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>that kid who only had EPIC normie music on his ipod just in case anyone wanted to look at his epic playlist
>nobody liked him
>no one ever asked to look at his ipod music

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*ahem* cirno é a mais forte

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>when all of the characters in the games are females
>when daiyosei is horny all the time
its ok anon, she is a top

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if any number from 1 to 9, cirno is the cutest

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why is it so hard for OP to be straight ?

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I bet half of you faggots complaining about anime here, watch it daily

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The big difference between DKC and Smash is that people actually care about the latter.
Diddy Kong will not be returning for Smash 5, a game that will define the quintessential Nintendo characters of the switch era. With his life support cut off from Mk8 and Smash 5 he will slowly become a relic of the past, just like his series of origin.

Meanwhile, Fire Emblem and Xenoblade have proven to fans to be iconic and revered franchises in no time at all. You are on the wrong side of history.

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Are you...
Chrono triggered?

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i prefer arpg's, but i've recently fallen for the metroidvania indie meme, and i love fighters 2d and 3d no preference mostly where the online scene is at is where im as far as fighters go.

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I'd bully Cirno's feet!

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