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Wait a second.
>the Emperor is a warp being
>warp beings are shaped by the beliefs of their followers
>everyone believes the Emperor is a benevolent god that grants blessings and hates progress
Isn't the Emperor just a slave to the beliefs of the Imperium?

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congrats, you win
you don't need to play 40k anymore

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OP, the Emperor was such a dickwad hypocrite that he became the very thing the hated.

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This is why he tried to stop Lorgar & denied godhood. He is in constant agony because every good boy & girl in the Imperium believes him to be the suffering martyr.

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If the emperor were purely a warp entity, that might be the case, but given he's got a mortal form and a soul that at least for the longest time in the fluff was supposed to be composed of many ritually suicided druids/shamen and the like, he's given more direction by that initial mass of minds. That's not to say he isn't influenced by the worship of uncountable trillions, but his will defined a lot of what he is as a god-thing, and how he choses to exercise his warp deity capabilities (who gets the divine intervention stuff mainly).

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