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assforce has no place on vee eye pee


but I do

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I'm the boss here. Change my mind.

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K boss

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Trips check out

What are your orders, Bauss?

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You can see more of it in this video:

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your ass is saggy and disgusting you dumb ho
this is what a proper ass looks like

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First of all, that's a fake you dumb basement dweller. Second, OP ass is not mine. Third, how is it saggy? Looks perky to me (but not big).

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top kek looks like I hit a nerve with this stinky bitch

first of all that ass is 100% real you delusional cunt, you would know if you ever did some exercise or stepped a foot in a gym you lazy pig

second of all keep coping that that is not a saggy ass, it's the saggiest, smallest, most embarassing backside I've ever witnessed on this board

never post yourself again sweety

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Kinda flat. She needs to hit the treadmill a bit more, build up some muscle tone. She's out of shape. Small is fine, as long as it's round, has a nice curve to it.

Nigger tier too big. Something is wrong with her, like a birth defect. Why does her spine curve in like that? Would not make babies with her weak gene having ass.

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>Something is wrong with her, like a birth defect. Why does her spine curve in like that?
Cope like the skinnyfat ugly pasty excuse of a woman that you are. She is obviously making a pose you brainded thing

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Spooky time boys!

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Testing tricks in options field! I doubt it'll work but that's alright.

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So, you're /vip/ cool.
Hell, you might even be an originalfag or oldfag.

But are you YeetScape cool?

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>Hell, you might even be an originalfag or oldfag.
I've started browsing 4chan when I was 13yo, but I could be defined cancer

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oonga boonga

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Is there any validity to this?

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What are YOU doing for Halloween, Anon?


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I also made this for you 4chan.


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Had to lower the volume. Enjoy!


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>he renews his pass

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based on what?

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what is it based on?

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Why is the mod on /a/ allowed to delete an existing thread>>210530416 so he can replace it with his own thread here>>210538517 even though OP of the deleted thread complied with the rules>>210538723.

He did the same thing before replacing this thread>>210448841 with own >>210450748 mere seconds after he pruned the existing one>>210457923

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?? ???

? ?

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?? ?? ?? ???

? ?

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?? ???? ???? ???

? ?

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?? ???? ???

? ?

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? ?

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So I just found out we can draw on /vip/.
Does any other board allow you to draw right from the reply window?

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Nice, anon

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What other boards? It didn’t show up for me on /pol/ and /v/.

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Also 4chan X can invoke the Tegaki applet on any board, but that is kind of cheating.

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Haha, peenis.

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Learn more on twitter: yfe_fund

Bounce.finance (connect with trusted wallet)
pool id: 3809

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this thread is for generating secured trips for use on 4chan.
feel free to join in.
reaction images are welcome too.

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I give up again, good luck lads

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Vtuber discussion thread

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Vtuber is a waste of character designs and fucking stupid

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pikamee a best

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These girls are powerful magicians with nothing to lose and money for days. What wacky adventures are these two going to find themselves in next week?

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Tell me, what does it take to kill a god?

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Easy, kill their followers

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Can I use this board for testing/development purposes?

I'm implementing a new feature in Clover that would allow you to save/view posts you make, but I often need to put out test posts to develop it. I hate shitting up other boards or having to think of something relevant to reply to, but with this board my thought is, hey I paid actual money for it, I should be able to use it as I please.

Does this make sense or would I get flamed for doing that here?

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Judging by the complete lack of responses my guess is no one gives a shit. Fuck it, this is officially my test thread

>> No.101570

I mean, this is a dead and a 'test' board after all. You do you.

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oh no, go ahead.

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How did the test go, op?

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You know the drill, my fellow /vip/ers . Enjoy!

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What anime is this?

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That's Tifa from the Final Fantasy VII game, not an anime.

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it's me

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Holy shit, can I pet you?

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Cute and valid couple!

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Based lol

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Wholesome :)

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Happy No Bra Day /vip/






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a girl just sent me a pic of her shirt with no bra it was good

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