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Hey boys, I wanted to know a little about the fans of atlus in USA.
I just heard that they don't want a person in pc.
Besides that they don't like the idea that they translate the game into other languages like Spanish.
Is this true or is it a lie?

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>As the supreme commander of this organization, I am hereby electing my own father to assume my position of absolute authority after my passing. I understand that even the most insignificant member of our organization is unimaginably more capable of leading us than my father, and that he could have just as easily died in an irradiated ditch while high on jet rather than successfully infiltrate our home, but I feel that he has earned his position. Yes, my own father. Now clap.

How would you feel.

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But did you save DANSE?

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>the one faction that spends 90% of the game building a weapon that has no use or relevance in fighting an underground enemy makes most sense

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I saved him but I think it's better to kill him.

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Well at the very least, the final battles are a lot better this time compared to the absolute joke that were the Civil War sieges. The last minutemen battle where you defend the Fort from Brotherhood gunships and power armors being dropped dopped from the sky like 40K were pretty damn cool. Not to mention blowing up the Brotherhood's zeppelin.

In Skyrim, it felt like the engine needed to spawn 20 or so more soldiers on each side to make the battle a lot more climactic
>inb4 Warzones
That mod is fucking broken

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>Maxson gets all pissy about you saving Danse
>he keeps you anyways because you’re a gift to the BoS’s PR in the Commonwealth and the one reason they’ve made any progress against the Institute.

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rapture open world rpg when??

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Never. Irrational shut down. For no real reason either, they just left.

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Quoted By: >>474435505

hasnt there been rumors of a new game being worked on for years now?

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There have, but it's with an entirely new company, so fuck knows.

>> No.474435925

maybe they took their own advice and left our middling world of consumerism to create their own intellectual utopia

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Kys open world nigger

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Quoted By: >>474436331

You know it's bound to happen.

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Rex and Pyra are boring characters.
They will be forgotten like the characters from Xenoblade X

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The would actually work, like a Ice Climbers x Pokemon Trainer x Shulk on steroids

>> No.474435586

please tell me you're getting paid to do this

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The two in pic related are most likely going to be in the fighters pass than Rex and Mythra, because they fit in Mii Swordfighter century smash save data corruption theory, Milk-Boatsu rumor and the two empty slots in the voice section of the sound test.

Still, say it will never happen, there is a high chance that this will happen.

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>Mii Swordfighter century smash save data corruption theory
Even it's true, it could point to any character with a sword, wouldn't it?
Hell, it could have even been because of Joker, the two have similar moves.

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When will we get the Devil May Cry and Bayonetta crossover we deserve?

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Quoted By: >>474437596

How is OP's pic even trashy?

>> No.474437521

Probably not until Dante makes it into smash bros.

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>Short shorts
>Her top is showing off both her cleavage and her belly
Classic trailer trash

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Platinum have a lot on their plate
Astral chain
Babylons fall
They did the combat for the granblue game.

>> No.474437598

>quarter demon
>quarter umbra witch
>quarter lumen sage

Those kids are gonna be OP as FUUUUUUUCK~.

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Show me some nice Vidya grasslands locales

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God I want Freddy Fazbear's big black cock in my ass someone please

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Quoted By: >>474435727

Why tho

>> No.474435727

I bet his cock is fucking huge.....

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This time their going after the dead of Ion fury because one of the devs are openly anti SJW.

OP first tried to get the fans up in arms on the game’s forum.

When they told them to fuck off, they went to Resetera to seek help from their army of perpetually offended crybabies.

Now someone over at 3DRealms is apparently “getting ready to make a statement”

How much longer are we going to let this collective of non-entities fuck with the medium like this?

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They're nuts. Kappa

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Quoted By: >>474436850


>> No.474436850

All Ion Fury threads are put on auto-sage.

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looks like a tranny janny is on the rag too

>> No.474437079

Seriously? How do Resetaryans have all of this free time?

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>black man
>passive is he jumps high

blizzard can't keep getting away with it

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Ok that made me laugh
Annoying game that drives people insane though, just play something else.

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>indian character
>tech support

>> No.474435959

Go back

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Quoted By: >>474437147

> White man
> Special ability is gassing minorities

>> No.474437147

Not his fault he is the only character who isn't a minority.

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What are some other games that let you play as a Trans character?

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that's a hermaphrodite, retard

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Doesn't matter as long as I can suck on their tiddies

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My anus is not ready.

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either EDF5 Wing Diver or Shiki from TWEWY
can't remember which i played last

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>random ped in the red light district in GTA III

welp here comes gonorrhoea

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I am terrified

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Games when you are in a daring relationship that pisses people off?

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God i wish that was me

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>mmm fried chicken

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>Japanese games are bas-

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>gacha game

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We know

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Quoted By: >>474436128


FGO is the only game I play right now. Langrisser is too tedious, Magia Record basically shot itself in the foot. Might want to play Yoko Taro's game when its released here.

Anyway, Carmilla is cute, cute!!! just look at her, so happy that she gets a swimsuit first over Elly

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Quoted By: >>474436478

can you stop breathing for a minute I want to enjoy this fresh air without smelling cum from thousands cocks

>> No.474436478

that smell is not coming from me, thats from all the tard cum on you from sucking ass

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Quoted By: >>474434489

>enviroment doesnt deal dmg to the enemies

>> No.474434489

In Doom the demons and zombies love magma and toxic waste

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Quoted By: >>474437208

Should I pirate the switch or PC version of this?

