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>Fire Emblem: Three Houses Resources

>Fire Emblem Heroes Links and Guides

>Other Links and Resources

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Tharja is my husband

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Shamir is my wife.

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Can anyone translate this ?

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Church route is best route. You can't change my mind.

Also I actually really dislike the BE cast. I like Bernie Hubert and Lin. I can't stand the others.
Lions have the best cast.

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>really dislike the BE cast
>like Bernie
What a trash taste

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Linhardt is garbage, and the Church's route weakens the whole BE cast asides from Hubert for being such flaky bastards

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Describe this girl with one word.

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Opinions on this character:


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finish the old thread you cunts, it's not even at 730

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I just realized Edelgard will always attack Dimitri at least once on the BL final map, even if she can kill someone else by attacking them twice

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Best give those guys (You)s or they might start singing

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>not wanting to hook up with a hot slut

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Do you like the current fire emblem fandom or are there people you want to purge to make it better?

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She's not even considered a slut, she's been infected by yurishitters and therefore damaged her popularity.

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what went right?

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So is there any reason why Dimitri wears armor instead of a uniform pre timeskip?

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how do yurishitters cope with the fact that she fucks a different man literally every day?

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I like her fencing technique. Never seen anything like it.

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Imagine the hatesex

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Probably because he'd accidentally RIP his uniform with his boar strength everytime he tries to put it on.

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I don't like this game am I missing something. The persona lite elements are annoying as fuck and every battle outside of the story missions are really bland

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I wouldn't be in the position to tell a prince he is in the wrong.

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that Yune behind Brave Michaiah is so cute

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da king in da norf

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She’s obsessed with him so much so that he made her bisexual

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Felicia is the cutest! Her wonderful smile gives me strength! I want to hold her soft hand and give her little kisses on the cheek! I want to tell her sweet things so she knows how much she means to me! I couldn't go on without her! I love Felicia!

I love Felicia, I will only ever love Felicia, I could only ever love Felicia, my heart belongs to her!

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Upcoming Three Houses banner -

Dorothea - Green mage dancer infantry with made up Prf
Lysithea - Red mage infantry with Dark Spikes as a Prf
Ingrid - Lance flier #2124398
Ignatz - Dagger infantry with a new inheritable special that brings foe's HP to 1

Seteth GHB - Another lance flier but with a Prf this time

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What the fuck was his problem?

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hetshitters should be purge
gay marriage should be made mandatory and if you don't have gay anal sex before the final chapter you get forced into the bad end

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All GHBs have Prfs


It's Dorothea, Dedue, Lysithea and Lorenz

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My queen.

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3 houses has been out for weeks bro. Time to drop this busted ass moe for a newer one.

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mfw when you get to the timeskip and 158 supports open up

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Tripfags, fujos, and anyone unironically crying about muh representation and heterosexual pairings.

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you are so non-threatening to her superiority that she keeps showing up

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Oliver doesn't retard.

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Let Claude stick it in Ingrid?

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They have a cute ending.

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Based, end racism

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>Catherine joins at lvl 9
>19 strength
>18 speed

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this is what time skip bernadetta should have looked like

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>All GHBs have Prfs
except Cynthia, Haar, Oliver, Navarre for two years, Narcian, Ursula, Kana and like five more

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Felicia is my one and only, we have been together for 4 years and that number is just going to keep on rising!

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Anyway why are you guys using a thread over 30 posts early

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But Lute is like 2 years younger than pre timeskip Bernie.

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>futa trash artist
yeah no

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The janitors aren't doing their jobs

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Is that Lewdua? Basedirrino

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I don't know who to get for the CYL3 free pull. I wanted Alm since I voted him earlier this year, but honestly seems meh. Micaiah seems the most picked choice this year, and since I don't have one I'm tempted. Opinions?

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Lorenz confirmed

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>every time Micaiah gets an alt it's responsible for the tempest because she has Yune who's the goddess of chaos

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Yes, I liked their ending

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BASED Lorenz.

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I have a +8 Amelia, 8 of which are pity breakers and free rolls.

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Eliwood if you want SS3 fodder
Alm if you're based
Camilla if you're a faggot
Micci if you're a tryhard

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>been suffering from artblock for weeks
>say fuck it and brute force myself to draw
Here /feg/, have this scribble I managed to shit out in less than five minutes.

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How did you get that, mine has it hidden

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Who are u pulling for

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Why is my Ferdinand so trash, did he just get fucked or is he actually trash

Good job anon.

