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Why are women like this?

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Hey, Zoro is cute and hot, but everyone else is true. Women have shit taste most of the time.

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yeah really not clear why zoro is on the wrong side

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a) I know women who want to fuck guys of both brackets.
b) I, a dude, want to fuck guys from both brackets.
c) General tastes are different from person to person, and just because they don't match with your own doesn't mean they are wrong.
d) Unless they're attracted to Steven Universe characters, in which, I'm DEEPLY concerned about you.

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genuine question from someone who leans more to the left side of the image than the right; how do people find Tarzan attractive?
He looks like he's designed by Anma, whose art is also weirdly unattractive
otherwise it's bara > gen yaoi any day

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Fucking SAME! I've never understood it. I grew up understanding attraction to Aladdin and Hercules, but Tarzan is so weird looking. It's not even the hair. His body is so weirdly drawn.

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did a woman post this

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Nekomaru and Mondo are hot, so idk

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1. This is sexist
2. This is a waste of a thread

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I believe that some women are intimidated of the men on the left because of how burly and sometimes hairy they are. Though on the right most women are attracted to bishounen twinkish men because they look more younger and cuter compared to the left. I mean just look at BTS for example but hey at the end people just have different tastes.


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>sees chart
>uninterested in Super Smash boys

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