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Why don't videogame enthusiasts ever have a clue when it comes to fashion?

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Why is Bethesda's Enclave made out to be pure evil. In Fallout 2 the Enclave had depth but they were made out to be as evil as possible(ie: There's a random encounter with the Enclave murdering a random wasteland family, including a child). But in Fallout 3 their worst crime is attacking you. Their plan is to bring clean water to the wasteland. Yeah, yeah, I know John Henry Eden told you to put the modified FEV in the water purifier, but it's clear as day to anyone who's played the game that Colonel Autumn is the one who actually has the power in the east coast Enclave.

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I'm assuming you meant to say that Bethesda made them not pure evil. This actually makes sense and is a vast improvement over the Enclave in FO2.

The Enclave in FO2, while visually great, don't make a lot of sense. How are you going to restore the old America without any kind of sustainable population? All the Enclave personnel along with the populations of all still inhabited vaults are still very few people. And then there's also the fact that they on at least one occasion gun down even innocent Vault Dwellers.

The Enclave is a cool faction that has been mishandled from the very start and improved up in every new iteration. FO3 should've made them join-able as the opposite to the BoS (who really should've been an original faction altogether) with the additional late game choice between Autumn and Eden. At least Autumn's motivations made sense considering the Enclave's ultimate goal.

New Vegas on the other hand managed to show us the Enclave from the average soldier's perspective which really sold them further to me- Yeah, they as a collective did many bad things, but most of them believed it was for a greater good and weren't even always that ideological.

So I feel it's very strange that you'd prefer them to be a purely evil faction when it's clearly against everything they're supposed to stand for. Their plan of killing everyone but some tens of thousands is purely nonsensical.

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> How are you going to restore the old America without any kind of sustainable population?
They didn't want to rebuild or repopulate America. They wanted to yeet into space with a bunch of hand selected, pure citizens from control vaults. All non-control vaults were used to collect data on how humans will behave on specific scenarios and was meant to improve preparations/designs for space ships which, similarly to vaults, contain set amount of people in enclosed environment. This is also why all the citizens of experimental vaults were murdered after Enclave opened the doors. They never wanted to save America or rebuild wastelands.

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>In Fallout 2 the Enclave had depth
>I'm not part of the problem, i'm a republican
>like I said, part of the problem

NV the only game they're in where they aren't awful moustache twirling jackasses, and you only meet a handful of soldiers in that.

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Reminder that fallout 2 is the borderlands 2 of it's time and took a massive shit on the legacy of the first masterpiece.
>tabula rasa bullshit with the vault dwellers degenerating into completely savage niggery in one fucking generation
>hurrdurr government and capitalism bad (the enclave, vault-tec experiments)
>talking deathclaws
Not to mention it's a barely functional game with cut/unfinished content everywhere

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>Street Fighter II - 14.05M
>Monster Hunter World - 12.4M
>Resident Evil 5 - 11.2M
>Street Fighter IV - 9M
>Resident Evil 6 - 9M
>Monster Hunter 4 - 8.3M
>Monster Hunter Generations - 7.4M
>Resident Evil 4 - 7.3M
>Resident Evil 7 - 6.4M
>Monster Hunter Freedom 2 - 6.2M

Oops, guess you guys are retards and don't know what people want

Imagine being an RE4 fan

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No.. NO.. NO!
>This kills the RE5ggots

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This is desperate. Who would buy a bad looking version of RE5 when it works perfectly on PC?

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The PS2 version, the Wii version, the PC versions, the PS3/Xbox360 versions, the PS4/Xbox One versions, the Switch version, the dishwasher version

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wow, how did the shit stain that is SFV manage to sell 3.7 million units?

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My first guess was that it counted AE sales as well, but the ranking clearly separates rereleases from original releases, so i guess that it managed to sell units from people that got it later

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ITT: comfy endings

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Every single normal ending to the Kirby series.

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I fucking love the atmosphere of Dishonored 1

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>I was never able to find out what kind of a person he really was. But whenever they talked about him, they always had a slight smile on their faces.
>That, perhaps, may be my answer.

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I fucking love the atmosphere of the Dishonored series

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>get dead space 2 on steam
>they give you every single weapon and armor for free at the start of the game cuz of ''dlc'' that comes with the game
What the fuck? How embarrassing, these poeple makes games for a living?

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It's too tempting.

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Those used to be console-exclusive preorder weapons, but someone datamined and found them in the PC vereion. EA got pissed and just dumped it all.

