76948491
Quoted By: >>76948670

when i started, i used to hide everything, which made me want to fudge
i tried rolling everything out in the open in a really deadly combat, so the party knew i wasn't fudging one way or the other, and when they came out victorious, it felt that much better to know for a fact it all came down to the dice and tactics
ever since, i've been pretty open about my dice rolls. we play on foundry, so if i'm rolling from the sheet, it's always open and they can see it. sometimes i feel like rolling physical dice, so i'm technically hiding the results, but they trust me enough to not be fudging at this point
i do like rolling insight/perception/deception checks privately, just so my players don't metagame off of those results.

>> No.76948494
Quoted By: >>76948542

I'm not asking for your opinion on how to reflavor spirit folk better, I already did the work. I'm saying it sucks, but there's nothing else until WOTC bites the bullet on Kara-Tur content, and that's shitty.

>> No.76948506
Quoted By: >>76948542 >>76948555

>>waaah waah DM please let me have x i promes its not broken waaah waah
Anon, I'm not a player, I'm a DM.
if a player comes to me with homebrew they want because it fits their character, I will look at it and if its broken I'll change it to be not broken.

5e without Homebrew is so fucking boring and awful I genuinely question if people who enjoy ONLY using printed material have a learning disability or something and just like the idea of being a D&D player more than actually playing the game.

>> No.76948542

And I don't believe you, because you keep avoiding the question of what exactly you need your concept for a spirit folk character to be. A High elf could probably do it.

Ironically homebrewers are creatively bankrupt. Most of all of their homebrew shit can be accomplished with multiclassing,proper character building, or reflavoring without breaking the game or being laughably bad.

Look at wotc UA content and how broken it can be, and you expect some rando's homebrew to be better and for everything to not fall apart when their shitty wording clashes with the rules? Matt Mercer's official subclasses in wildermount are frowned upon because of how broken they are as well.
Begging your DM for things you could have accomplished with printed material, that are likely overtuned, is terrible form.

>> No.76948553
Quoted By: >>76948584


>> No.76948555
File: 2MiB, 1500x787, 341 - CA8qjdM.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>76948586

Not the anon your talking too, but while I make very labral use of homebrew in my games because I find most of the time my players don't care about whether or not that someone is using a homebrew, they only care about the game itself and if everyone at the table is enjoying themselves. Its a bit much to jump to conclusions and say "5e without Homebrew is boring" lots of people run the game RAW and RAI without adding any homebrew stuff, as INCREDIBLY rare as that is, is possible and can be plenty of fun. The MM, PHB, DMD, XGTE, Tasha's, every adventure book can all be used wholesale and it's generally a good time.

>> No.76948561
Quoted By: >>76948584

I'm a GM retard, I've made plenty of spirit folk NPCs because I'm translating over 5e kara-tur content. I literally already told you-- river and sea spirit folk are water genasi, bamboo and mountain spirit folk are earth genasi. They can all also speak to animals, but that won't ever come up.

>> No.76948584

>t. I can't build a character for shit so I need a custom subclass.

So what if you're a GM? If spirit folk are practically genasi, just swap out the name 'genasi' for spirit folk. It's not hard.

>> No.76948586
Quoted By: >>76948664

I mostly mean if you limit yourself exclusively to shit you can find in the books the game starts to feel more like an MMO than an actual world. Shit can't exist yet unless WOTC made an expansion for it. Enemies all use the same weapons because thats just what their statblock says they have, for some reason in a world where spell creation literally is a thing, for some reason literally everyone in the world uses the same few dozen spells even though thats absurd.
I'm sure fun sessions could be had, but for how long? I can imagine people could have a lot of fun at first not straying from the written content at all, but there is only so much you can do with the official content before you need to start altering shit for it to not feel totally hamfisted

>> No.76948591
Quoted By: >>76948671 >>76948849

>t. can't argue with anything but a strawman
Multiclassing is for whiteroom fags

>> No.76948593
Quoted By: >>76948609

player has 16 int, has an item that boosts his int by 2, up to a maximum of 20, and reads a tome of clear thought
when he next levels up, could he boost his int from 20 to 22? i'm thinking no by the rules
really i want to know why the cleric/wizard took it instead of the wizard with 20 int, but hey, he can get it in 100 years i guess

>> No.76948599
Quoted By: >>76948671

>So what if you're a GM? If spirit folk are practically genasi, just swap out the name 'genasi' for spirit folk. It's not hard.
Yeah but whats wrong with just having an actual race that actually reflects their lore and place in the world?

