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>Playing Black Eagles
>Made Flayn my dancer because she's cute and people here said she was the best choice

So that was a fucking mistake. How do I train someone else in it?

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Maybe you shouldn't have betrayed her

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>Not making Flayn a based Gremory instead

Also Beagles are shitters

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Why are they fucking while fully clothed?

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Flayn isn't known for her patience.

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Si, can she turn into a dragon?

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Alliance vs Horde?
More like Coca Cola vs Pepsi

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More like Red Mountain Dew vs Blue Mountain Dew.

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fuck video game collectors. manchild trannies

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Insulting me isn't going to get your games back or make me help you loser.

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dumb whiner doesn't have a solution because there isn't one

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There is, I just feel no obligation to help someone dumb enough to use a safe.

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>100000$ in games stolen

you're a little baby watch this
*torrents mame romset*
that's several million dollars worth of games stolen in a hour

>> No.474426197

don't forget, for every full upload you seed too, that's another several million stolen for you AND for the person(S) who downloaded it from you. literally infinite money loss

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Hey, how's it going. I'm Hajime, and I'm here to tell you about the word octagon!

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So what's an octagon Hajime?

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Aw man! I totally forgot to bring an octagon! This is embarrassing. Okay don't worry, we can go find one! C'mon, let's go find an octagon!

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Remember when Chiaki's theory got proven wrong immediately when they went to check on the handbook

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honestly,it could've been a 9/10 if they didn't overcomplicate the fighting system.
what do you think of this game /v/?

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Zesteria sucks. But this is 100% playable. Ignore the connections to it.

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Never played it but it's a Tales game so it's most likely a 5/10 at BEST

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I just don't remember it "feeling" that much better, probably have Team Symphonia games feedback as the standard in my head.

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>tfw waiting for a new game

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>force player in front to suicide
>somehow they got the better end of the deal because life insurance
what the fuck is this game

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sounds like you got out-keikaku'd, son.

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comfy. im azazel. who are you?

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>can't skip dev, publisher, and Nvidia/AMD logos each time you launch a game

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1v1 me if you're so fucking spry you horsecock throating faggot

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Fucking based

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Marketing department branding bullshit. It's along the lines of an annoying jingle. They think it doesn't matter if you hate it because you are just as likely to remember things you hate as much as things you like and all they care about is that you remember it.

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You usually can, check the pcgaming wiki.

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>Game loading are fake to let you enjoy the sexy picture you can unlock
>can be bypassed on PC but not on console
I'm more surprised the port recognized the Xbox 360 and have windowed borderless options while being a 2005 game.

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Is it such a boomer game?

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I love it.

Get Doom on pinball fx3 it's fantastic. I had the highest score on the switch until I got banned lol

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me local pub gotta pinball
proper good fun it is
got a multiball the other night

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Dragon's Fury is vidya kino

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Are there any decent pinball games for android?

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>pinball games for android
fuck off phoneposter

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Reminder to never engage with retards in conversations. You're only going to lose brain cells.

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It's when you take a perfectly functioning reproductive system and completely destroy it

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>RetardEra thread
>Twitter screencap thread
>Political thread
Jesus OP it's like you combined every worst thread imaginable.

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>trannies are mad at based developers who are actually able to make good games just because they dare to not share same thoughts about mentally ill people
Yawn. Like a clockwork. Wake me up when these trannies will commit mass suicide.

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Hey guys


What if it wasn't just pure coincidence that every dominant, successful and distinct culture before this century thought repressing homosexuals was good thing?

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Stop making boring ass Mordor games Monolith. Where new good F.E.A.R. and Condemned games?

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Are they working on anything else? Betrayer was pretty good.

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It hurts. I didn't even know all of these were from Monolith until recebntly, blew my mind

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i want holy conception of both games

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Open world sells anon, sorry.

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No One Lives Forever is even more fucked since since apparently there are some major issues with the rights, so the games can't even receive rereleases now.

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What are some videogames that came out and everyone kept talking about it, said how it would revolutionize the way we look at gaming, but then only one week later everyone forgot about it and the game was never brought up again?

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and I'm the schitzo? You jump to argue like you've got something to prove

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good thread guys

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Realistic doesn't mean its fun or even good. It was one of the most boring games I've ever played and in no way needed to be a game. It may have inspired some shit, but its still all shit. Worst $60 I ever spent.

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>phone nigger
Invalidated instantly. Kys cuck

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What are some good mobile games?

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Hi again anon, well Ive been playing granblue fantasy for a bit and I love it, you can play it on chrome too and its fully translated

another game I just downloaded is a godzilla defense game, kinda troublesome since its one of those games you can just put down and come back to and get a shit ton of money, its not that hard once you get some good cards

Just downloaded duel links and im already somewhat overwhelmed, I dont know what to do really

I also downloaded dragon project but I Have not played it at all yet.

I also got Emulators from GBC to N64 the DS emulators sortof suck though, Im pretty limited on what I can play because the phone i got is rooted and it fucking sucks.

I hope you had a good day/night/ morning

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Super Bear Adventure.
No, really...!

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Bleach brave souls has really good gameplay for mobile game and lot of diffent content also very f2p friendly

>> No.474427041

Girls Frontline

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where's the new game

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Jews, not even once.

>> No.474424330

Join faggots

>> No.474424536

Hop in faggots
We need more players

>> No.474425286

New game cause everyone left the last one

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so when does school starts OP?

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Been playing this on citra now that it no longer sucks and am having blast. Are the other 2 3ds games worth playing?

