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I just get this error. I can post fine on Chrome though. Any tips?

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you have to fisable ad blocker for 4chan dummy

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you have to disable ad blocker for 4chan dummy

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Thanks brah

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In particular sys.4chan.org (which has no ads anyway)
4chan and 4channel can be left enabled

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This one too.

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Anyone else buy a pass because they were so fed up with reCAPTCHA's bullshit.

Anyways, reCAPTCHA hatred thread.

/vip/ needs some posts.


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My ISP is range banned.

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jewgle was such a mistake

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my enterprise grade internet is range banned

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Welcome to the Breezie the Hedgehog General. Here we discuss ALL things Sonic related and blue board friendly, away from the plebs who can't afford to post here!

/bthg/ #1 - "Everyone's a Winner" Edition

>Sonic News<
Sonic movie finally coming out in Japan June 26th.

TSSZ is dead.

Tikal is joining Forces Speed Battle.

Paramount & Sega finally confirm sequel to Sonic movie in the works.

SAGE 2020 Announced - September 5-12!

Sonic at the Olympic Games – Tokyo 2020 is available to download on mobile.

Sonic and Tails R Fanmade Radio Drama announced featuring Ryan Drummond and Mike Pollock.

Evan Stanley, known artist and GOTF creator, is becoming a main IDW Sonic writer

Flynn will work with her

Flynn and Jack Lawrence working on Bad Guys, a 4-issue miniseries focusing on Starline and some other villains

Current IDW Release Dates (subject to change):
28 - June 24
Annual - July 8
29 - July 22
30 - August 5
31- August 19
32- September 2

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Miss Archie Sonic. Did they ever conclude that particular arc?

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Ooo that's pretty!

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ITT: We discuss all the things that the lower class posters do that we hate.

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I'm not going to sit here seething about the lower class. That's their job.

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>tfw had to buy a pass to post because captcha would never work and my mobile ip always in a ban range.
>Tfw should have got one long time ago.

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>Only posted this to feel self important

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I hope it worked.

And yes, the pass is totally worth it.

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<span class="sjis">"EWSTNFUegfnaig WGDRwasga a GAG BBOBOBbobobob WG Wgr RJYREATJYYRJSG GggggggrrrrRRRRAAAAA SnNSOFSDgsdgoasgnan jngfsnjgjk EEEEPEPEPEPeeepeeepp"[/spoiler]

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auwgawugawug auwg auwg AUWGAUWGAUWGauwgauwgagwuauwhg

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Holy shit is that real?

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can i bypass IP ban plz plxz

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wow i can

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>blacks when another black gets murdered and it means they get to go steal a new tv, xbox, and jordans

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black people are God's ultimate test. If you can let them into your heart despite all they do you're truly a saint.

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a thread died for this

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true lol

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lol based

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>mfw people are complaining about captcha
God damn I love being a patrician

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Sometimes I have to use captcha on other websites and it makes me sad how strong a vice google holds on the anti-spam industry.
What hurts more is people's negligence to realise that they are essentially doing Google's work for them or that alternatives even exist.

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I had a Pass since what, 100 dollars ago or so

4chan can do what it wants, I'm sure they have solid reasons for blowing off credit cards, but I'm not using ghetto currency

mfw back to using fucking captcha in 3 days when pass expires

de-testicle and skin alive every cuntbrain spammer for making antispam bullshit necessary

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>4chan can do what it wants, I'm sure they have solid reasons for blowing off credit cards
can't offer it when hiro's on their blacklist.

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I got banned on /a/ because one of the janitors like to avatarfag as characters sipping from cups and I made fun of him. What are ya in for?

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Does since4pass not work anymore? I tried to dunk on some faggot and it didn't work using "#since4pass" in the options field. Now I'm trying it without the #.

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Banned on /a/ again for making a joke about the avatarfagging Janitor in the buyfag threads. No sense of humor. He also seems to have a very fragile sense of heterosexuality if one gay joke can make him ban someone for three days.

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Banned from /v/ for making a gamer fuel thread.

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Previous thread: >>97492

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Next thread: >>98517

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You've lost weight

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How are posts this bad even allowed??

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LOL, I fucking love this shit.

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literally me

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Very cool

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I saved that image because it made me laugh. I hope that's ok with you OP. Niggers are stupid haha

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Listening to my R.E.M. CD right now.

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Nightswimming........deSERVES a quiet night

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Since this board is rather slow I'll use this thread as a sort of personal diary to report my romantic and sexual adventures and misadventures. I'll post all of my successes and failures since I pretty much have no IRL friends and I'm essentially a loser.

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no thanks tripfag you can piss off lole

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I went to a cafe for my lunch break. There was a milf a few tables over drinking coffee with one of her friends. We kept making eye contact for a while. Then her friend went to the toilet and the milf just kept staring at me, I pussied out though and didn't do anything. My work break was nearly over anyways.

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>went for a run
>took a break on a park bench
>skinny tall jailbait walking her dog towards me
>stare her down
>she keeps looking at me and slows down
>get off the bench to say something
>her fucking samoyed starts jumping my leg
>we have a giggle over it and keep chatting
>ask for her phone number
>"oh sorry but I have a boyfriend"

I really thought I had this one

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>went for a run
>took a break on a park bench
>skinny tall jailbait walking her dog towards me
>stare her down
>she keeps looking at me and slows down
>get off the bench to say something
>her fucking samoyed starts jumping my leg
>we have a giggle over it and keep chatting
>ask for her phone number
>"oh sorry but I have a boyfriend"

I really thought I had this one

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We deserve a religion, philosophy, or a Christian board

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No clue what you're on about. The current boards are ample for the amount of religious discussion on this site. Why not go make a good thread instead of bitching?

>> No.97917

use /his/

>> No.97918

Why are you shitting up our nice board with this >>>/qa/ tier trash thread?

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There's /x/

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>10/04/16 New board for 4chan Pass users: /vip/ - Very Important Posts

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/int/craft is a high class Minecraft server for sophisticated anonymous posters, like you. Themed after 18th Century history, /int/craft features a beautiful custom map of North America and Europe, custom modeled weapons and firearms for period accurate combat, and a wholly new system for managing nations, territories, and warfare.

The server launches Friday, 5/22 at 6pm EST. Who will you be? Will you vie for dominance of the Old World, fighting or leading a continental power in a quest for dominance? Or will you set sail for the New World, aiming to conquer and control untapped resources and virgin clay? The choice is yours.

Official Resources:
Blog: https://intcraft.wordpress.com/
Discord: https://discord.gg/EehbMaJ
Test Server IP:
Province Map (WIP): http://mc.xeth.lol:6969/nodes.html
Nodes Guide (Nation Management): https://nodes.onions/

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Just need to scream a bit.

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ylyl Thread

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I am part of the elite since 2016 yet not a single person other than my old relatives remembered my birthday. Pic related.

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Art. What do you think?

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Boring and uninspired. 2/10 would not bang.

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>Just renewed my pass
>First time posting here
Useless board

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If you say hiro three times on this board your pass is revoked and the FBI raids your house.

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