You do know there are guidelines in the DMG for race and class creation right? Its a huge chapter, you can use the same shitty steps WotC used.

>> No.76948605
Quoted By: >>76948671

>So what if you're a GM? If spirit folk are practically genasi, just swap out the name 'genasi' for spirit folk. It's not hard.

You're trolling, right? or are you not reading what i'm typing?

>> No.76948609
Quoted By: >>76948649

>your Intelligence score increases by 2, as does your maximum for that score.
The tome raised his INT limit from 20 to 22

>> No.76948610
Quoted By: >>76948621

he's right you know, homebrew is a change or an addition to the rules, not just describing something differently

>> No.76948621
Quoted By: >>76948778

I know that, but my point is D&D is already a game of pretend. Why would you just pretend to be the thing you want to be while playing as something else when you're already only pretending to be that thing in the first place.

It takes almost no effort to shuffle a few things around, if you're refluffing a spell to be a different element because your dude is a fire guy, then why not have it do fire damage instead? Why not just make an entirely new spell or race or class that has the fluff changes you made except for real instead of pretend?

If the two are already so close that they're practically interchangeable it should be a complete non-issue for your DM to swap a few things around and rename it

>> No.76948642

So you're just trolling and doing whatever, right? Glad to know arguing with you was pointless.

>> No.76948649
File: 60KiB, 480x398, 1588643467371.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>76948672

i'm just not sure if it's functional with an item that specifically can only boost intelligence to a maximum of 20.
i'd likely let him do it regardless, simply curious

>> No.76948655

>If you don't remember your class features,
it's not that i don't remember what they do, it's that i forget that i have them when they would apply. I forget that I took defensive duelist when i get hit for one higher than my AC. I forget I have toll the dead as a pocket ranged option on my melee beatstick cleric. I forget that shadow monk gave me the darkvision spell so our sniper didn't have to be nearly blind for like 3 sessions. The information is all there.. it just doesn't like... stay loaded. It's hard to explain, but it's not that i'm just dim i swear.

>Champion isn't crippling yourself in usefulness, it's just suboptimal, You still kill shit the same you would expect a fighter to kill shit
mm, but that's ALL you can ever do. so you ARE crippling yourself in usefulness. I literally addressed this in my original post that apparently no one read. It's not about damage. Literally everything in 5e can pull their weight on damage as long as you're remotely trying.
this guy gets it. In fact, i like your idea about changing up the character sheet organization i think that might help.

>> No.76948656


>> No.76948664

>I'm sure fun sessions could be had, but for how long?
Adventurer's League exists doesn't it? People have a lot of fun with that.

>> No.76948670
Quoted By: >>76948697

that's what I was planning on doing. I noticed just how worried I am all the time and how I tend to fudge rolls in combat because of it.
I'll see how it goes in the next session

>> No.76948671

Because if how their actual race works is identical to one that already exists, there is no point in having to reinvent the wheel again.

I... am? I ask what people need homebrew for. You say it's for Spirit folk, because genasi suck as a template. I ask what sucks about it, and what aspects does it lack, and you tell me it's fine they are genasi.
So I am currently confused what you think you are typing here. Are you happy with genasi as spirit folk or not? What are you missing? Jesus

Multiclassing is an easy and effective way of fulfilling most every concept you want instead of churning out more homebrew garbage.

>> No.76948672

>an item that specifically can only boost intelligence to a maximum of 20.
It only says that because 20 is the natural limit for the stat. Every stat boosting item says it can't boost you beyond the cap for that skill.

