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How soon should I be setting money aside to buy a new pass?

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>fuck my shit up senpai

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frogposting and wojakposting have ruined 4chan ;___; my heart can't take this any longer..

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says the anime poster.

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Anonymous tested, /vip/ approved.

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...and the image limit has been reached.

Do you want more, /vip/?

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for me it was this
>Sakaido was a famous and very talented detective until the day his daughter was killed, and he committed revenge! Now in jail, he uses his skills to help the police find criminals of cold-blooded crimes through a system that allows him to invade a criminal's "ID." But he'll soon find clues that bring back his daughter's case!
genres: mystery, police, psychological, sci-fi

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happy hellaweenies

My favorite from the past year was Made in Abyss.

I know it came out a lil earlier but I finally watched it and loved it. I'm a one anime series per 6-18 months type of normie lmao

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hard to say. '18 was such a good year
if I had to choose, I'd probably go with Asobi Asobase
Anima Yell, Kyuuties, and Hinamatsuri were all great

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im really enjoying adachi and shimamura

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Is there a way to get 4chan pass to login on Fortune?

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You seem confused ...

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For those who use Clover do webms crash your phone?
Let's say I scroll through some thread on /gif/ and after 20ish webms once I scroll to the next one ir just freezes and won't play. Even if I completely shut the app and open it again it still stays freezed.
I have to restart the phone to have it work again. This only started happening a few months ago, it used to be fine before that.

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Try kuroba or buy a new phone

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>do webms crash your phone?

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I now use Kuroba

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Present your gold cards lads!

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just renewed my pass :)

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yes sir

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<span class="sjis">Hi,
I've been with a few women in my life and one thing I've noticed is that the female anus is incredibly close to the vagina, in fact they're barely an inch apart.

I'm not sure about other guys - but doesn't this disturb you? It feel like a design flaw in women actually -- like they're supposed to be so feminine and beautiful yet this ghastly little oversight is ruining everything.

Somehow it feels to me that women should be more aware of this flaw and it should affect their confidence. Whenever I see a so-called beautiful woman walking down the street so care-free thinking she's all that I just remember her anus is only 1 inch away from her pussy and laugh her into oblivion.

Women: Please accept that they're too close together, let it negatively affect your confidence and so make yourselves more readily available sexually as a result. Afterall, we're having to sleep with a creature whose ANUS is only 1 inch away from the vagina --- you should not make this difficult. It's unappetizing enough as it is. We're doing you a favor.

Men: Do not let women forget this flaw, and do not forgive them for it. Remind them of it constantly less they get inflated egos and think they're all that.

They're just too close together, sorry, but its true.[/spoiler]

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found the nigger

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Time to get hungry, my fellow /vip/ers...

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...and done.

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& janniese

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I have some cats but not with me.

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fuck jews

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das basiert mein Neger

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god damn i always wanted the golden toa mask

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jew here ama

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martin luther looking ok

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Have the faggot mods on /g/ finally followed Terry over the rainbow? If they enforce those bans there will be literally nothing left of the entire board except clacky keyboard autists

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>those bans
Which bans? What are you talking about?

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/vip/ is property of...

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>/vip/ is property of...
It is actually a publicly traded corporation on the 4chan™ stock exchange. Stock price is fixed at $20 and buyable in bitcoin only once a year.

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Women really are whores aren't they? Every... single... one...

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If you can't play the game then your not on the feild.

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Yes ofc

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Only most of them

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killing frog thread

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I forgot about page 11 XD

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ITT this thread, I share my illustrious bune collection and YOU can join in.

previous threade:

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you just lost

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she's gorgeous

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I have saved this one

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Anime tiddies.

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but I like feet

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Good taste

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How do you renew a pass without using shitty bitcoins? I'm not getting into that garbage

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You shave your pubic hair and wear the shampoo for two weeks

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skins falling off now, can i rinse the shampoo yet?

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can confirm

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All phonefags must hang.

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shut up

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your mom

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>page 11

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What kid of degenerate draws this kind of stuff tho?

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ATTENTION: japmoot has a VERY small penis!

That is all.

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How many threads can I make here?

>> No.99336 [DELETED]

3, just be caueful bcos so many rules.

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Quoted By: >>99345 >>99726

3, just be careful bcos so many rules.

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Gracias mi amigo.

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How does it feel knowing you will never be a qt anime girl?

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It would be cool to live in an anime but kinda suck to be a girl. Honestly being a half decent looking anime boy would be 1000 times better.

>> No.99479

I am satisfied with who I am. I have no desire to be someone else.

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