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What is WoW Classic?
Official Blizzard servers for WoW 1.12 aka Vanilla

>Content Release Plan

>Looking for old friends, guildmates?

Blizzard are expecting massive overcrowding (hour long queues) on Herod NA and Shazzrah EU. They are asking players to reroll to the new servers Stalagg NA and Gehennas EU

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>not buying gold from chinese farmers

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>9 days left
>still haven't chosen a faction, race, or class as my main
>still haven't leveled 1-30 in preparation even once
>don't have a guild

haha I'm in danger

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everyone rolled on lights hope knowing the server was going to close, it's not a big deal
it's like being mad that a PoE league is ending or D2 ladder is closing

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what the fuck, why were those numbers so stupidly low?

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lmao and 3.2k is on the low end... i will absolutely shit on zoomers with my boomer ele

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Why would it hurt? You're not one of those "I must be able to spin my character in 10 years or I won't play" fags are you?

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im just used to being in a general full of shitters. every competitive game /vg/ general is full of bad players, so when i see someone say "why do you take the game so seriously bro it's so easy it's 15 years old" it just makes me think the person saying that is hiding from the fact they're a shitty casual and that's the easiest way to do it.
not really mad. just aware of how these threads go. if you aren't, fine. but there are plenty of people with that mentality who are

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Same. There is only despair for me.

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You want some Mindhunter tier shit about Alex? Listen to his countdown to classic podcast interview, its actually really interesting to listen to a guy living in a complete state of delusion. Alex straight up does not believe hes a drama queen who looks for shit to bitch about AND believes he and his community are completely non-toxic and great unironically.

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Do you want to be the healer and contribute something or do you want to give ten minute buffs to everyone?

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>name has been freed up as your account was inactive before launch
sorry sweetie

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>would there be more demand for paladins or dwarf priests in an Alliance raid?
just play what you prefer, you will have no problem finding a raid spot as healer

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so I decided to give this amazing "best mmo ever" a try

I quit after 20 minutes because the combat was shit, the graphics were shit and it seemed like it was going to be repetitive as fuck. I'm guessing its "all the real content is at the cap lvl"

Either way this game seems to be shit and all of the 8 million (?) people who play it really must be fucking retards
I could understand if it was a F2P but I cannot believe that someone would actually pay for such garbage. I'd rather pay $30/month to play Hello Kitty Online that this fucking bullshit game I mean serious why is it SOOOOOOOO BADDDDDDDDD?

Enjoy you pile of steaming shit you call a game!

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No, not based. There's too many people to assume that they'll all leave and we'll finally have normal servers. Blizzard is going to be periodically opening new servers, that aren't fresh, which people will frantically transfer to in order to farm rare items and then go back to their home server.

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wasn't lights hope released after classic was announced? literally everybody knew this was coming anon

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No, but farewells still hurt man. Even just a years investment into a character will probably make you sperg out if you find out one morning that its gonna get deleted.

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alright thats pretty based

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Me too
>no friends
>no class
>no prep
>cant even decide on server
I'm fucked.

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Is this a copypasta?

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>9 days
you have time
>no faction/race/main-class
you have time
>haven't leveled as prep
you'll be fine, don't be shy to ask about for help
>don't have a guild
don't look for one before launch, most of the ones that already exist are filled with assholes

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Reminds me of the Feenix days on Warsong and Archangel. But it was a slow and painful death many years ago. People in full T3 besides the ring, because the devs probably never finished Naxx, standing around doing nothing all day.
This is what I mean, a hard reset would be good for the game. All Blizzard games run on some sort of season system to bring people back to the game for some time, so new servers over time would be appropiate.

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If you've spent the last few years on a pserver getting tier 3 gear why the fuck woulf you pay $15/mo just to do the exact same shit all over again? Fuck I'd get it if it was TBC but vanilla doesn't offer anything new and they have to wait until phase 6 before they get to start running Naxx again.

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Full of XRP bagholders

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>find out one morning
anon everyone knew this from the start

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Enjoy only being able to kill scrubs.

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Will be funny to see how he manages to get banned from mixer.

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>go back to their home server
server transfers are one way. you get to transfer from a high pop to low pop. you don't get to go back

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games not out yet
what do you think, retard

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only free transfers are that way

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ive done both on pservers, slow and steady is more fun tbqh

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>don't look for one before launch, most of the ones that already exist are filled with assholes
Speak for yourself autist

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>gets banned from twitch for streaming private servers even after hes been warned not to multiple times
>still sees himself as the victim

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Wow, how fucking shit is this dude? Doesn't even try to heal or root and has no worthwhile talents apparently either.

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don't need to heal or root when you can crit someone for 5k

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Yeah but WoW doesn't have to be a competitive game in any form, I don't know why you bring this up.

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He can't. Also literally spammed moonfire in the current year.

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To be fair i dont think he normally plays druids and lets not act like we never once lost miserably like that. (Cant believe im actually defending that faggot).

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Only private server guilds that are smart enough to not try and make their warriors DPS, since that's dogshit tier in real vanilla.

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This is probably the most no-skill spec I've seen. I watched a video from that dueling server where elemental shaman was killing tryhard warriors with only shock kiting and totems.

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See >>262802341

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New here, can someone explain the issue with rolling on faerlina?

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and this is different from mage killing warriors with frostbolt and blink how

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>raiding is the least attractive part about vanilla

i never liked it in any other expansion either. standing around, killing trash, mechanics arent really that fun

i had more fun dicking around in the world than i ever did raiding

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Is healing dungeons as a Paladin hard? Pre-60 and beyond?

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hpally is the most comfy healer imo and super easy

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Shit guild ran by filthy trannies who kick out any actual nazis

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