>> No.76948678

Battlemaster, but maneuvers at will. 4 to 6 per short rest is way too little. I want to be able to sacrifice attacks/damage to create special effects, much like how you can spend attacks to grapple and shove. Kind of like what I was told Martial Damage Dice in the 5E Playtest was like.
Also, INT-based Warlocks and Martial Draconic Sorcerers.

>> No.76948682
Quoted By: >>76948885

>Because if how their actual race works is identical to one that already exists, there is no point in having to reinvent the wheel again.
But it doesn't, there are traits and features to the race specific to that race. You can use it as a starting point sure, but you would have to be an actual brainlet to fuck up rejiggering a race without making it totally broken.

A race is like one of the easiest things in the world to make, hell WotC themselves are the ones who fucking suck at it because they keep giving literally everything dark vision and shit like that to the point where they ruin it.

>> No.76948689
Quoted By: >>76948700

IIRC in the 5E playtest Fighters got Superiority Dice per round and you used them for either extra effects OR just damage
Superiority Dice rolled the extra damage into basically every attacking maneuver but you only get a handful of them per short rest

>> No.76948692
Quoted By: >>76948803

You're the one who was bitching about homebrew, and if you're suggesting anything other than the re-flavoring I've already done it'll be homebrew.

>> No.76948697

it's very freeing, and honestly, not fudging has allowed for some of the greatest story moments in our campaigns, things that happened only because i didn't fudge

>> No.76948700

All martials got combat expertise, which gave them superiority dice for maneuvers. Did you even play D&D Next?

>> No.76948708
Quoted By: >>76948803

>I ask what people need homebrew for.
People need or want homebrew to fulfill different thematic and or mechanical concepts and characters they have. Want to make a spell that doesn't exist? Homebrew it. Want to make a race that doesn't exist? Homebrew it. Want to make a new magic item that didn't exist? Homebrew it.
Its a thing that someone can make to simply make a fantasy more real for the person at the table.

>> No.76948730
File: 69KiB, 500x421, 1608562250852.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>76948734

you never saw that? it was floating around here for a while.

it's literally gamebreakingly good in dark sun.
it's all about what your game is about. and most games these days aren't games what PHB ranger is meant for, which was a much older style of play. might be alright for tomb of annihilation or rime of the frostmaiden.

of course that's why they made the tashas one. with all its adventuring features replaced with combat relevant ones, it will fit right into any (mainly urban crit-role-aping on-rails themepark ride / tv show of a) campaign you might be playing.

>> No.76948734
Quoted By: >>76948885

What's monk of the four winds?

>> No.76948778
Quoted By: >>76948784

>Why would you just pretend to be the thing you want to be while playing as something else when you're already only pretending to be that thing in the first place.

because you know there is at least some testing to know that X is fair and balanced and there is no real way to test if homebrew is balanced besides live testing

I'm speaking about spells and magic weapons, not so much races.

>it takes almost no effort to shuffle a few things around, if you're refluffing a spell to be a different element because your dude is a fire guy, then why not have it do fire damage instead?

an example would be eldritch blast, it has a ton of modifiers that come with eldritch evocations to increase its power, you could then throw other modifiers from other classes like draconic sorcerer to further add to its damage.

>Why not just make an entirely new spell or race or class
>spell or class
way too many variables and most people don't wanna put up with it
this is a lot easier, races are pretty easy to tell when they'd be too strong or have too much synergy

>> No.76948784
File: 44KiB, 500x500, artworks-000247514806-8wgbn5-t500x500.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>76948792

>because you know there is at least some testing to know that X is fair and balanced
Anon, they literally make stuff broken on purpose because its fun.
Have you ever actually checked the numbers yourself to see if its balanced?

>> No.76948792
Quoted By: >>76948813


some stuff is busted on purpose, most of it is not.

>> No.76948803

I'm fine with the reflavoring you've done, but you yourself say it sucks, implying homebrew would be better. I disagree with this, but I can't make an argument until I know what it is that would satisfy you.

