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Hey >>2, do you know what happed? Oh, by the way, this is nothing to do with
this thread. I went to Yoshinoya the other day. YOSHINOYA! And there were
so crowded and I couldn’t even find a place to sit. Then, I found the
advertising saying “150 yen off!.” My goodness! How come you are all coming,
and sitting at Yoshinoya for just “150 yen off?” I saw a familie, like four
of them with their kids. This guy’s saying “All right, your dad is ordering
an extra large bowl.” What a pathetic! Hey you bastards. I can give my 150
yen. So, just give me a break alright? Yoshinoya should be a place where
people are fighting, like two jerks facing on each other against “U shaped
table,” then one of them can be stubbed to death by any chance. This is how
Yoshinoya’s suppose to. This ain’t a place for no woman and no kid. Alright,
I finally found a place to sit. Then, the jerk next to me was ordering a
large size with putting extra juice on it. That pissed me off once again.
Hey jerk, we ain’t order “putting extra juice on a bowl” no more today!
What a stupid you looked: ordering extra juice with his goofy face! Do you
really want to eat a beef bawl with extra juice on it? I really want to ask
you, interrogating you for an hour. Don’t you just want to say “an extra
juice!?” As a professional Yoshinoya customer, I would rather order “extra
scallions.” This is the coolest way. You get more scallions, and less beefs.
This is it! It can be the best, if you put a raw egg on it. No one can beat
this. But you have to be careful because if you order this way, the Yoshinoya
employees gonna put you on their black lists. This can be so dangerous,
like a risk of fighting with a double edged blade. So, I don’t recommend
the beginners to do this... >>2, you’d rather ordering some ordinary set menu

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