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I love everything about this.

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for chen

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sup bro just here for you're watermelon

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I got yellow watermelon too. Is that okay?

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loli leik wamtremelone

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[Gulp gulp gulp]

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is this a very important post?

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This post and you are very important to me.

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yes! good post anon

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>No Religion board
c'mon we need one

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>Religion was a mistake

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no, we need a toonami board

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this could work

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? ? ? ? ?

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Have you ever wanted to learn Japanese for the sake of consuming Japanese content?
There is a million reasons to do this. You not only gain much wider access to Japanese content, not in the slightest reliant on translators, you also end up gaining a far deeper and more fulfilling understanding of the Japanese things you are already consuming (like Anime). Beyond that you gain an immense feeling of satisfaction due to having achieved something meaningful and a sense of superiority to EOPs who can't even hope to begin to understand Japanese media and the true essence of it.

Well I'm here to tell you that it is fucking easy. You don't need text books or classes. Simply some reading up on methods and effort at the beginning which will lead to the foundation that lets you learn entirely from input. That's right after finishing the initial steps you simply need to consume Japanese to make progress and achieve fluency. Can it be any easier than that? If you are consuming Japanese shit anyway, at least make it contribute towards learning a new language. Combine this with Anki and in 2-3 years you will be far beyond JLPT N1 level capable of reading whatever you want and even surpassing native Japanese people in terms of kanji reading ability.

Sound to good to be try? Just try it. Doesn't matter how old or stupid you are. I'm going to post the ultimate Japanese guide with this post. Simply try to follow the steps and report back. If you have any questions I will be here to answer them. Good luck.

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Of course that's a typo.

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Got the hiragana and katakana under my belt and a nice anki deck... the problem is I have trouble studying daily or keeping interest, I don't see myself learning more from having this anki deck... I know it seems like a personal problem so I have to work on actually pushing to learn grammar and more kanji daily

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Report daily and give us your report on what you've accomplished. Failure to comply will result in your eternal public shaming since this thread will last forever.

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>a nice anki deck
Which deck is it? If you don't have audio and examples it's probably a bad deck.
Also consume Japanese content regularly. It doesn't just affect your reviews making them easier, it also helps motivation, even if you don't understand much yet.

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Better guide coming through!

Don't fall for quizboy's tricks of doing a million flashcards or learning how to draw a bajillion kanji characters. Just start having fun today!

I recommend reading Yotsuba as your first manga and watching Mitsuboshi Colors as your first anime.

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>be me
>10 years old wanting to go to vidya store
>dad takes me there
>my dad is a disgusting person, whenever he farts, he just does it, he doesn't just respectfully hold it in until hes not near anyone
>game store is very very small, only 1 room which is only like 30 feet big
>me looking for game
>dad then decides to silently fart nonstop
>it fucking reeks
>one side of the store smells like burning shit
>I walk to other side
>he fucking follows me and explodes on the other side
>the entire goddamn building is fart infested
>cashier can smell it but doesnt say anything
>I can see the suffering and in the cashiers eyes looking at me
>i tried to hold my breath looking for the game
>I eventually couldn't find the game
>we leave empty handed
Do any of you guys have stories like this?

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>be me
>working in vidya store
>some kid and her dad show up
>the dad looks like a clean and respectful person
>the kid looks like the type who just farts everywhere they want
>watch the kid wander around the store
>fart smell spreading everywhere they go
>it fucking reeks
>can smell it but don't say anything
>glare at the kid with a look of suffering and disgust
>eventually they leave

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Moot of 4chan, his arm clad in the purest shimmering samite, held aloft /vip/ from the bosom of the water signifying by Divine Providence that I, Artoria, was to rule /vip/. That is why I am your king!

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Look here then, a working form of government bequeathed from random twat wearing princess tutu dresses does not make for a establishment.

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Long live the king !!!

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Baby maybe bokura wa
Sunshine Kiz

Baby maybe bokura wa
Sunshine KIZ!

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Post in this thread, just to prove that you can

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this peace is what all true warriors strive for

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hello thank you for watching :-)

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>Pass expires today
>Try to renew it
>Hiro doesn't accept paypal anymore

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buy a new one

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use passget.site

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confirmed not a scam

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It's the most inconspicuous time to buy a $25 gift card w/ cash from your brother's roomate's delivery job's tips of the year!

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he's a weed dealer isn't he

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/vip/ celeb thread

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This is now a Benis in bagina thread!
8=========D (())

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sorry anon, I do not have any pictures of that

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cute winona

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renewing my pass anos....

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april fools

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he is based

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i miss terry

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This picture is old so I forgot what I was eating but it looks like continental Africa grew antennae and Madagascar got big and started leaving lol

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It looks better when its rightside-up, I don't know why it's not but oh well

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honestly i have no idea what the fuck i am looking at right now

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What's the best adblocker for Android web browsers? My pass won't log in on Omnichan Pro and I don't want to see porn on /r9k/ (along with different ads on other boards)

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Nvm I got answers from a different thread, sorry for taking up catalog space

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Excellent thread

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why hasn't barneyfag done anything about this thread?

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haha, fune

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Superb thread

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I've had a pass for the last five years, and I've never posted here. Care to show me around?

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There's nothing to show

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Only wealthy posters who have suffered coronavirus and been purified can post in this thread.

No virus-havers and no pussy virus-avoiders allowed. Crying laughing emoji only.

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>COVID-19? Ah, yes. I remember the halcyon days of my youth...

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Do not reply
This is my self-quarantine space
Only I can post

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Bussy bussy bussy bussy bussy bussy bussy
Which 4channer has the best tushie
Fuck gooks eating pangolins and sushi

>> No.96782

If I don't post I can't get sicker

>> No.97269

you duds still green as fuck

>> No.98727

this is lame

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Where is my cure

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>> No.96844

Mind if I borrow that from you?

>> No.97938

Are you still affected?

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nah you're one of us

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