Multiple possibilities. I don't think monks are good, but if you're willing to sacrifice damage you can do a battlemaster 3/open hand 5 build. Stunning strike, lots of ways to knock enemies prone, the works. Or, hexblade/bard. Some bardic inspirations are better versions of manouvers, such as glamours over manouvering strike, or sword bard's for defensive manouevrs. You can fluff some spells too, considering you use your weapon as your focus already.
But honestly, what you want already exists because every character can take the shove or grapple action, giving up damage to create special effects. Thief rogues could use items for a similar effect every round as well, and rogues multi very well with battlemasters too.

Int based warlocks? What's your int supposed to do, all it does in 5e is some skills, so you can just.. grab expertise in the ones you want with like a rogue dip or just do prof + 12 int and there, your concept is done. Martial draconic sorcerers? Just be a sorcardin, or reflavor a pure paladin as one.

And I'm telling people that what they want likely already exists, it requires them to but use the tools available to them in the printed books. We have a lot of published stuff by now, the game came out in 2014.

>> No.76948813
Quoted By: >>76948815

Then use common sense when homebrewing, follow the guidelines in the DMG, and compare to similarly leveled things to make sure its not straying too far from what you intended.
The game already has some too-strong stuff by design, so as long as you don't go beyond "Too strong" you're fine.

>> No.76948814

>We have a lot of published stuff by now, the game came out in 2014.
We actually dont
t. DM with all the books

>> No.76948815
Quoted By: >>76948823

Like Matt mercer? Why oh why would I risk that?

>> No.76948821
Quoted By: >>76948904

If you're asking me to spoonfeed you the exact racial stats of spirit folk, so you can post some shitty 5e homebrew you type up with your greasy sausage fingers, it's not going to happen.

>> No.76948823
Quoted By: >>76948904

Literally who gives a fuck about Matt Mercer or his shitty homebrew. Besides, if you homebrew something and it turns out its too strong or not strong enough, you just do the same thing you do with official content in that scenario and change it to suck less.

>> No.76948828

>And I'm telling people that what they want likely already exists, it requires them to but use the tools available to them in the printed books. We have a lot of published stuff by now, the game came out in 2014.
And yet we still get more content and more splat books and more subclasses and races and rules and material. There is no way that a company will be able to make each and every little thing their massive player base wants in a game. Homebrew always has its place in any TTRPG, its just fans of the game making more content for their games and sometimes sharing it to others.

>> No.76948849
Quoted By: >>76948866 >>76948904

>Multiclassing is for whiteroom fags
whiteroomfags, and the extremely based. there is no midleground.

you can tell by how much they multi of each class, what, and why. if it's like conj wizard 7, champ fighter 13, and they're taking them 2:1,2:1, yeah, they're definitely pretty based. Bonus points if its for cool Vorthos reasons, even though the stats maybe don't line up, like storm sorc with storm herald barb.

if it's paladin 1, hexblade 1-3, paladin 2-6, hexblade 4-6, and all that... yeah, they're shit. if they have a game they're playing in at all, they are most certainly not the ones making it fun.

>> No.76948866
Quoted By: >>76949056

is my celestial warlock 3/spirit bard 3 mutliclassed half-elf based?

>> No.76948885
Quoted By: >>76948899

the only things that have darkvision either live underground, are elves, are from the outer planes, or are based on animals that have darkvision.

sorry, used the original pathfinder name out of old habit. its monk of the four elements in 5e.

>> No.76948899
Quoted By: >>76949089

Okay, then post the revised four elements.

>> No.76948904

Nah man. I just tried googling them and all I'm getting is that the mountain ones talk to small animals. I can't tell what this race is supposed to be.

And have you not yet realized that I am against homebrew, and won't post any fucking homebrew? I was planning on being like "If your player wants to talk to animals give him the Firbolg statblock. Maybe powerful build will be weird, maybe not, I don't know because the wiki doesn't tell me shit about what Spirit folk even are.

Considering WotC made it official, and it makes it glaringly obvious how bad even people who play D&D are at homebrewing, why should we trust people that don't even play?

>There is no way that a company will be able to make each and every little thing their massive player base wants in a game.
No, but because of multiclassing we're very close. Some things, there may not be a good counterpart in 5e. But for a lot of homebrew, especially sorcerer homebrew (pet peeve of mine), there is a l o t of redundant shit because people want their OP sorcerer gishes.