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apparently that stuff is just unlocked to the extras save file
so downloading a complete save works
but if you dont want everything done for you you'd have to make / download a blank save file with only just spotpass stuff downloaded

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Yeah, if you liked Awakening you'll probably like Fates. Echoes is okay, it's different, play it if you're really getting into the series, otherwise pick up 3H

>> No.474428291

>in what ways is fates a step up gameplay-wise from awakening?

I'm gonna ignore 3H from this discussion, because I haven't crystalised my feelings on the mechanics in it yet, aside from loving the game.

>Way, way more classes and lots of unique, interesting classes to try out rather than the standard FE staples you're probably halfway sick of
>No more gender-locked bullshit leaving characters irrelevant/worthless (eg. You cannot make Gerome good because his mother can't learn Galeforce)
>Reclassing balanced in general, since there's limits on it
>Weapon durability being gone was a fucking godsend and having it kept to limited for staffs/siegetomes was amazing, I can't believe we've gone back on this
>Best Weapon Triangle in the entire series
>Much more varied map conditions, even if it erred on the side of gimmicky sometimes in Revs
>Child units don't make the rest of your team (except Robin and his wife) obsolete
>Galeforce doesn't exist
>Pair up is balanced and serves a specific purpose
>Corrin doesn't get the same level of easyOP power as Robin, even if he's still the most powerful unit in the game. Same with Kana and Morgan
>Weapon forging is still powerful but a lot less easy

In general from a purely gameplay perspective, Fates was one of or the best in the entire series. It may not be your favourite game, or the best game, but there's a lot of positives to it's mechanics. You name any broken mechanic from Awakening and Fates balanced it.

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Bimbo Tiki a cute

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>daughter of two skilled cavaliers
>loves training, trains everyday
>the de facto martial master of Robin and Chrom's crew

>completely outclassed by the timid daughter of a goth girl and Ned Flanders

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The CnC Tiberium Saga would honestly make a very good Movie/TV series:


How tf is this not a thing?

>> No.474424941

the RTS genre isn't popular enough for the CnC games to be recognised in the eyes of moviemakers

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Why is it bad for a sniper to be a long range weapon in modern FPS games?

>> No.474424247

It's not.
The zoom zoom kids are just too used to small-scale run & gun spam-fests, having been born and raised by console-Cowadooteh and such.

Back in early to mid 00s, the situation was the opposite:
You were often ostracized for NOT using a "sniper rifle". I used to make lots of kids rage by rushing and BH'ing around with SMGs and shotguns.

>> No.474424995

most games have nerfed movement so heavily that snipers mean you just don't get to play the game anywhere within their line of sight
They're not inherently shit, but most dev's don't seem to know how to design maps anymore.

>> No.474427205

Doesn't really make sense in CQC

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>starts in 2 days

Hopes? Age of Empires 4 news? Baldurs Gate 3 news?


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Quoted By: >>474433431

I want to know when Biomutant is coming out.

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>> No.474433809

Also Noita. Forgot about that one.

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>the tranny worlds

File: 108KiB, 1280x720, Bayek-of-Siwa-Assassins-Creed-Origins-4-ds1-1340x1340[1].jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
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Will Bayek of Siwa ever get a sequel he deserves?

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They are both mediocre games that over stay their welcome. Why the fuck don't most people criticize Ubisoft terrible decision of always going for quantity instead of quality is beyond me. Both Origins and Odyssey would benefit being 20 hours long.

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>> No.474425102

Copy & paste is the essence of open world games

>> No.474425741

Wish the rumors of him getting a trilogy were true, he's a compelling character.

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don't let this be you /v/
buy SwoSh before it's too late

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Jew sex

>> No.474428858
Quoted By: >>474429842


>> No.474428917

y-yes, chad....

>> No.474428985

Why would I buy another mediocre game from a notoriously lazy developer? The national dex isn't even a big deal to me compared to how garbage the animations look compared to games 10 years older. I'd prefer a pure regional dex with decent animations over a full national dex.

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>> No.474427169

I felt genuine relief and excitement hearing that sound in The City of Tears

>> No.474427172

Hed just stole those discs

>> No.474427303

Reminder twitterfags are starting new characters today for some gay event.

>> No.474427440

where did you stole them?

>> No.474428524

Trust me, you're going to love this.

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RIP. I hope his wife and kid can have a happy life.

>> No.474423837

not videogames

>> No.474423845

Now he can finally play with Ryan Davis

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File: 42KiB, 425x519, AAAAAAAAAA.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

You scared me, you motherfucker

File: 171KiB, 1280x720, willyou.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
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Quoted By: >>474428923

Will you, anon?

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>> No.474428923

Nope, you're ugly as a sin when you grow up

>> No.474429240

Her A-rank with Dedue was the best. A shame Dimitri cucked him.

>> No.474429736

>precious cinnamon bun to a dowdy nun
This is true to life, tho

>> No.474431169

who the fuck names her daughter after a car company wtf

>> No.474431281

>Marianne went from perfect to looking like she tried to commit suicide with a pair of scissors during the time skip
I hate it.

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Quoted By: >>474434331

>whiff attack
>get juggled in the air for two minutes
Can we get old Tekken back please and not this clown juggle shit?

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>> No.474434117

its the smash babies that cant handle it.
fighting games are just not the same as arcadey platform brawlers.

>> No.474434331

You obviously weren't around for "old" tekken if this is new to you

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File: 75KiB, 690x776, 1560267176129.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

I have zero fucking idea what I'm talking about but I am very absolute in my opinions: the thread

>> No.474436382

Mash 3 and 4 with eddy while moving the stick. YOU WIN.

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