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>implying zoomers have self-control
Bloodstained got nerfed because they refused to just not use the OP stuff.

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Is that bad?

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Yeah that fucking sucks, it's was probably some PR persons decision. But you can just sell/stash all of those items.

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I wasn't interested at first, but now I'm genuinly thinking of buying this game. This might be the Cyperpunk 2077 I actuallly wanted. What do you guys think?

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>No adding astral chain in the title.
Is like you want this thread to die

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Do you just pick between the boy and the girl at the start or are they both different characters?

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I think you're a moron.
First of all, this game always looked cool.
Secondly, this game and Cyberpunk have nothing in common aside maybe the setting, but it's executed completely differently.
You seem like a complete brainlet that doesn't appreciate pure action games and has to compare something he doesn't understand to a higher profile game his tiny little microbrain can actually wrap his head around, to find a demented perspective.
Suck my dick.

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Jeez man, what's your problem

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fuck off shill

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Hey guys, I really wanna play Saya No Uta, does anyone have download link? Would be very grateful~~

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>dlphn prn

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Surprised this is coming to Steam now. Censored of course, but still.

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Also is this censored version?

>> No.474425305

The sex scene is the weakest part of the game arguably. Not saying that censorship is good mind you

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I've never played it before, is the remaster worth getting over the original?

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Link in a box

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It's my link in a hox, baby.

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Everyone always talks about the roster, but no one talks about the true main character of Smash Bros. Show some love for based Master Hand who made Smash possible, anons!

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The same way you show love to your sock anon.
What ?

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Quoted By: >>474425990

That was a masturbation joke anon.

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Yikes Ok. . .

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No love? Him being playable was the highlight of ULT and only redeeming factor of story mode.

People have been wanting him (legit) playable in smash for long time even if he wouldn't be tourny viable.

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What am i in for?

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Playing up to 42/43 then restarting as painting the map becomes pure tedium

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>Game's easy yo
>Plays only Germany ever

Fucking try something else

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Actual Nazis fantasising about the Third Reich. Make sure you punch them.

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dogshit AI
map painting
potentially fun multiplayer

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Hey, /v/, you are good at games, right? How to win a game of checkers without losing a single piece?

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>you are good at games, right?

What? Who told you that?

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sorry this is shitposting board

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Isn't a checkers board 10*10 squares?

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Ace Combat Anyone

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If Xperia Play come out today, would it be successful than before?

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phenomenal hardware design, absolutely ahead of it's time. i still have mine, i turn it on once in a while and holy fucking shit it runs slow. what is it like android 2.0? i feels so fucking outdated it makes me appreciate how far phones have come. i could play san andreas on my phone 5 years ago. the "psp phone" couldn't even come close to that shit. i really do miss buttons on phones though. the slider touchpad things were stupid and under utilized since it was a PS1 emulator

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Thats a fucking PSPgo

>> No.474423668

oh the start/select buttons are soft and complete shit and the shoulder buttons wore down in your pocket and lost their "click" after a month

its actually a very flawed design i think they could pull one off better today with a vita/5g phone but it would sell for like $800 and who is going to risk that price point just for some JRPGs lmao you can just get a phone and a vita for far less

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Every handheld lives and dies by their exclusives.
If it had good games it would be successful.

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>nobody even realizes sony used to make phones
what am i even doing here

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Fuck, /v/ros. They really did forget her...

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How could you not forget.... whatever her name was? She literally went "shake shake" and had a mediocre tilt based game

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it costs like $20 everywhere

>> No.474429213

CEX had it for like £6 and I was already buying something, I completely forgot to buy it while I was there and the next time I went in it had sold

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I just want a port to current gen consoles so fucking badly.

I just want them to port this game and make Sin & Punishment 3. All I want anymore. Shame they've kinda died.

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IS the raid mode really that good? Because the campaign is boring as fuck

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It's shit in btoh games but 1 is worst out of the two, literally rehashes the exact same enemy type for almost every single raid mission apart from like 4

>> No.474423735

It's fun, the story mode is good too if you're not a brainlet and can enjoy slow RE 1-3 style campaign.

>> No.474424290

What do people even like about Revelations anyways? I picked up a copy real cheap for the Wii U, but the first 30 minutes of having to do boring ass tutorials and walking around empty hallways and tundra made me drop the game and never get back to it. Were people just desperate for games on the 3DS when it first came out?

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Toy Freddy has a great life.

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While he's playing minecraft, he's the true reason why minecraft was ressurected from the dead.