>yeah, they're definitely pretty based.
Why though? I mean once you're level 11 as a fighter you can MC anywhere to your heart's content but whats the point of being a Conj wizard if you don't end up using your Conj wizard features?
>if they have a game they're playing in at all, they are most certainly not the ones making it fun.
Well, that is an atrocious leveling curve.. Why not just do Paladin 2, or hexblade 1 paladin 2 and then get to 6 on paladin? Why are you going past hexblade 3-4 when you already have extra attack?
Jokes aside, highly optimized killing machines have their place at their respective tables. Hexblade has allowed a lot of very interesting combinations and f u n multiclasses that weren't present before. The important thing though, is to optimize around what you expect the optimization level of your table to be, not optimization or multiclassing itself.

>> No.76948942
Quoted By: >>76948974

Good, I don't want your shitty homebrew.

>> No.76948963

>Considering WotC made it official, and it makes it glaringly obvious how bad even people who play D&D are at homebrewing, why should we trust people that don't even play?
What makes their "official" stuff less shitty?
Did you know that even official D&D stuff is just homebrew from their writers?

>> No.76948969
Quoted By: >>76949046

>No, but because of multiclassing we're very close. Some things, there may not be a good counterpart in 5e. But for a lot of homebrew, especially sorcerer homebrew (pet peeve of mine), there is a l o t of redundant shit because people want their OP sorcerer gishes.
And that's okay if there's redundant stuff! I think for example its completely redundant that there exists both a Lore and a Eloquence bard in the game. These two subclasses could easily be reflavored into one another or a Thief and a Scout or Assassin could easily be substituted for one another. Lots of classes & subclasses have a lot of overlap, its just that the mechanics may be better for what an individual person wants. And that's good to me.
I constantly try to remind myself and others of something: Your game is your game, another persons game is theirs. What happens at another groups table may or may not for yours. So at some tables, they have a great time with homebrew and the game is tailored well for them and enjoyable (See Critical Role) and for some others running the game without homebrew or anything like that is good too. Let people enjoy this game they want to, with or without homebrew.

>> No.76948973
Quoted By: >>76949046

Sounds like you hate Homebrew cause you went to a shitty homebrew wiki once and saw a bunch of shit made by 12 year olds and decided all homebrew was bad because some people are bad at making it.

You might have autism

>> No.76948974



How many times do i got to tell you homebrew is cringe you old man

>> No.76948980
Quoted By: >>76949046

Did you know that most of the game's official content was at one time homebrew?

>> No.76949006
Quoted By: >>76949046

I don't want your shitty homebrew.

>> No.76949046
Quoted By: >>76949085

No, I dislike homebrew because I dislike people begging their DM for their features, when they could have had their shit in order ahead of time.
Especially when what they wanted could have just been done with the godsdamned PHB if they just reflavored shit. What a concept, not impacting balance or throwing a curveball at anyone and still getting to play your concept!

Yes, but it is now official! Which means no dm will bat an eyebrow when you bring your character using official books to the table. No frustration in terms of features not meshing with the rules, because WotC publishes errata. They fixed artificer and more.
We shit on WotC, but in fairness, the quality of homebrew is such utter dosgshit I can't even make fun of Mike Mearls of all people in good faith in threads that posted homebrew.


>> No.76949056
Quoted By: >>76949090

you're clearly going for a charisma synergy, and it kinda looks like you chose them for mechanical benefits rather than any kind of cohesive vision to fit a concept. So i'd lean no.

but it's juuust unusual enough i'd have to know the full story. you might have something going on and it's just too galaxybrain for me to grok it at 3am after a day with no coffee.

>inb4 muh stormwind
yes, you CAN make something good and vorthosy and it end up being optimized as well. most people just do the latter, and that's ideally not where the priority should be. If anything it would be better if you ignored "muh big numbers" altogether and used that autistic system knowledge to optimizing for vorthos-ness, tulok-style.