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>> No.474437208

PC unless you want sub 15 fps

>> No.474437239

Game is actually fun. Quite comfy. Very simple but effective as fuck.
When it comes to J-rpg DQ > Pokemon > Final Fantasy.

>> No.474437271
Quoted By: >>474437484

the switch version has so many improvements the other ones could be considered betas though

>> No.474437290

>Why would i care
Because you literally came to my thread to "bless" me with your child like behaviour. I don't know why you would, but you clearly do. So let me tell you again, either grow up or expect me to make fun of you, imbecile.

>> No.474437484

Yes such improvements like the framedrops?

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Quoted By: >>474435669

How integrated is the Horde and Alliance going to get at the current rate? We see lots of ever race in dumb Orc/Human armor at this point and now most races can be non lore friendly classes.

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>> No.474435669

Anything is possible now that Trolls Zandalari only can be Paladins in retail.

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>> No.474435793 [DELETED]

>it honestly seems kinda fun since there's a lot of it

a lot of us, i mean. friends. i need to drink this coffee to clear up my brain haha

>> No.474435973
Quoted By: >>474437409


chase your carrot on a stick you fucking brainlet, why don't you try doing it for fun.

>> No.474437409

>Blizzard games
>not esports tool

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why western devs do this???

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I think I'm at my 10 year mark since my last AAA.

>> No.474437437

Because positive discrimination forced into the hiring process has led to bringing on a slew of woke ideologist game designers that realistically lack the requisite creative design skills to do the job they've been apppointed to; and because the little cultural heritage they have to draw from for their shitty creative writing consists of hard virtue flagging.

>> No.474437480

*drops mic*

>> No.474437601

how exactly is altering a drawing on a vase considered inclusive gameplay?

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Do you always confuse people mocking you for them being triggered? That's literally a coping mechanism, Cucknon.

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Quoted By: >>474436341

This game was pretty good.
Is the sequel worth playing?

>> No.474434197

*grabs cock* yeah... this is going to be a good thread

>> No.474436182

No, some jokes are fun but the gameplay is really boring and limited.

>> No.474436341

The sequel is made by Ubisoft so it's filled with all modern ubisoft bullshit.
So if you have no taste you will enjoy it

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Games for this feel?

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>it's another anon posts his obsession on 4chan episode.
These trannies should pay rent for living in your head all day

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I'm not a tranny sir. Nor am I a spoogenoggin. just like catgirls

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>> No.474434626

Is the GuP picture from that tank doujin?

>> No.474434647

Is VRChat still popular? Maybe that

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Quoted By: >>474436313

What are the best Hack'n'Slash games?
Im tired of RPGs and strategy, i just wanna beat some people up

>> No.474436313

>Bayo 1
>DMC series

>> No.474436625

God of War

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What should change for the sequel to improve on the original?
>new map or completely ravamped Hyrule
>half the teleportation points, kinda ruins the exploration theme when you can skip the entirity of the gameworld with fast travel
>a quarter or the shrines or no shrines at all
>at least 6 mandatory dungeons
>smaller, optional dungeons sprinkled around the overworld the main quest won't tell you about
>new overworld bosses
>new enemies alongside older foes like the ironknuckles, skulltulas, deku babas etc
>new towns
>no kidnapped/trapped Zelda, I don't care if she's playable or not, just don't pull the same shit again
>Castle Town rebuild quest

yay nay? what would you like to see?

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>> No.474437350

A way to repair weapons, or weapons that aren't made of soggy biscuits.

>> No.474437501
Quoted By: >>474437578

>It sold as much
Dude, Skyrim sold 20 million copies 5 years ago, BotW sold 20 million barely a year ago.

>> No.474437578

Skyrim came out in 2011.

>> No.474437606

There aren't open world games out there that feel quite like Bethesda-era-Fallout/TES games, is all I mean by that. With all of the stuff to stumble across, things to do, and junk. Bethesda's been getting gradually worse at it over the years. That's all I meant. BOTW is definitely better than something like Skyrim.

>> No.474437612

>"Link, your health is too low you should rest up!"
>constantly gets in the way
>enemies attack her
>"Link, your health is too low you should rest up!"
>she charges to the enemies when you're trying to sneak
>teleports around when you use the glider
>"Link, your health is too low you should rest up!"
Wouldn't work.

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What do you think of the Draph race from the video game Granblue Fantasy?

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why nobody uses it as a tag :(

>> No.474436690

>have sex

they dilate

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File: 2MiB, 1400x2000, __laguna_granblue_fantasy_drawn_by_sa_mu__51a4ae5f23036715ce0160e26bc5deb2.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

>> No.474437342

Good for doujins and not much else

>> No.474437428

Fertile breeding ready creatures have crafted by our glorious nip overlords to pleasure us weak humans

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This is Jimmy.

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Quoted By: >>474435260

I hate what they did to him in SC2. He looks like a faggot WoW character with these proportions

>> No.474435097
File: 2MiB, 450x468, scarabgood.webm [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

>> No.474435260

blame china, thats the way those bugs want everything to look so all blizzard art style shifted to that in mop

>> No.474435968

James always looked like a scummy used car salesman to me or a whiter Mexican. He felt like the back water sherif he was supposed to be.

Then in SC2 he became generic heroic gruff white dude. He was clearly supposed to be the hero.

>> No.474436740

look at that unibrow

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>Be Me
>Vault Dweller
>Water Chip breaks, we only have a matter of months to find a new one
>Overseer sends me to find a new one with nothing but my boy and a shitty pistol
>Outside of the vault for the first time in my life
>Get killed by a cave rat within a matter of seconds

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