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alm and weed seem to be unga bunga hit hard. weed would be better than alm since hes not an infantry sword.
as a flying grav staff with decent offenses camilla seems useful, and could be in some F2P strats if that interests you.
miciah is flying green normal miccy so shes a solid unit..
id go for miccy, or camilla if you aren't picking your favorite.

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I think it reveals them randomly after enough total damage. He’s the only one I’ve got so far

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Lol I just got my first Lute, I hope I get Seigbert because I've been trying to pull him forever

Can't read shit

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Because people don't realize that there's a report function

>> No.262803078

If you like, though Ingrid's a bore no matter what

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Heh, nice. If so, I hope they add these characters next

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He is dancer fodder

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Lute and Siegbert are both outclassed. I can't say they suck or anything because they're not the worst, but they're not good at all and I would not recommend using/rolling for them.

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Ah, explains the long hair after timeskip

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Daughter, please kill yourself.

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me no have jungle fever

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I want to join their fanclub

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my wife and our daughters

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He's starting to lose his mind

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Is Ingrid racist?

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byleth... get the divine pulse

>> No.262803463

Look at the size of their tits

What are some nice supports for her?

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First thing that comes to mind when you see her?

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Femleth x Dimitri

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Someone better tell this bitch that I already claimed Rhea so she better not kill her for real.

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Cute feet

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i’m a ghost

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>Petra and Bernie paralouge
>ambush spawns
I thought we were done with this shit

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She's really cute with Claude

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>Edelgard is adamant
>Edelgard is defiant
>Edelgard is resistant
>Edelgard is brilliant
Edelgard is perfection

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Who is the best husband and why is it Hubert?

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You let Petra get too close to the goal. The initial win condition is a ruse.

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Just starting Three Houses. What will be the max number of units I'll ever be able to field in a given battle? I want to know how many students from other houses I should aim to poach so that I can have a full sized team.

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feet feet feet feet feet feet feet

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Is that an all girl party

Hubert go to sleep

>> No.262803792

Thanks anon.

Hit me as hard as you can.

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Quoted By: >>262803957

10-12 and some adjutants.

>> No.262803850
Quoted By: >>262804172

that's not Dimitri

>> No.262803912

I want to do obscene things to this savage bros

>> No.262803936

no but it is girls, feminine men, Sylvain and manlets.

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But Ferdinand and Lorenz are the best.

>> No.262803997

I want to eat her unshaven pussy

>> No.262804006

Is Manuela a nice match with Ferdinand? I really don't know who to pair this idiot with

>> No.262804007

I don't really care about esports, I want to fill out my collection and I like Seigbert. It's just coincidence that my actual favorite is a dev favorite so he gets treated well

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PADORU (same fucking dub VA )
fire emblem

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Have you not read any of their supports? He idolizes her, so yea

>> No.262804129

I haven't actually. Thank you anon, milf can get her boy toy.

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You know what to do

>> No.262804154

Enjoy it while you can THfags,next FE will be entirely developed by IS and they'll go back to classic FE gameplay and shenanigans.

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Which modern European language sounds the best?
For me it's español

>> No.262804229

>they'll go back to classic FE gameplay and shenanigans
So, just like TH?

>> No.262804231


>> No.262804246


>> No.262804251

For me its le mamma mia

>> No.262804272

Petra/Ashe is great

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Femleth and Dimitri!

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Ferdinand is one of her biggest fans, anon
Her ending with him in BE is even the best possible ending for her

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My wife...

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How do I build her? I don't have a single healer built up besides Loki and I want to play around with them a bit more.

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Me and the boys heading out to end racism

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Quoted By: >>262804693

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Never leaving the room on the honeymoon with Bernie!

>> No.262804672

Fucking hell they really need to stop showing the Flame Emperor, I can't take Edelgard seriously. Maybe it's because I don't believe in "the ends justify the means", but to me she's comically evil, like reaching Garon/ Hanz levels.
>wow, those bandits are dicks, they- oh wait they were working for Edelgard
>wow, poor Lonato didn't deserve the Church's wra- oh wait, he was tricked into attacking the Church by Edelgard
>wow, all those dead students are turning into demons, the slitherers have been busy- oh yeah, Edelgard stole lots of crest stones for them

>> No.262804693

She's too tall in this, she's a tiny womanlet

>> No.262804791

>wrath + defiant critical
Heh, nothing personal...

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la fusión

>> No.262804814

Are there any good fanfics yet for 3H? where to look for them?

>> No.262804817
File: 393KiB, 800x801, __dorothea_arnault_fire_emblem_three_houses_and_etc_drawn_by_kurahana_chinatsu__cdfa49f3e5696878956e08bfe7e4c976cdfa49f3e5696878956e08bfe7e4c976.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>262804968

Best Woman

>> No.262804869

We have a few writefags here who have written some stuff.

