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Your party comes across pic related while travelling. What happens?

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we purge the mutant

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given the bullshit he's pulled off with full powered soul edge, but also the L's he tends to take, I give it 3:7 my current 6-man party could take him

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This....is not going to end well.

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We cry because Kiryu-chan still isn't in Tekken.

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I jerk my peenus weenus

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He gets thrown out of the arena and gives up

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Most parties die despite this thread being full of people hyping themselves up. Nightmare is bullshit.

>that fucker + 7 Blasphemous Deaths + Nightmare
World's fucked.

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>Pic related appears
"He descends from the sky! Plummeting and crashing into the ground in a cloud of smoke and darkness, he appears! With a single slash of his blade, he cuts down the demon, his blade leaving a trail of blood as it arcs through the beast's head! And as he stands, triumphant, he turns to you and says-"
"Dude, we told you to stop making anime characters."
"Yeah fuck off, this is way out of bounds."
"This is the third time in a row. Roll a new character."
"Get the fuck out of my house."

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We run the fuck away, we're level 3 in a game where PC deaths happen.

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I would be hyped beyond belief if that actually happened.

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