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kot id

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are you sure

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happy new year cumlords

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The mods are pedophobic.

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Oh, you bought a pass?

You must be very wealthy.

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What's the point of 4chan passes if I can get banned for 5-30 days on a whim?
Also why the fuck can't my ISP create threads on some boards? namely /pol/ /v/ /b/ /biz/ ?

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I'm not sure if shadow banning is a thing but it's possibly because you've used a phone to connect to the internet and someone else has abused that IP address in those boards.

As far as bans are concerned: Sure drunk posting to strangers can be fun but is it really worth risking a ban. So long as you abide by the rules of the website banning shouldn't be a problem.

At any rate, welcome to VIP. How long will you be staying?

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You want a sip

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how old is that thing? What's the sell by date?

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Your thumbnail is filthy.

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Was going through the attic for hours so it dirty as fuck up there

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Dosent seem to have one

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Dangerous cognitohazard.
Do not open

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can it be less than 7 days please that's kind of a long time. can we do like 2 or 3 days instead

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If you guys had $300,000 what would you spend it on?

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Land. When the apocalypse comes only landholders won't be cannibals like in the cities.

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Meme money kys other ten6

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Only on 4chan passes.

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Stay poor faggot.

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moar passu

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can someone tell me what this button is/does ?

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It adds the thread to your Thread Watcher, which persists even after you close the thread.

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you get clover aids

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How can you stand to phonepost with a pass? Doesn't the IP change from moving from cell tower to tower disturb it?

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I have a BBC

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Like four inches... four and a half when I'm super excited.

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i dont have one...

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>i dont have one...
lol gay

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Oy Vey!

Hello! My name is Abby and I'm a fucking whore bitch and literally My only friend that cared about me confessed his feelings for me then I fucked myself by telling this literal looser named Aiden!

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tits or gtfo

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Thanks for venting.
who are theses people and why should we care?

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do black/ethnik girls count?

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Slept with: 20
Killed: 0
Met through 4chan: 0

I guess I'm a pretty normal guy.

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Only 4 :(

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I'd like to speak to my lawyer now

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The other option is "don't do that" and allow people to spam /jp/, a relatively slow board, and kill its core userbase.

a) make a board just for vtubers
b) make a board just for the generals that have clogged /jp/ for the last several years

/jp/ is not a general board. There shouldn't be idol generals and vtuber generals anyway. If /v/ got a /vg/ because of general spam, do that for /jp/ as well to maintain a normal community.

Merry Christmas.

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c) make a Touhou board

If the issue is officially recognizing vtubers or something just give the actual original userbase of /jp/ (Touhou fans) a place to talk.

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>/bant/ is the Touhou board

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Why are you posting this here? The mods never look at this board..

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p-please let me in... i have a p-pass now...

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There's one more thang you gots to do bby girl. And that's gettin on yo knees and giving my big fat cock a good ole sucky sucky.

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I'm getting into DeFi and I'm probably going to use a decentralized exchange like DDX (derivadex.com). Any other services you like?

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your brain on DDX.

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show us your losses today, cryptobros

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I'm a nocoiner who lives vicariously through the anons on /biz/

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buying now is the equivalent of buying Google or Apple shares decades ago.

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protip: buy bitcoins dip always, ridiculously long it, and shut the fuck up

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Would 4chan improve in quality if it were restricted to passholders?

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Yes. I've seen nothing but excellent posts from people who use since4pass

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Nah. The whole point of the website is that any retard can post whatever they want whenever they feel like.

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4chan would probably die

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it is sad that something awful went so far down the shitter. its like some weird mix of 2006 headspace and contemporary meme influences

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Anyone remember this guy from Canvas?

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It's Morty

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This is a stick man. His name is Henry. He has a very cool hat and is in a good mood. Please take care of him.

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Cheeky is back up, heard they working on a hour long vidya.

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how do i post

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You did well!

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would you clap his cheeks

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>4chan pass gives me the ability to draw
>imagine not having the 4chan pass

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nice nose

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can you use tor with a pass?

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i got a ban message earlier saying it was for using a tor node and was permanent even though i didn't. Never had that happen before.

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What do you need a tor network for if you're posting harmlessly on 4chan.

That's like bringing a Tank to a tennis court to play 1 on 1 tennis. No one needs that much protection online.

>> No.103268

Can you post from tor yes

But you can only change ips every 15 mins so you'd have to wait 15 mins to post after logging in and then wait 15 mins after every post

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