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bruh he dummy thicc wtf

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Quoted By: >>474423494

>had his moment of fame
>retired gracefully
>plays vidya in peace
>mastered the Chad Strut
How did he do it?

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>3 hours of training

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>Game has nearly impossible puzzles

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>RE4 fan sees puzzles in classic RE.jpg

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What's a good trivia game?

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oh shit

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You really thought you nailed it with this one, huh

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It disgusted me when he mentioned his experience with Lawbreakers meant more to him than the death of his father.
The first goddamn game that he made was about the death of his father. It's what got him started in videogames.
Were it not for that game he wouldn't have been picked up by Epic, and he wouldn't have made Lawbreakers to begin with.
I admit, I can't really empathise with losing a close family member. But for him to say internet trolls meant more to him than the events which shaped most of his life is disgusting to me.

>> No.474434610

Yeah it was awesome, I loved it.
Now you do one! The price of a successful attack is a constructive alternative!

>> No.474434926

I dunno why, but Peter has a place in my heart

>> No.474435123

Maybe next time you make a game your advertising shouldn't tell people to not buy it.

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Hey, guys! Does anyone think that Mario 4 was better than Mario 27?

>> No.474423285

Ultimate is fun

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Worst thread on /v/ right now

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Leif did the "commoner" Lord schtick better than Ike ever could and was better written overall.

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Stand aside Prince.
Leif is still a MUCH better written character.

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The glow, The wonderful glow, can you not see it general ?

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Quoted By: >>474424119

Is this that guy that Red Letter Media likes?

>> No.474424119

no, but he is the best general

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Quoted By: >>474437508

>He will roll the most meta, serious-tier classes because he plays the children's video game to be the best and not to have fun.
What's the virgin loser's name?

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But you are literally fighting on the same side as trannies?

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>not having one of each class, with different race and professions on each one, to share mats and support each others professions
Having a "main" is deeply autistic

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I'm really not sure what game you guys played. The only thing I remember about vanilla leveling was running out of quests around the Arathi level and having to run to Desolace because I heard they actually added quests in the patch that just came out. It was trash. The only good thing were the dungeons and BGs. World PVP was the worst shit ever.

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/Thalnoschads/ ww@

>> No.474437626

>october 2008
Is this worth bragging about? That's 3 years after vanilla.

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C > K

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Quoted By: >>474428131

Vincent's fear of commitment is just an extension of him fearing losing his freedom.
In many of the endings. Trisha talks about Vincent finally getting the freedom he wanted.
In the original true Catherine ending, Vincent decides to live a free life with Catherine in her world. Whereas to get the New Catherine ending you need the meter to be in the middle or towards order so it's an inversion of the True Catherine ending where Vincent is committed to Catherine and it is Catherine who frees herself from her succubus lifestyle living in Vincent's world.
I honestly feel like the people who say this ending 'makes no sense' are either salty about K or are incapable of reading a little bit deeper into some of the characters.

>> No.474428131
Quoted By: >>474428330

t b h I just hate the supernatural elements of the game in general, would have liked it a lot more if it was just all in Vincent's stressed inducing head

>> No.474428330

Sure, I can understand that stance about focusing more on the internal conflict withing Vincent.
For me, I still prefer Catherine being a demon and 'real' than just a complete figment of Vincent's imagination which would've been a complete cop-out (which is sort of why I hate the K endings).

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Quoted By: >>474431196

You have been visited by the Laura of mediocre threads.

This thread is about to die with only 13 replies. OP, hopefully you got what you desired out of it and that it wasn't a total loss.

>> No.474431196

No, fuck you.

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Quoted By: >>474435651

Disscuss about your ideas for a new metroidvania.
Also, I have a question. Are procedural "metroidvanias" real metroidvanias?

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Quoted By: >>474430667

The Sorrow games do.
Honestly. Skip SotN for now and play Aria of Sorrow first. Then Dawn of Sorrow.
Then you can go back and play Symphony of the Night.

You'll probably love Aria. Give it a go.

>> No.474430667
Quoted By: >>474432204

I'll try it then, thanks

>> No.474432204
File: 225KiB, 468x792, 13567478_p0.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

Have fun.

>> No.474435651
Quoted By: >>474436015

>Are procedural "metroidvanias" real metroidvanias?
Nah, level design is too important in a proper metroidvania for a randomly generated thing to be considered a good one. Dead Cells is a great game, but it's no "roguevania".

>> No.474436015

A Robot Named Fight proves that the idea can be done well. It's probably not a superior alternative to a set level design, but it's a competently made game anyway.

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