>> No.76949085
Quoted By: >>76949162

>PHB if they just reflavored shit.
But what if it doesn't? What if they don't like the mechanics of the feature and it doesn't work the way they want it? Homebrew is there for that. If you've got a problem with balance of something, always approve stuff before you let a player use it. I do that even with official content. I allow a lot of homebrew stuff in my game, and I always look through the homebrew before I allow it in the game, I also reserve the right to make adjustments to the homebrew if its deemed too powerful or too weak as the game goes on.
To me that's just another aspect of keeping the fun as per what a DM does.

>> No.76949089
Quoted By: >>76949110

i THINK it's this? Honestly i never payed much attention to it cause i never wanted to play Duh Avatar Yo

>> No.76949090
Quoted By: >>76949144

I'm playing a half-drow from a temple full of clerics, bladesingers, and paladins of the setting's moon goddess, who wasn't good enough to be any of those and became a bard instead, before his patron set him back on the path of being like the people he idolized. So i'm making a fake paladin/bladesinger. Sticking to those two, would probably end up bard 6 warlock 14 at 20. started 2/2.

>> No.76949098
Quoted By: >>76949162

what if it's homebrew that exists to fix stupid stuff wizards has done?

>> No.76949110
Quoted By: >>76949171

Ah, I don't like this one. Base 4 elements has a clear cost formula of base cost + spell level in ki, so you can just add new spells with those guidelines and fix it better than this.

>> No.76949144
Quoted By: >>76949174

>halfdrow too
>even the backstory doesn't seem to know what's going on
jesus christ.

okay, here's an exercise for you anon, just to grow by. the next time you want to make character, before you do anything or make any mechanical decisions, before you even so much as pick up the phb, try to get a complete vision of them in your head, and then describe them aloud without referencing anything in said book. Then, once you've got a good solid idea, start thinking on how to build it.

that is, rather than making the statblock first then trying to make a character out of it, make the character in their entirety first, outside the rules of the game, then try to figure out how to make the statblock match give or take.

>> No.76949162
Quoted By: >>76949186 >>76949190

If there really isn't anything, and you actually tried to brainstorm builds to make it work it's fine. It's the absolute last resort however, and even then consider just tweaking existing things and being very, very conservative with your numbers.

Tasha's is optional content, you can ignore it.

>If anything it would be better if you ignored "muh big numbers" altogether and used that autistic system knowledge to optimizing for vorthos-ness, tulok-style.
Muh big numbers have their place. Berserker/Thief multiclasses are my jam, I really enjoy how Frenzy doubles my damage but has a really impactful drawback to it's use, making it very noticeable at the table when my character is pushing himself to his limits.

>> No.76949171

except that formula was part of its problem. it's way too high, even compared to other monks. you'd get like one or two appropriately leveled spells a shortrest.

shadow monk, for instance, gets a solid handful of second levels spells and pays 2 ki each for them.

>> No.76949174
Quoted By: >>76949215

>doesn't know what's going on
Yeah you're getting the idea! He's faking it, folk hero background since he's a wandering storyteller. Channels spirits to put on plays or tells stories instead of doing it on his own, and relies on charm person to blunt force his way past problems he can't talk out of. I wanted to make a faker, and I'm doing it.
Guess it's not based though.

>> No.76949177
Quoted By: >>76949179

A Silver Dragon Wyrmling is just CR2. I would just let them play that or another Wyrmling and start adding Class Levels, personally.

>> No.76949179
Quoted By: >>76949203

A red dragon wyrmling is CR 5.

>> No.76949186
Quoted By: >>76949241

eh, barbarian rogues are a classic, the Conan special. i really can't knock you for that, there's as much anti-synergy hoops to jump through as synergistic features.

>> No.76949190

>If there really isn't anything, and you actually tried to brainstorm builds to make it work it's fine. It's the absolute last resort however, and even then consider just tweaking existing things and being very, very conservative with your numbers.
I'd just use a new homebrew if a player had one on hand. I'm not afraid of using some content I looked through and approved for a game. I've done it more than enough times at this point to know it works well when you have players who just fine neat content and want to try it.

>> No.76949203
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Then if the rest of the party is Level 5 they can play that, and when the party reaches Level 6 it can add its first class level.

Not that I’d allow a Red at my table. That’s just asking for trouble.