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https://www.whitehouse.gov/ (soon)
>B-but Joe won't do anything!

Books /pbg/ posters like: https://pastebin.com/0HxQRSCv
Cute anime girls wearing Biden hats: https://imgur.com/a/3FFdzB9
Hat templates: https://imgur.com/a/dedEFmn
Jojo Biden and Hildawg Meme Templates: https://imgur.com/a/cSuBN7O



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finally a chad prez

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We just can't stop winning, Bidenbros.

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Wait wat?

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I was wondering : why did you guys buy a 4chan Pass ?

I only did it to be able to use a VPN for torrenting while still being able to shitpost.

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same as collegefag except I'm not 18 anymore

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VPN bypass. No selecting street-signs for me.

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I have wasted years clicking on motorbikes and traffic lights

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gordongman loves anime and he sux

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> Weeaboo East vs West threads stay up

>Constant Viziepop/Anti Viziepop spamming stays up

>Despite allowing Muppets and presumably other puppet threads, threads about The Dark Crystal are nuked on sight

>/co/ Tag Team nomination threads recently getting deleted despite discussion and tournaments being allowed before

Does /co/ have the worst performing janitors out of all boards? Name and explain even worse janitor jobs if you think otherwise.

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Quoted By: >>102851

My first thought is that you should heed this advice: >>92199

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This isn't a wojak thread.

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How basedpilled are you /vip/?

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This is a slow board

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This is a slow board

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Tranny tranny telling lies
No vagina between your thighs
Soon you'll see there is no hope
Soon you'll be at the end of a rope

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take your meds schizo

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Clean your wound

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poorfags can't post here xD

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I'm super poor and I can post here.

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>be me
>sick of doing captchas
>figure I’ll buy a pass
>also be no coiner
>have to set up wallet
>have to buy coin
>takes 7 days for money to clear
>takes hours for transaction to go through and get my pass
Why does gookmoot do this to us? Does he hate money?

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Credit card companies won't do business with 4chan. It's not Hiro's choice. He would love to take card payments if the card processors would let him. Blame stripe.

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Is this really the reason? Wow I’m a faggot for complaining. Fuck Stripe.

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Blame stripe and paypal. Also, there's alternatives.

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>buy the pass
>doesn't work in private mode

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What is private mode?

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You need cookies enabled for the pass login

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just re-authenticate?
it works fine

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already enabled
i'm to lazy to do that

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you can log in with your pass in private windows retard
you're literally complaining about a feature of your fucking webbrowser, not a flaw in the pass system

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Almost every thread on /pol/ is off-topic or just bait. The board has gone to shit the last several years. The mods allow posting of actual pornography and yet my threads get deleted and get banned for posting actual political content. Please fix this

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Gookmoot are you there?

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Does he still visit you?

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This thread was moved to >>>/qa/3658923

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This thread was moved to >>>/bant/11738918

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This thread was moved to >>>/r9k/61152005

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Wow I didnt know this many people had passes

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take your meds schizo

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Just renewed my pass bros

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Wtf how??

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Pass was a very nice choice.

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??o????????????? .______o??O??*???+?* ?? ????°
?????o?????? ????????+??*?*??o????
????????o????? /???)??*??+????o??O????o???
????o?? ????? ?<??´* .>?__?+ *???????????o?
????????? ?????? ?|,.?o????? ?O? o??o??O??
???o????o?? ??______?_? ???????????o?
??????o????.|[]??| _?????????o??O??
?o??O?????????/????o??? ???????o??O?
???????? ?????? /??? o?????????O??o??O??
?o???o? ? ?___?)? ?___?)????????o??????
???o?? <??´ >?<??´ >??? o??????????o??????
?????o??-?'"~ ?-?'"~???????o???°o??
???? ?_? ???? ? ?_ ? ???o? o?_ ? ? ? ??°
? ?_ .|??|?? ??____..|??|?? ???_ |??| ?_. ?? ?

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i just bought one because my IP got range banned, I don't post from a high volume area so I'm wondering if I single handedly caused the range ban.

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If your a phonefag then yes

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quite a <span class="sjis">cheesy[/spoiler] thread

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I'm getting more use out of it than I thought I would

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join this server so i can get stuff https://discord.gg/QakTtHbZ

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It's /leftypol/. I will not join. You are a big faggot.

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The very important purplel post

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Artist here, digital, and otherwise.
Bros, how should I fix this meme?
Also, for a limited time, if you need one fixed i suppose I'll do it if you're not a Communist. Post it, and let me know what you want done with it...

I get hate for Zognald. But, I truly think that between what he has done there,, and Bin Salmon's ego, well, Israel is fucked to the point where the cocaine train is pulling into Auschwitz, and this time they will use gas, just for the lulz.

Will return all to this thread.

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Free templates

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Underrated games thread. I'll start.

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Quoted By: >>102916

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bumping this gem

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Played the hell out of this as a kid. And it even has co-op multiplayer

>> No.103277

Is that game really underrated? Most of the ultima games are well respected and loved by critics and fans.

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Assuming direct control.

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Rods and cones shift

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What's your main team, /vip/?

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he's mad lolololol hes mad

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who, ur mom? lol fag

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You folks like it?


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This is bad.
Stop making these.
Find another hobby.

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Hello /vip/

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Hi anon

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