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it's me

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Holy shit, can I pet you?

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Cute and valid couple!

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Based lol

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Wholesome :)

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Happy No Bra Day /vip/






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a girl just sent me a pic of her shirt with no bra it was good

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everyone say hi to edward

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hello edward

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hi edward

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this board and its 7 posters

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I want her to step on me and get me sick

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if you are italian like me she infects you much easier since we had the most cases in europe. She doesn't even need to step on you. Just inhale her feet smell and you will be gasping for breath in no time.

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Sorry OP out independent fact checkers rules this DEBUNKED

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>my split personalities and me posting on /vip/

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BRING BACK /l/!!!!!!

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I want /g/ back... the REAL /g/

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and /z/

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giga based

this too.

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Please hiro-san?

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Someone seems very affected by a pass user he's been trying to shit talk ever since he made this reply

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You seem very affected by his reply. You came here and made a thread about it.

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Did he hurt you?

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Without disclosing it in full, can you tell us something notable about your pass ID?
For example, does it contain a dictionary word with more than two letters?

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What happens if you are a mobile poster and someone gets banned on your ip? Will you still get banned even with the pass?

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Think so honestly. If someone is posting shit on your VPN connection and that IP is banned for some reason then you won't be able to post from that IP unless you change it this also counts if someone else posted on your IP in your house and he got banned pretty sure

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No. Of course you can't post from that IP anymore, but your pass ID isn't tied to their post, so why should it get banned?

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Maybe try not being a mobile poster?

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when you're logged into your pass it probably checks your cookies, someone else on the same IP wouldn't have them

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I finally got a 4chan pass

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the Questions and Answers board is a separate community within 4chan (or an enclave if you will) and is very well worth a visit if you wish to explore the boundaries of imageboard posting on
please, do not hesitate to visit esteemed board >>>/qa/
you too can have a better imageboard experience at this very moment

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what a faggot

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Me too.
High velocity shit posting all day

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Blobby is based

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This is a very slow board.

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yeah ok

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What's the best way to use a VPN with a 4chan pass

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You make sure that you're rangebanned while connected to the VPN (if you're not, a pleb could hit you with a regular ban if you happen to share IPs), then you login to your pass (or just leave incognito mode) and use it like usual.

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Can't on incognito mode. It forgets that you're logged in and will just leave you as a regular user not as a pass user at least for me and I'm using Chrome

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That's the whole purpose of incognito in that case: trying to make a post without a pass without logging out and back in.

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>mods don't give a shit about vpn use

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I payed for it some 8 hours ago. If there won't be a pass I want my money back.

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will moon

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<span class="sjis">:O[/spoiler]

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Hello, my name is Alex.
Can you please watch my video and say do you like it or not?

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Hey alex can you show me how to do it in english next time since I don't speak russian? The rest of it looks good though, keep it up.

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Thank you! I will try.

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Is it just me, or have the reply boxes changed?

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I'm not noticing anything different

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Why is 4chan being racist against me?

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No. Tomorrow has been tweaked so that form elements are dark as well.
Please make sure you're not using a custom stylesheet that tries to override everything with Yotsuba B, as that would need an update now. Also try clearing cache (Ctrl+F5) and make sure your browser is not in dark mode.

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Halloween soon! Will they allow us to trick people again this year?

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Bush gardens is already doing it's seasonal haunted park thing

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Please answer, anons. Very important.

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What would be the point of a pass if you couldn't?

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The only problem with your plan OP is that you're using a free VPN. Seriously they are confirmed to be 100% selling your data much like your ISP, you're better to just man up and buy an actual VPN subscription if you're going that route.

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i have a small penis should i kms

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Be an """Hero"""

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My penis
My penis
My penis
Haahahahahaha penis
Ol' penis has landed me in troublr again

My mom found my furry porn on her phone (im 19 but neet and homeless)
Wat do?

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Been on this hellhole since like 2006 or 2007. Now I even pay for it. No escape now

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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i bet you pay for food
holy shit
the food is actual shit too
they drop shit on the ground and it sprouts
then they feed it to animals for meet
and you pay for all this so you can eat shit
everyday of your life
holy hell this is fucked

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testing a thing

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the hat didn't work :(

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my red thread watch thing so le nice

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party hat

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<span class="sjis">sorry, when i replied to the thread it updated and removed the party hat ;___;[/spoiler]

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you must wait 362 more days

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