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>What characters would get the most likes on youtube, even more than Banjo?

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Pt was a 5 minute tech demo that had nothing to do with Silent Hill. It takes no skill to make a good trailer for a shit movie.

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cb thread

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tranny blaster

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Why do I smell the distinct stench of cuckholdry? This is a distilled expression of a deep inferiority complex!

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There will never be a new timesplitters, I accepted that fact after waiting for so long

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whay havent you killed yourself yet OP? She's waiting for you on the other side!

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>giving ubishit money
What this fag meant was pirate it.

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Bluepoint Games are currently working on a Peace Walker remake. That's all I know for now.

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Do you always confuse people mocking you for them being triggered? That's literally a coping mechanism, Cucknon.

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>Most Likely
>Master Chief

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Mold Breaker lets you ignore your opponent's ability when attacking them, new Wheezing literally shuts off every other pokemon's ability as long as it's on the field

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didn't expect the DOH questlines to actually be good but the alchemist one is decent

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Don't you mean your weenus peenus?

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>Maxson gets all pissy about you saving Danse
>he keeps you anyways because you’re a gift to the BoS’s PR in the Commonwealth and the one reason they’ve made any progress against the Institute.

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>october 2008
Is this worth bragging about? That's 3 years after vanilla.

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>Why do people want to learn more about things they like

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What do you want from the next Mario platformer?

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