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Did anyone else get served a random ban? Should I report this?
Says I was posting "images of real women". But it obviously wasn't a woman, it was something I posted months ago.

This is the second time I've been falsely banned. The first time was a guy wearing a lion skin was supposedly "furry art"

How many strikes until I'm perma-banned?

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Imagine if mods deleted all the images of vaginas in the robot thread instead of issuing random bans.

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Not OP but if anyone knows a more appropriate place to bring up this concern, please say so.

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You're alright, OP. Mods = Fags as in they're retards.
Just do feedback on the main page.

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>>2822746 actual pic of woman

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Imagine if the mods actually deleted the dump of furshit on the ox thread instead of hitting old ass shotashit from almost dead treads.

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