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>Classic gameplay
Pick one

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Circle pad in the middle of the room opens it.
Use something with AOE damage to destroy all containers inside both of them before you open it.

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>Merlinlets in this very thread right now

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Parasceseses doesn't remove immunity though

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>not knowing what FUN is
You need to gb2/gaia/. That's not even a 4chan meme, that's a FUCKING BAY 12 meme.

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i thought it was but i wasn't 100% sure

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He was criticizing makitrash

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She’s queen.

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it appears i was wrong about jax

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my wife and her mom

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sonic 2 was made in america, by americans

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I may have built too many combat onaholes for my own good, because a friend recommended I just keep building shit to climb out of core hell. This is while doing the highest return logistic missions and flitting through my dailies.

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Just play the sandbox server

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>got the magic nigger in 20 tickets and 60 quarz
I was expecting it much worse as I wasted 300+ on his first rate up and the 2nd one found me when I bankrupt
I though at least that I would have to dump all my stash for a chance and that I would get some Sumanai along the run too, mine is only at NP2.

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I've also been in your position and realized all the things you have, but in the end the social aspect of classic is what will make me play it

forming a BRD group to do a full clear and getting 4 new friends at the end of it is a feeling you can't replicate anywhere in online games today

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Curing Risa of her disgusting condition should be considered a favour though.

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will i be able to turn this around and remove the kebab from my precious motherland? i dont think so but lets find out.

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Only commies disagree with that.

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Preserve advanced tech to handout later to people who will do good with it, protect the innocent so they can rebuild society, kill scorched, kill raiders, call people squires instead of initiates because you haven't rounded out naming conventions yet. You could harass people out of desperation like the WV BoS did near the end, but if going for the ideal BoS member avoid harassing people until post 2241.

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good morning, anon. And great work!

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