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he's mad lolololol hes mad

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who, ur mom? lol fag

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You folks like it?


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This is bad.
Stop making these.
Find another hobby.

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Hello /vip/

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Hi anon

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I can't believe it... I've become a passcuck

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We have this thread every day.

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Deal with it passcuck bitch

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Hot damn this is a slow ass board

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i can't freeze

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Russians also can drink vodka. Be russian.

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literally dumping rn

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$15 stablecoin

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Rock ?
Music The

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we have the technology

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Tranny tranny telling lies
No vagina between your thighs
Soon you'll see there is no hope
Soon you'll be at the end of a rope

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/vip/ is Guy Heaven, no women allowed

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Previous thread: >>99729

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>removes loli images on a lot of their boards, even the NSFW ones
>have porn ads that can be seen on boards marked as SFW

Can we finally agree 4chan turned into garbage when Hiro took over as owner?


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Same butt as in OP image, but here she's crossdressing as a boy (but her jiggly butt reveals she's a girl).

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Again, same butt as in OP.

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Posting lolis is the perfect natural filtration system to keep out redditors and other undesirables. The thinking man will always choose a loli over a hag because shes simply superior in every way.

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4chan has ads?

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Hey /vip/ welcome to George Floyd Gaming Thread. Be sure you complete the captcha on the second post before you continue.

This streamer is the next big thing. Hoping we see his onlyf*ns eventually, I heard he has a full video out on it.

Just remember not to PVP wit him, he's not that type of guy and he can't breathe

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Nothing wrong with smashing some twink boipucci, but let's not spook ourselves here. There are indeed only 2 genders, or sexes if I should say so. The very notion of an idea that gender exists is a bit of a spook in an of itself. If you like getting buttpounded by burly jojo-like pre part 5 men or if you like to buttpound twinky jojo-like post part 4 men there is nothing wrong with that my dude, but at the end of the day you have XY chromosomes and the simple fact is you are a male.

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God Hates Faggots

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Testing am I VIP now testing

Please tell me what you think of my concept art for alien 6

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niggers tenga my anus

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Are they trying to destroy their customers' dicks?

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What the heck is this??

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if u read this ur gay lol

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You nasty nasty 4chan poster

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I am gay lol

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>The Tranny Flood on /pol/ is not to be fought with debate
>the tranny thread is a slide thread, with what SEEMS to be power to resist fact
>the Tranny is self destroying
>interacting only extends their lease on the life that they hate
>please advise that The Tranny Thread should be reported as flood/spam, filter avoiding, off topic, and trolling outside /b/

Tranny threads are logical fallacies made into a syllogism, usually taking the path of least resistance to the ultimate nauseating act: removing their dicks by surgery.
Eg A: Trump ran against bidet
B: you lost and blame cheating
C: pol sucks and you're bitches, aka, now YOUR dick is cut off
Divisive statements are also identifiers.

For us, defeat is something we can either learn from, or somehow, reverse. But he will never be a woman, so this shame is not to be confronted.

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Trannys are on /pol/ now? Hahahaha oh shit that's rich!

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Trannies have pretty much oversneeded

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>everyone I disagree with is a transexual.
How fucking delusional can you get?
Pic related is me btw...

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You were either born a male or a female. You cannot change this later on in life.

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>everyone I disagree with is a tranny
This is your brain on /pol/

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What went wrong?

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they are aristocrats

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I finally caved in and bought a pass because there were a bunch of boards where I wasn't allowed to make threads.

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tell that to the revolutionaries they'll butcher you

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Nobody hears the ticking clock more loudly than Joe Biden. All these shills, and their "It's Over" pronouncements wish to invoke reaction, and that's all.
But, in a Democracy, the voter's vote is the only power he has. When it is molested, the Democracy crumbles.
Too many MSM censors, too many doubt-weary and dysphoric souls wandering about...
But, the bridge between a cheated populace, and justice, by any means, necessary, is going to be built. And, the actual winner's name shall emerge.

>What has Joe to fear?
If he protests, what is it, exactly, which he is protesting?
>The Dominion Program means re-elections must be held.
>Observers must be permitted to observe.
>Laws must not be broken this time.

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Is that a nigger meme and a half baked argument implying that bidet is ALSO not Zionist?

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I voted for Jojo

>> No.102154

idc who is President as long as we can say nigger on VIP

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well drumpfy lost, what now fellas?

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When are the political tards going to return to Twitter? I'm tired of seeing them leak out of their containment board. Say what you want about /mlp/ but at least those faggots know their place

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In light of recent developments, how about we get a filter for the word COPE?

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why don't you just cope?

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Thank you

>> No.103143

C O P E now wordfilters to "YWNBARW". Thank you for using 4chan!

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Guys I made a drawing, what do you think of it?

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nice drawing OP

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I RESPECT YOU MODS :) BUT PLEASE DONT BE TOO ITCHY :) Its the second time I buy passes :)

With all of my respect to the mods removing CP and sheeit. I believe that we 4channers are allowed to have fun on the internet even if it steps on the rules,

I respect your work mods, and jannies please be nice like 2008 :)

I mean I guess I posted a few off topic threads but my point is whats the point of 4chan without shitposting no need to be too strict put yourself in the 4channel sues :)

I love this website its the last true bit of the internet but it slowly degrading I miss the old 4chan please I know it might result in my ban and its ok but please guys be chill like you used to be

allow fun to be made here dont be like reddit and twitter I mean this is 4chan we have fun here dont forget why we all love this place. Please be more free

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hello frend

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/vip/ is rightful Asukachad clay!

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you stole my gif

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POV: You stopped taking your meds

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heh... melons

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damn, usaka look like that??!

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