>> No.262804879

base Restore or Recover is fine
Miracle or maybe one of the stronger Balms if you have them
Atk/Spd Solo
Wrathful Staff
whatever C, cav buffs work or you can run savage blow
Healers aren't too flexible/exciting

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File: 102KiB, 1029x892, ECAAhbOVUAAwvcB.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

She couldn't help her chunni side took over. It is pretty dumb tough I agree

Would people still like Male Edel?

>> No.262804884

let us breed
let us breed lots

>> No.262804923
Quoted By: >>262804961

Is hilda supposed to be fast? Because mine is slow as shit.

>> No.262804936

>150 posts in
>previous thread finally reached bump limit
good job /feg/

>> No.262804953

TH barely has anything to do with the rest of the series.

>> No.262804961

50% growth rate

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Quoted By: >>262805087

>She will never use you for a night then discard you and never even acknowledge you again

>> No.262805003
File: 24KiB, 450x402, dude what.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

>trying to play with the camera zoomed all the way in

>> No.262805008

>tricked into attacking the church by Edelgard
>removing all culpability from Lonato when he hates the church for framing his son for Duscur and executing him, which they did

>> No.262805019

I think so, especially if male!Edelgard looks a lot like Sephiroth

>> No.262805024
Quoted By: >>262805198

What's the main story differences between BL and GD? spoilers welcome

>> No.262805032
File: 215KiB, 531x720, v2-590a27dfd106a9391edbd2b138edad7b_r.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

Hm, today I will rename Constantinople.

>> No.262805041
File: 139KiB, 979x1024, 817E5C9E-E078-4578-A49B-414CBA5C0838.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

Me and my gf

>> No.262805049

because you put him through cav
he literally has equal or better growths than hilda in every relevant stat, go brigand > wyvern like every other physical attacker

>> No.262805054
File: 110KiB, 600x720, 1514257615336.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

Is Sigrun good?

>> No.262805064

>bow range +2
>defiant crit
>defiant str
>close counter
nothin personell

>> No.262805072

They're mostly smutty garbage and homoshit

>> No.262805087
File: 2MiB, 1200x1600, __dorothea_arnault_fire_emblem_three_houses_and_etc_drawn_by_yumikari07__7ce482b1be31afc446ad51309c6f4e147ce482b1be31afc446ad51309c6f4e14.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

She won't because she's looking for marriage.

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File: 369KiB, 1920x1482, lover.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

not perfect but here ya go

Male edelgard is cute ngl

>> No.262805116

>love Conquest
>love Three Houses
I win either way. As long as we don't get a shallow shitshow like Echoes or a trainwreck like Revelations I'm super happy.

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File: 147KiB, 1170x1473, IMG_2945.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

Bernie is cute CUTE!

>> No.262805176
File: 2MiB, 1440x2960, Fire Emblem Heroes_2019-08-17-11-02-29.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

It's been a full day, confess. Do you regret your CYL choice?

>> No.262805198
Quoted By: >>262805465

GD you and claude fight Edie while Dimitri does shit off screen. You kill edie in church and GD. BL you and Dimitri fight edie and Dimitri kills Edie

>> No.262805207

Even old New York was once New Amsterdam
Why they changed it I can't say
People just liked it better that way

>> No.262805212
File: 59KiB, 508x448, nanna is stronk.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

that depends on what resources you have, almost all staffs are pretty useful, and can go on anyone. if you want to use an absorb staff serra might be better as she has better resist, and higher damage. shes a cav staff so grav would be pretty effective with the extra mobility. theres always the pain double savage blow.
if you want her to use an absorb build i would go with atk/spd solo, wrathful upgrade, vantage, and miracle.
what resources do you have to give her that you are willing to spend?

>> No.262805228
File: 216KiB, 1222x980, EBxgSwKWsAAGGhr.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]


>> No.262805229

>removing all culpability from Lonato when he hates the church for framing his son for Duscur and executing him, which they did
The slitherers steal people’s bodies, and considering despite rumors circulating around others surrounding the Duscur massacre, and they are fine, it’s likely to believe there was some proof linking him to Duscur. But it probably wasn’t his son, but a slitherer.

