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future dental hygenists and cfa managers.

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This thread needs more slags.

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>use pass
>get banned for replying to a off-topic thread
>ban passes
>start posting
>banned for ban evasion
this shit is fucking retarded for dynamic IPs
pls fix hiro

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ask moot to help you
he loves australians

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Stop phoneposting

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>small business class internet

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the clover girl

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Get out of my fucking lawn!

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the clover girl

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the clover girl

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Its an anime girl dude

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Did you renew?

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Yes, I forgot and had to buy it again.

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I got 11 more months until I have to. Btw, besides /vip/, what other good boards do you guys browse?

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if I buy a new one does it resent my ban count? I reached a certain number and I got a retarded 30 day one, I don't want tor repeat this

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You see, the big issue is that none of my formerly favorite boards are strictly "good" anymore, given that the previous generation of posters is slowly petering out. This is why I still hesitate to renew my pass, since it all would be for about three posts per week and the occasional one on mobile data where I might be rangebanned. You probably have a more optimistic idea of this place.
That said, I have heard good things about the latest video game boards, in particular /vrpg/ and /vst/, even if that means they're more on point compared to the cacophony that /v/ can be sometimes. /an/ is great for just lurking images of funny/rare/fictional animals.

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Anything goes! (Please post within the rules.)

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can non-pass holders post here? View here?

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post no
view yes

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I am a gigantic, hairy, obese NECKBEARD!!!!!!!

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shut up

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top lol

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the Questions and Answers board is a separate community within 4chan (or an enclave if you will) and is very well worth a visit if you wish to explore the boundaries of imageboard posting on
please, do not hesitate to visit esteemed board >>>/qa/
you too can have a better imageboard experience at this very moment

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Nobiko, also known as Longcat, has passed away.

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>0 replies

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nobikos legacy will live on forever

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Where is my Tik Tok?

Why is Ruth Bader Ginsburg dead?

Where is my Harry Potter?

Will Daddy come home with Starbucks?

Who took my Frozen 2 and Disney +?

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Oh my gosh I'm going to have a panic attack.
I'm gonna go watch my Barbie and Friends :(

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What happens if you have a pass and get banned?

Does the pass cease to work or only for that ip?

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>Regular bans and auto-bans will not revoke your Pass, however you may not use your Pass while banned.
In effect the ban is both applied to your current IP as well as your pass. This has been always true except for a short while after the introduction of passes in 2012.

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it applies to the pass even if you change ips.

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Right so the only way to lose your pass is by shit posting on your range and get that range banned that makes sense if that's what you mean

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Ironically, you can continue to use your pass after the ban expired even if you contributed to everyone else suffering from an automatic rangeban.

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Right, that makes a lot of sense luckily I've never been banned ever so far and I'd like to keep it that way so I'll try and refrain from using VPN's since they mostly push you that way

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Weed is my favorite color

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I have set 4chanx so that it automatically uses the "since4pass" command on very low quality boards, such as /v/. As result all of my posts carry the pass logo.
It is the easiest way to get (you)s. No matter what I post, at least 5 replies are guaranteed on each thread. If you post something slightly controversial you'll get even more as people see your pass as a possibility of taking a cheap shot at your post's content.
If you post more replies everyone will know who you are similarly to a tripcode or name, but the difference is that they can't filter a pass.
You can always remove the since4pass command if you don't want to derail the thread. But not many thread on /v/ deserve that.
Many people will ask "how do you have the clover next to your name", and you can have fun answering that creatively.
Sometimes I imagine the long term consequences of doing this. These are the scenarios I envision:

>mods take notice of it and start banning people who spam since4pass
That'd be weird since the command is there to be used. I think that's very unlikely to happen.
>4chanx developers add a way to filter all posts with since4pass
This can happen if I (and whoever else decides to do this after reading my post) riffle the right person's patience.
>/v/ (and other low quality boards) learn to just accept pass users without commenting on them
This is slightly more plausible, just like /v/ learned to accept certain namefags.
>nothing ever changes, and using the since4pass command remains as a free and guaranteed way of getting dozens of (you)s at no effort
Let's be honest, this is by far the most likely scenario.

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>trying to reason why not owning a pass is better than owning one
Anon, you're going full pleb mode...

>> No.101285

>>trying to reason why not owning a pass is better than owning one
Point out where I did this, ESLtard.

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I'm using an app too, but I guess it's safe to say that the vast majority of users do not since none are available through pre-installed app stores.

>> No.101295

I had to use that service to buy a new pass, since I'm not touching any of the available payment options with a 12ft dildo, but I have been using a pass since 2012.
If one day, better options return, I'll go back to my old pass.

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>mfw iToddlers
You understand that you're paying more for less, right? Comparatively priced products have far superior performance across the board, you're buying an inferior product because it's got a gucci brand on it, which is the most sucker poorfag mindset imaginable.

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>1001 KB
>Anonymous 09/11/20(Fri)16:50:51 No.10

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the Questions and Answers board is a separate community within 4chan (or an enclave if you will) and is very well worth a visit if you wish to explore the boundaries of imageboard posting on
please, do not hesitate to visit esteemed board >>>/qa/
you too can have a better imageboard experience at this very moment

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Navalny start talking.

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Opensource memes from illuminati.
New expirience never seen before.

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say hello to my boyfriend, /vip/

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>about to expire
>coinb*se won't let me buy
I'm gonna miss you bros.

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Another answer is in the thread below.

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Good afternoon fellas, 4chan pass user here flexing my rights.

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>verify your identity

Your doing wrong anon

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>> No.103103

Literally only degenerates try and hide their identity.

>degenerate detected.

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It's just so tiresome. Pass-holders are really the only posters keeping this miserable website afloat in a sea of mindless ignorant poorfags. Feels bad man.

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wtf did you just say you fucking racist piece of worthless shit scum of the earth?

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How does it feel to achieve deity-status?

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>> No.102917


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4chan, literally the gateway to the American consciousness with limitless boundaries to explore.


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Here we go.

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it's not even caturday

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guys it's better off this way

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>error posting: this 4chan pass is currently in use by another IP
How do I fix this?

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>> No.101565
Quoted By: >>101566

generally read https://www.4channel.org/pass

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Buy another pass

>> No.101572

don't use your pass on your phone

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Hello /vip/ i love you and wish to share my reaction images with you so that you may use them to spread joy. Please help contribute so we call all be friends, alright?

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I happen to really enjoy this image

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This one coveys beffuddlement easily

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I use this one nearly every day!

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My friend has a thing about loud noises, so I send this to him whenever he's uppitty!

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Are you a nasty cockslut /vip/?

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Quoted By: >>100670

Been gone from 4chan for a year pass sucks since4pass does not work any more and cool down timer takes longer WTF happened.

>> No.100670

since4pass still works like usual. In particular, it still doesn't work if you try to combine other options like sage or fortune with it.
Cooldown timers for /b/ and /pol/ have been doubled for everyone (i.e. from 8 to 15 seconds for pass users) since April 1st to reduce the number of captchas requested from Google since they started to charge for reCAPTCHA. /bant/ is not affected by that.

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Time to playtest lads


>> No.100640

4chan mods plz make a board for game devs

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