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Over here >>2801964

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Am I bi? I've been really into these drawings lately... they feel comfy and nice

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Honey, just go kiss a guy and see if you like it. Otherwise you just find them aesthetically pleasing.
Though I do agree with both >>2811690 and >>2811703, this is not the place to be asking for advice.

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Stop it or you ll really become bi

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Yes. That’s kinda the culture.

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Um maybe you should ask someplace else?

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Uuumm why don't you hang yourself underage shitter?

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Post your favorite pairings that there just isn't much fan art for. Starting off with Hannibal and Will, can't find much of these guys.

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I'm looking for the artist who made this. Post a pic if your looking for an artist to.

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5-6 pics to start a thread

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What a waste of a thread

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why it keeps being archived?

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Read any good BL recently? Drop your recs and read along here!

>https://pinboard.in/u:yrecs (NEEDS UPDATING - see below for details)

Seven Seas Licensing Survey:
Don't know what to request?

How to Request BL Licenses Masterpost

Book club:
>Post your retrospective review of Kanna Kii's Étranger series.
>NB: Eligible reviews must consist of a numerical score (0-10) and a written summary.
BL Tierlist Maker

Previous thread >>2808245

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Do post what you think once you're done

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so who wants to help me name things for my nakamura-kun doujin

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Try new thread

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Last for gay dinosaurs

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i do what i want

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Post the best comic book hunks, girls and guys! Remember: pas de petits hauts!

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nice to see you are keeping your thread limit to 5 now

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Based Bucky swallowing everything

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non-troll DC/Marvel thread: >>2815793

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hand em over! ?? - ??

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Over here >>>2794078

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thanks bebe ??

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It's time to get to know our cells better, boys and girls! No small tops!

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Finally you post a modern anime/manga.

But still with the regressive gender roles / size shaming / whatever your damage is.

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>no small tops
post small tops?

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Soo... in a archived post a guy posted the paid games from Pegaten in a mega link, but the games when I open are corrupted, any of you guys know other link that i can get these full games?

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Power couple of the decade.

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Are you /pol/ posting on /y/?

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Men who rap.

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Post men from media (cartoons, movies, comics, anime) from our neighbor to the north. BLAME CANADA!

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has the spammer no small tops person returned after a 3 or so day ban or is someone just bumping some threads they like before they disappear

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>a fucking leaf
no no no, it’s
>fucking a leaf

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Fucking troll thread. Trolling belongs on /b/ only.

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Muscle growth and big muscles

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what the actual fuck....
That shit belongs on /d/

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Is this even human?

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Anyone have any more from the Trails series (cold steel, crossbell, in the sky)

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Girls, give me your best YuGiOh smut! Guys too, I guess.
Remember: No shota (absolutely no Mokuba/Syrus/etc unless aged up) and no small tops!

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It wasn't me, I saged it so it didn't bump. Though I didn't say so because it's against the rules to announce a sage.

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Read the rules:
>You will not post any of the following outside of /b/:
>Troll posts

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Does anyone know who drew this? I clipped it from a video.

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Boys and girls, let's have some DigiDestined boys in here! 2 rules: No small tops and humans only.

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'no small tops' still here i see, where is justice

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Who made this?

>> No.2825491

Probably https://twitter.com/Lewis_Luke

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I’m pretty sure this is in a game named “Virt A Mate” just by looking at their eyes. I saw this Cloud’s hair in the source (the hair is not free if I remmember correctly).
The game has very large file size though (around 14GB on torrent)

>> No.2825770

Edit: The hair is free download:

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Who loves fucking femboys

Milk fembois

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Has anyone collected these? I've noticed a lot of the GH artwork is updated and would love to compare the old art if anyone has it.

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It's time.

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oh yes please more Jackie/V

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jawnwicks on twitter

>> No.2826070

Impressive cock

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Im trying to figure out the name of a yaoi manga that involved the boyfriend becoming a ghost and he possessed the other guy's hand and gave him a ghost handjob. Anyone know what im talking about? Ive searched every keyword possible

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>> No.2810435

"If you do make a thread post 5-6 images to get the thread going."
"In addition please refrain from making content-less bump posts. Such posts will be warned or even banned."

You could have made it a ghost/spooky themed thread or something.

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Any yaoi with a long haired male character?

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