>> No.262805262
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Quoted By: >>262805346

>> No.262805285

>Would people still like Male Edel?
(lol no
People only white knight her because she is a waifu

>> No.262805312
Quoted By: >>262805476

>does not even come with a healing balm skill, good luck sacrificing Brave Veronica or Bride Fjorm for Windfire Balm
>Atk Tactic 3 on a healer

They really did Camillafags dirty

>> No.262805321

I haven't chosen

>> No.262805346
Quoted By: >>262805484

Must have be so awkward, a mercenary with no formal training or even training in nobility crap teaching.

>> No.262805361
Quoted By: >>262805754

The reason why they used lonato is because they knew he would be vulnerable and emotional due to his son, the conspiracy is still created by the dubsteppers

>> No.262805398

bad taste edeltard detected, bernie is one of the only good characters in BE

>> No.262805441

Who should I marry in BE? The options are Edelgard, Dorothea, Hubert or Ferdinand.

>> No.262805445
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>when unfulfilled starts playing

>> No.262805465

gotcha, any other differences? different missions/bosses?

>> No.262805475
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It's nighttime here. I'm going to sleep.
God bless your days, /feg/.

>> No.262805476

>They really did Camillafags dirty
by making her the best choice?

>> No.262805484

>Byleth the entire time when he first comes to the Monastery

>> No.262805518

Whatever one you like most, or the support you like the most. Shamless edeltard here

>> No.262805541
File: 169KiB, 1200x675, ECLEZnaU4AAoiMF.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

>> No.262805548

His son had nothing to do with Duscur, Christophe was involved in a plot to kill Rhea, Catherine sold him out and they brushed him along those involved with Duscur for the sake of convenience

>> No.262805610
File: 1MiB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2019-08-17-11-10-47.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]


>> No.262805613

E-easy on the smug sothis

>> No.262805619

i wish nintendo let us have our save data to play with

>> No.262805625

Ferdinand or Hubert.
You aren't gay degenerate, are you, anon?

>> No.262805643
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Quoted By: >>262805796


>> No.262805656

Why did she have to go, I wanted her to stay and bully me

>> No.262805663

She is quite blatantly the villain

>> No.262805697


>He doesn't like Petra

I do not have understanding

>> No.262805723
File: 1MiB, 800x800, 639026F0-B810-4ECB-83DD-4E8052B6098C.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

Whenever I get a chance to check on /feg/ there always seems to be a Bernadetta OP. Did I miss something while I was gone?

>> No.262805754

Or you can just say he hates the church for executing his son, and sided with people who shared his feelings

>> No.262805772

Ashe‘s support with Catherine after their paralogue expands on that.
Cristophe planned to assassinate Rhea under Order of the western church.
The reason they executed him for supposed involvement in the tragedy was to not cause a panic.

>> No.262805791

But anon, Ferdie's ending is not so good with Byleth. I'm trying to remember Hubert as well but I can't right now. And I'm only half gay which means I am not.

>> No.262805795

>Byleth's ending with Lorenz
>they have a son who looks exactly like him
I thought that was pretty funny.

>> No.262805796

Edel is so thirsty for byleth dick. No wonder she went full retardo

>> No.262805826

Edelgard or Hubert, why the hell would you not go for the people you can't romance outside of their route?

>> No.262805829

A dumb waifufag keeps making early threads with his SHIT waifu.

>> No.262805861
File: 2MiB, 1115x1666, Alvis_(Super_Tactics_Book).png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

>male edel
this is basically male edel, except he's more repentant.

>> No.262805875


>Noooow, SURELY her growths are shit to compensate
>50 50 25 40 55 30 30 20 25

>> No.262805883
File: 3MiB, 4096x844, size chart.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>262805992

>ignatz didn't grow

>> No.262805960

Haven't picked it yet. Was going to choose Miccy because I misread her weapon's effect and thought it was the same as Gunntrha's. Might still get her since all the others are still pretty much worthless and ground orders seems fun. That or I'll get SS4 for my waifu.

>> No.262805961
File: 2MiB, 1920x1080, 1562969689924.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

lolibaba butt...

>> No.262805978
File: 85KiB, 1024x786, ECJn03uU0AAZFAk.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>262806045

The answer is obviously Edelgard

>> No.262805992
File: 87KiB, 360x360, EBzltLrU8AERBns.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

Male Byleth - Edel
Fem Byleth - Hubie

All of Edelgards growth went to her tits.

>> No.262806034

Retarded jizzhead pedo on par with annoyance to the spic keeps making them. /feg/ is too stupid to ignore early threads and use better ones.

>> No.262806045
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>> No.262806049

>entire army is decked in silver and killer weapons
>still have 75k gold in the bank

>> No.262806056

Shes our queen

>> No.262806089

>Classic gameplay
Pick one

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