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Bluepoint Games are currently working on a Peace Walker remake. That's all I know for now.

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What do you want from the next Mario platformer?

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Game for this feel?

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The combination of Mother 3’s aesthetic, tone, premise, and soundtrack is unparalleled.

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The day the mushroom kingdom inevitably accepts democracy is the day they no longer come under attack by Bowser's forces. We the people will no longer be a shield for an unfit monarch!

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Is this the bowsette thread?

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die teen

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why is this funny

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Why do I smell the distinct stench of cuckholdry? This is a distilled expression of a deep inferiority complex!

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Ion Fury thread.
Favorite episode?
Favorite soundtrack?
Favorite gun?

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>that kid in class whose ipod had video game and anime music on it

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zoom zoom

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i'm 33

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>that kid who only had EPIC normie music on his ipod just in case anyone wanted to look at his epic playlist
>nobody liked him
>no one ever asked to look at his ipod music

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>I know you can read MY thoughts, boy.
>meow meow meow meow
Isn't it fucked up how the emphasized word means he could also read Principal Skinner's voice. Does the Simpson gene also grant telepathy? Why does Skinner know? What's the deeper connection here?

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Games where you can take human shields?

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>it's another 'Alanah says and does absolutely nothing funny episode'
i hate that unfunny slut

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I want him in smash. It's the perfect excuse to downscale Kraid as a playable character.

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This is the best selling and most widely played competitive game on the Market in 2018 & 2019.

What do you like most about it and what are your hopes for future updates?

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I have always wondered, why people ignore resident evil 5 being that it is a better game than the 4 thing that shows a lot.
And I do not misunderstand the 4 is a very good game but has so many failures.
The villain is one for want, Luis is a idiot, Ashley is insufferable and Ada wong is to heat pubertos.
Why is 5 so hated?

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I don't understand a word of this

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>ada wong is to heat pubertos

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Not sure, I'm playing it through co-op with a friend now and it's pretty good. Seems like the logical conclusion to continuing the formula established by 4. The hate probably comes from crusty old boomers who think fixed camera angles and ink ribbons are good game design

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>RE5 fans are literally african ESLs
makes sense

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Why didn't Vault-Tec equip them with a spare water chip?

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It was by design.

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Was this game any good? Pretty sure its the only FMA game that was made despite the popularity back in the day.

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bump,also interested in a fma game worth playing

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Don't know if it was good but it wasn't the only fma game.

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What are you're hopes for the Xenoblade X sequel or remaster?

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Never ever

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That ass is out of this world.

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Maybe a shoutout to Fei

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Even more alien environments. Less Primordias, more Sylvalums.

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So, a Xenosaga crossover or something?

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Who'd win in a fight between the SF and the DoA cast?

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The audience

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so does SF

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Chun Li could easily escape that, nevermind the fact that she would never allow herself to be put in that hold to begin with

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The incels

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a toast for little me?

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Name a scarier shark

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ITT: franchises that literally only you still cares about

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I care about Onimusha. I care about Onimusha a lot, anon.

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What do you guys think about A Hat in Time coming to the Switch?

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it should have both DLCs. as should the other console versions.

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I think it's epic that a nintendo game will finally support trans rights.

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I won't get it myself as I've already got it on PC but I'm glad that it can reach a wider audience.

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Mario Maker 2: Shill and Chill Edition

Silence - 58X 7Q5 VPF
Ice Pick - R03 RS2 M6G

I play, like, and comment on courses from creators who try mine.

Bonus: My friend has an uncleared course that is based on the legacy of Bill Clinton.

Broski Challenge 3: Bill Clinton - W0Y S26 FRF

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What game have you been playing on 23rd August 2017?

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Vagrant story

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